This is Why You Should Have a Baitcasting Reel for Catfishing

Baitcasting Reel for Catfishing

Fishing reel for catfish has long been a hot debate, and for many catfish anglers, choosing an appropriate reel can be overwhelming. However, with a little understanding of the catfish reel features, opting for a reel does not need to be a daunting task. For those who are looking for the final answer among three options – spin cast reel, spinning reel, and baitcasting reel, here you will have it.

We all know that each type of reel has its own pros and cons. And we can’t say which one is better than any other. But catfishing, in particular, can be more enjoyable with the help of a baitcasting reel. So here are five reasons why.

5 Reasons Why You Should Have a Baitcasting Reel for Catfishing


Heavy lines

It’s fair to say that this kind of reel has a very good line capacity. It is capable of holding a large amount of heavy fishing line. Thus, for targeting big-size catfishes, the bait casting is a better choice than the spin cast and spinning reel.

Additionally, bait casters handle thick diameter line better than the other two, giving more control over the catch and better rod balance and sensitivity. More than often you will find it feature beneficial in not only catfishing but also in fishing big games.

Casting accuracy

It seems to be a consensus among the anglers that a bait caster can make a cast further with greater precision. With that being said, you need to practice to harness the full power of this reel. Newcomers will find it a bit confusing to have a grasp of the baitcasting reel. But once you master the technique, catfishing will be much more comfortable.

Also, people say that the baitcasting reels offer a greater extent of accuracy because you thumb the spool. And for this reason, fishing with this reel helps the anglers need less force to catch the game and reduces the damage to the meat.

Line twist

In baitcasting reels, it is easier to swap the spool/line when in need. The line also does not get tangled easily, offering the ease of line manipulation for the catfish anglers. Unlike spinning reels, baitcasting reels do not require the line to pass over the roller.

As a result, they do not affect the performance of the fishing rod and reduce the risk of line twist when casting. The line spools on and off the reel directly, extending the usefulness and the life of the equipment. The absence of line twist in the baitcasting reels is thus a huge advantage when it comes to catfishing, despite the size of the game.

Sophisticated drag system

The drag system in the baitcasting reels is commonly designed for landing larger fishes. It can hold up a great amount of pressure from the struggling catch.  Baitcasters have all of the tork is in on the spool instead of just one point of the bail like on the spinning reels.

Gear ratio

Baitcasters often have a higher gear ratio than the spinning and spin casting reels. Thus, they offer a faster retrieve, making them suitable for catfishing and stuff like buzz-baits and large crank baits.

Generally, bait casters are heavier techniques and hold a heavier line, making it an appropriate choice for medium to big games with catfish as a prime example.

Catfish Preparing Tips

After the catch, we all want to keep the meat as fresh as possible for best-quality of meat when cooking. So here are three steps to prepare the catfish and release it quick and unharmed.

Release the fish

While pulling the hook out of the fish, handle it gently with a wet hand. However, in case the hook stays deep inside, don’t remove it. Instead, cut the line to release the catfish.

In this step, make sure the fish stay conscious, or else, the meat will suffer. You can move it forward and backward slowly so that water will move through its gills.

Clean the fish

You’d better be very careful in this step, rinse the slime off, lay the fish on board and cut along the belly to the head. Make sure the knife blade is not so deep that it punctures the fish’s intestine.

Cut off the head, spread the body open, and pull out all of its entrails. It’s also important to rinse the fish thoroughly with water and keep it cool to maintain the freshness of the meat.

Fillet the fish

To perform a perfect fillet on catfish, a strong, sharp knife is the key. Lay it on the flat board, have a cut behind the gills and the pectoral fin. However, don’t overdo it, don’t slide the knife so deep that it will cut through the backbone.

Use the backbone of the fish as the guide for your knife direction, turn the blade on cut through the ribs to the tail. Once you are done with one side, turn the fish over and repeat the steps with the other side.

The Bottom Line

Thanks to its durability, strengths, accuracy, a baitcasting reel is without question the best choice for catfishing. Consult this review on the best baitcasting reels if you are looking for a quality one. Finally, with a proper understanding of its features and some practicing, you will definitely love your catch with the help of a bait caster.

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