Weber 721001 Smokey Mountain Cooker 18-Inch Charcoal Smoker Review

Weber-Stephen Products Co has over 60 years of experience in the creation and production of the grilling models, from the simple kettle-shaped grills to the gas and electric models. In 1985, the Genesis Gas Grill from Weber received the positive feedback from the consumers. Until now, Weber does not still make the users disappointed when continuing releasing the Weber 721001 Black Charcoal Smoker that is one of the best charcoal smokers.

Yes, anything has its reason. Why do people like the Weber 721001? Because it is compact and convenient. With the 21x19x41-inch size, you can easily store it in a small space whatever how your living area is. Plus, build in thermometer on the lid to control the temperature easily; have the cooking grate made of the steel. If necessary, the water pan still helps to add the steam to ensure the moisture of the meat. It is noticed the combination of grilling and smoking.

All in all, under the view of the consumers, the Weber 721001 is worth the best grill smoker combo. Go on reading my review to determine these things!!!

Weber 721001 Smokey Mountain Cooker 18-Inch Charcoal Smoker, Black
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Packaging & Assembling

The Weber 721001 is not available packaged and does not include the specific instructions. This seems to be an unwise shortage because you just get an ambiguous pictogram without notes. 

If you are rich in the experience, everything is not too difficult. On the contrary, you will likely take more time in order to assemble the parts together. But, don’t worry so much because you can consult this video to know how to set up the Weber 721001. A large number of people have succeeded, you too.

Cooking Area & Size

It can say that most models from Weber have the portable design, the Weber 721001 included. The item dimensions are correlative 19 x 21 x 41 inches. Have peace of mind! This size is not small. With 41 inches of the width and 19 inches of the depth, this is a medium size.

Therefore, it does not require the big space to use and store. With a narrow living space and a not-large yard, you can comfortably cook and keep it as archives.

Nonetheless, it is not small as you thought. In fact, you can grill or smoke two chickens/ turkeys, 15 steaks, and 10 ribs at the same time, thanks to 481 square inches of the cooking surface that is pretty large and 18.5 inches of each cooking grate (including two grates).

Accordingly, if your family is not too crowded, this size is ideal enough for you to have a hearty outdoor party with your relatives and friends. Generally, there are no more 6 members.

Construction & Durability

Say to the construction, I will show the body and other parts. Based on the material and the built-up form, you can determine the durability.

1. Body

Look at the appearance, the black brings a luxurious look. Not only the body is nice but it is also made of the durable aluminum with the high heat resistance. Even, this material still has the ability to resist rust. It means that you can use it in the severe weather conditions.

2. Other Parts

  • Fire chimney starter – It is built with the aluminized steel. It helps to stay cool and light the charcoal in a quick way.
  • Charcoal holder – It is designed with the ring-shaped one, including the holes. From there, the oxygen is easy to get in. It makes sure the heat maintained.
  • Water pan – Similar to the fire chimney starter, the water pan is also rust-resistant due to being made of the porcelain enameled steel. The task of this part is to keep the moisture and tender of the meat.
  • DoorTo add the charcoal, you need to open the door of the Weber. It is designed in a sturdy manner through the rust-proof aluminum material. Don’t require opening the whole, so it is very safe.
  • Handle – To insulate, the manufacturer uses the heat-resistant nylon to make the handle. What a safe it is!
  • VentsThis part is easy to contact the harmful factors like the rain, water,… To prevent the rust from these ones, the Weber continues utilizing the no-rust aluminum.
  • ThermometerIt is very durable. Around the glass face to monitor the numbers of the temperature, the stainless steel is built.
  • Cooking grateThere are two cooking grates with the heavy-duty plated steel. After cooking, the oil and food can leave, so this material will be able to ensure your longer use time.

Smoke & Grill

Whatever you choose to grill or smoke your favorite foods, you need to the season properly and the air-tight seal. To start, light the charcoal. Probably, it will take 3 or 5 hours if you slowly burn. At that time, the vents have to be adjusted up to 275 degrees. Look at the thermometer.

In case you use the middle area – the minion heating-coal method, you should apply the 200-210-degrees temperature within 13 hours. Don’t forget to prepare the fuel that is sufficient to use overnight.

Personally, apply the medium temp ~ 250 degrees F in order to cook the long haul foods while applying the higher temp ~ 275 degrees F so as to cook chicken, ribs, beef ribs, tri-tip, etc.


A great number of the users assume that the Weber 721001 can only use the charcoal, no including other fuels. This one is not completely true. I will provide an interesting information for you right now.

Unless you are utilizing the smoking configuration, it forces you to cook with charcoal. The purpose is to hold the fire. However, you can use wood in order to smoke the dish. Use any desired kind of the wood, depending on your preference. It would be best to select the chunks, instead of the chips.  


When using the Weber 721001, you will satisfy the flavor and taste of the foods. The first has to mention the fuel. If your selection is the best lump charcoal to cook, your foods will bring the smoky flavor from the chosen fuel. For the wood fuel, it is even greater when your foods come with the specific wood flavor.

Cooking the meat with the Weber 721001 is tender and moist. Why? As known, this model has a part called the water pan. Here! Here! Owing to it, the meat is always moisturized and softened.

How is the overheating? It is very difficult to happen when you easily see the temperature through the equipped thermometer. Like that, both the flavor and taste get the certain perfect.


There are many grill smokers available on the market today, but not many models offer a good warranty. You can consider the Weber 721001 as an exception when providing a long-term warranty up to 10 years. In particular, here are…

  • check
    The lid, center ring, and bowl have the 10-years warranty.
  • check
    The one-touch system and plastic components will get the warranty in 5 years.
  • check
    Other parts get the 2-year warranty.

In addition to that, the whole parts will also be got if there are the risks of the rust or burn via the manufacturer’s guarantee finance.

Unfortunately, any parts of the product in the warranty time broke down; then, let contact the manufacturer right away so as to receive the free assistance. And of course, after 10 years of warranty, you will have to purchase the accessories if they break down.

In a Nutshell

The introduction of Weber has shown that the cheap product is not necessarily bad. If you get used to owning the pellet grill, you will recognize that the Weber models are cheaper. But, they do not ignore the quality, specifically, the Weber 721001 Black Charcoal Smoker.

View from different angles, it can say that the Weber 721001 Black Charcoal Smoker is worth to pay one. Look back on its advantages again, there is the ideal size, the fit cooking surface, the sturdy construction, the great flavor, and the 10-year warranty.

In my opinion, I satisfy what this product brought. If you ask me what I am not pleased with it, certainly, there is the lack of the side shelf. It is too compact so as to add this part. On the other hand, you should be acquainted with the undesired operation of the thermometer. Frequently, it is uneven 10-20 degrees.

Indeed, with this price, I do not require any more. I used it and recognized its pros. What about you?

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