Char-Griller 16620 Akorn Kamado Review – Should You Buy It?

When saying to the Kamado grills, the majority of the people think of Kamado Joe. It is always in the best kamado grill, thanks to the optimal features and the advanced technology. Nonetheless, it is very expensive.

So, why don’t you try a cheaper model as Char-Griller 16620 Akorn? Apart from the affordable price, it still has the certain characteristics that the Kamado grill can bring. It is no surprised when the consumers highly appreciate the size, temperature, the ability to cook,… after using it.

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Look at the Char-Griller 16620 Akorn Kamado, those who are living in a small space will like it because the whole size only takes up The primary cooking area is and the grilling space is approximately

This is an ideal size to cook, grill, and smoke the meats, turkey, ribs, and so on. It comes with a sufficient weight ~ 98 pounds and has equipped two large wheels so that the users can easily move anywhere.

Though the temperature can compare to other expensive models – from 200 to 7000F, you are easy to control and maintain at the certain time through the triple-walled design.

You will not also take more time to clean after each use as this grill leaves less charcoal each of cooking.

Don’t have any doubts about the durability. There is a cast iron layer coated on the cooking surface while the steel coated porcelain is built for the interior finish. This is one of the factors that makes the consumer prioritize to utilize it for their outdoor cooking need.

Furthermore, the locking lid and the foldable shelves contribute to persuading the users. Yes, it is compact. Not wrong! Thanks to that, the storage also becomes easier.

What I Liked:

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    The size – Both the warming rack and cooking space are no more 450 square inches. This number is great without compromising cook space.
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    The Variety of cooking – The Char-Griller 16620 is used for grilling and smoking. Even, no problem when I utilize it to roast. The pizzas, ribs, steaks, meat, chicken,… are easily handled on this grill.
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    The ability to clean – I do not have to spend more time to clean after each use. Due to the insulated design, the produced amount of the charcoal is less.
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    The temperature – It is easy to get the high temperature only with the small pieces. There are not any difficulties in order to adjust the highest temp (7000F) and lowest temp (2000F).
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    The price – Most Kamado grills are pretty expensive, so the Char-Grill 16620 Akorn has owned a reasonable cost with the features that are not more different than the high-cost models.

What I Didn’t Like:

  • The construction is not actually good – Many people assume that the price is cheap, so the quality is not likely good. It is also possible. I don’t especially satisfy the construction. Time to time, the lid has not sealed, so it is difficult to keep a constant cooking temperature.
  • The cast iron material is not good enough­ – Yes, it is solid, but it is also easy to rust if you do not store it carefully. Unluckily, if you let it to rain, it will get damaged.

Design & Build Quality Bring to…

I repeat again that the Char-Griller 16620 Akorn Kamado is compact. Adding the 314-square-inch cooking area and the 133-square-inch warming rack is still less than many other grills. Accordingly, an apartment or a house with a narrow space is very ideal.

In comparison with the expensive models built in the stainless steel, this grill with the cast iron surface is easier to rust. Really, it is not too bad because this construction is solid and you can completely overcome this drawback by maintaining and storing it more carefully.

You are disappointed, aren’t you? No! No! Then, you will change your thought. The cooking surface is not likely ideal, but the interior finish is made from porcelain, including the steel coat. It shows that the manufacturer takes the quality into consideration unless they have not constructed the gauge with the steel to allow it to withstand the damage of the weather.

Another point that you will like this grill is the top damper and bottom damper. This combination makes you easy to control the temperature as well as the airflow. From this result leading to another, it provides less charcoal and you quickly clean your grill.

Continuously, there is the ability to use the narrow space when the manufacturer builds the foldable shelves. You can comfortably place the grilling tools, but you easily fold it when not being used. What convenient!

The last one, in my opinion, a good product is to understand the consumer’s need. This product has done this one well. Although the 98-pound weight is not the heaviest one of a grill, the movement can also make the not-strong people meet difficult. Look at it, two 8-inch locking wheels will simplify that problem.

Char-Griller Assembly Instructions

  • Step #1 – Place the body of the grill upside down and start installing the leg brackets. Remember not to tighten each of the bolts until you go to the step #3. Onto rear leg, screw and lock the caster and then tighten it.
  • Step #2 – Now, continue attaching the bottom shelf to legs.
  • Step #3 – Through the bottom shelf and front legs, be going to insert axle. At that time, be able to tighten the whole bolts.
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    Step #4 – In this step, apart from installing the washer onto the axle, there is still a hub cap and cotter pin. Don’t forget to slide the axle via the wheels as well as the legs. Continuously, attach the second hub cap, washer, and cotter pin to finish.
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    Step #5 – Place the grill upright, lock the caster and put the hood on the body of the grill in turn. On the back of the hood, utilize 4 ¾-inch hex bolts with the compound of the thread lock to attach the hinge to the grill body.
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    Step #6 – Use the bolts in the step #5 to attach the front handle. At the lid position, attach one handle bracket, hold it and continue attaching another one.
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    Step #7 – Take two shoulder bolts and two hex nuts so as to attach side shelves to side shelf brackets.
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    Step #8 – Against the grill body bottom, hold the ash pan up. Make sure that it is from the front with the central position of the pin. Before snapping the ash pan into the right position, slide it back and utilize clips on the grill sides.
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    Step #9 – Roll O-ring on the damper bottom up to the bead. The next is to install thermometer gasket, bezel, and thermometer. Keep in mind, the thermometer must be calibrated the first.
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    Step #10 – Inside of the lower body, after fire bowl, install the fire grate and cooking grates. The final is warming rack.
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    Step #11 – Attach all the utensil hooks to the inferior side of two shelves – 3 for one side.

Watch the video below to know more:

Tips for Usage

  • Pay attention the sharp edges when using the grill so as to avoid either the cuts or scrapes.
  • Absolutely avoid utilizing alcohol, gasoline, or kerosene to light the charcoal. Even, there is the lighter fluid.
  • Don’t move your grill while using or containing the hot coals. In the closed-position, tighten the lid.
  • Avoid using the grill close to the easy-to-burn liquids or the similar locations.
  • Let’s open the lid slightly for some of the seconds before opening complete. Like that, it will contribute to preventing a large amount of oxygen getting out. Yes, this one can cause dangerous.
  • Remove the excess fat before starting your cooking process.
  • Don’t use the maximum temperature – over 700 degrees F.
  • Not to decrease the lifespan of your grill, don’t rest the charcoal on the surface of the grill.
  • Wear the gloves to protect when adjusting the dampers.
  • Never leave your grill that is using without attending.
  • In addition to the lid, you also need to close the dampers. In this way, it will support suffocate flame.
  • Use one hand to hold the lid to place or take the foods out of the grill in order that it does not close unexpectedly.

Should I Choose to Use Char-Griller 16620 Akorn Kamado?

The price brings the advantages as well as the disadvantages for the Char-Griller. The construction has the certain sturdiness and durability, but it is easy to rust. However, both I and you cannot require more because what it provides is worth in comparison with its price.

All in all, this is a good option for those who do not have more requirement on the advanced functions or technology. Especially, if you are not finding a large grill, the Char-Griller 16620 Akorn promises to bring an interesting experience.

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