12 Best Kamado Grill Reviews in 2018 for Your Perfect BBQ

Are you a big fan of fresh barbecue? The charcoal's smell may liven up your summer and help you enjoy every moment with your family and friends, not to mention greatly grilled foods.

Because of this, many people have poured a lot of money into a grill. In fact, the market has been increasingly flooded with grill options.

You might never have heard about it, but kamado grill will be a great choice for you. Let's learn about the best Kamado grill!

Char-Griller 16620 Akorn

Cooking Area

447 sq. in



Char-Griller Akorn Jr.

Cooking Area

153 sq. in



Char-Griller Akorn Jr.

Cooking Area

447 sq. in


Cast Iron

Pit Boss 71220

Cooking Area

567 sq. in



Kamado Joe KJ23RH Classic

Cooking Area

256 sq. in



Kamado Joe Classic II

Cooking Area 




​Kamado Joe Big Joe II

Cooking​​​​ Area 




​Vision Grills CF1F1

Cooking Area 

596 sq. in



​Kamado Joe BJ24RH

Cooking Area 

452 sq. in



​Char-Griller 6520 Akorn

Cooking Area 

314 sq. in



Primo 778

Cooking Area 

680 sq. in



Primo 774

Cooking Area 

360 sq. in



What is Kamado Grill?

Saying to Kamado, a larger number people immediately think of a competitor of Big Green Egg. So, what is it? Yes, Kamado is a term from Japan to characterize ceramic cooking vessel. Normally, charcoal or wood will be used to cook your foods.

The first appearance of Kamado might be traced back to more than 3,000 years ago. It is one of the most traditional methods of cooking in the human civilization.

But nowadays, along with the technological development, modern Kamado grill offers high temperature without any cracks or fluctuations. And here! You can consult Kamado Joe vs. Big Green Egg comparison to learn about the features of the Kamado grills anymore.

In generally, Kamado grills are usually made from many different materials, such as high fire ceramics, crushed lava rock, traditional terra cotta or refractory materials. This one shows the durability and reliability that this brand wants to bring to the consumers.

Furthermore, you can use charcoal to operate most Kamado grills on the market. Though, some might require electricity or gas. Like that, the users will always have one more option on the fuel.

How Does Kamado Grill Work?

You are easy to recognize a Kamado grill from first sight. Aside from the egg-shaped, Kamado grills still get the support from a stand. Some of the models are also attached the shelves on two sides.

Two-third of the lower of the Kamado grill is the burnt coals. The top is a domed lid built up a thermometer, along with the vents. Thanks to that, regulating the temperature exactly is easy.

The next, the requirement of a good Kamado when cooking is the lid closed and the interior design reflecting the even heat. Frequently, the Kamado made from ceramic is the most effective operation.

For fuel, the Kamado can work with both charcoal and briquettes. But, it would be best to be hardwood charcoal. In case you smoke the foods, you should prioritize to utilize the big pieces of the wood.

Your foods are cooked over the fire sat near the beneath of the grill that is combined with the flows of air. The ash will fall down the ash catcher. That’s why you do not take more time to clean after cooking.

In sum, the whole working process of Kamado is calculated from after you place the charcoal and food on the grill. Cover the lid and then set the temperature. During the cooking process, adjust the vents to control the temperature. The end!!!

Pros & Cons of Kamado Grills


  • check
    The design is ideal for cooking, especially, the temperature. It enables the users to smoke, sear, bake or grill a variety of the foods.
  • check
    It is very efficient on fuel. You just need to use 15 pounds of lump charcoal to smoke a full without adding any more.
  • check
    Owing to the seal and insulation, the Kamado grills have the ability to keep the moisture better than others. Frequently, meats will lose no less weight.
  • check
    After using, you can save fuel by closing the dampers and choking off a fire.
  • check
    Because the insulation is very good, the hard condition from outside does not affect them.


  • Kamado grills are relatively heavy, so you will be difficult a bit if you want to transport it down the beach.
  • With a curve built in a pretty steep way, you will have to learn the way to utilize it.
  • It takes a long time for cooling down.
  • In the same day, you are difficult to be able to do two things. In case you have set up it for smoking and want to change into grilling or other cooking methods, you will have to change the deflector plate. This one is not easy.

Top 12 Best Kamado Grill Reviews

Now, let’s consider finding the best Kamado grill for yourself. Here are 12 of many models available on the market today that you have used and learned.

This is one of the latest Kamado grills on the market so that you will notice many advanced technologies in this product.

The first outstanding feature that we can pay attention to instantly is its great cooking capacity. Its cooking surface is as open as 314 square inches. Though this size is not too large, it is ideal enough to grill the foods for the small parties.

Exactly, it is not small because you can expand to 447 square inches when you use warming rack to add more space.

With an insulated design, it does not require much charcoal, but still, provides a lot of heat for the cooking process. Also, less airflow has positive impacts on juicy meat as heat becomes more insulated.

The product provides an ideal temperature within 2000 – 7000F, along with the triple wall. Thanks to that, the user can easily control and retain the desired temperature.

Don’t stop! With an adjustable damper on the top, it makes the heat high and smoke slow. At once, the combination with a gauge contributes to maintaining the better airflow.

Regarding the construction, the manufacturer guarantees that they use the best material to make this Kamado grill. Porcelain coated steel is used to make its interior finish.

Meanwhile, the powder-coated steel is responsible for its exterior finish. With cast iron cooking surface, you do not have to worry about the damage of heat on the grill. Therefore, its durability is better.

Clean-up is the biggest concern of many people, but I guarantee that it is not an issue when you use this Kamado grill. Thanks to dumping ash pan, you can clean it very easily and quickly.


  • Huge cooking space which can be even bigger up to 447 square inches
  • Insulated design that provides more heat, but does not use much charcoal
  • Double wall insulation
  • Great construction and durable materials
  • Simple clean up
  • Heat gauge that shows you the temperature
  • Work as a smoker too


  • Quite expensive
  • Expert assembly not included and you will have to pay more if you want

All in all, the Char-Griller 16620 is a good option for those who are looking a Kamado grill owning the high quality and the reasonable price.

Most grills have black color, but this one will add a new color to your barbecue party. Its red color is one of the main motivations for many customers.

The cooking space of this Kamado grill is quite limited if you have experienced any bigger grill, like the one mentioned above. However, with 153 square inches, you can still handle a lot of food.

If the grill body is made of the solid steel, the grates are cast iron. It means that you can use it for a long period of time. You can comfortably utilize it that do not have to worry about rust.

A special feature in this product is its ability to enhance heating, which makes your food taste better. Plus the triple-walled one, the maximum temperature can reach 7000F.

The air dampers are equipped with both top and bottom of the Kamado grill so that you can control its temperature better than ever.

Furthermore, its ability to keep heat can be equivalent to that of expensive ceramic grills. You now can grill the food with a small amount of charcoal, which saves your money.

In comparison with the normal ceramic grills, this one is better for durability and lightweight. You can carry it anywhere you want, especially, for outdoor activities, camping, for example.

You can always move the grills with its convenient handles. Its portability is improved to the extent that anyone can find comfort.

One particular outstanding point about this Kamado grill is the existence of triple wall steel. It promotes insulation so well and offers such great cooking experience for you.

After that, if you are not too interested in the size and enjoy a light-weight grill, the Char-Griller Akorn can be going to be one of your options when considering a Kamado grill.


  • Improve heating and food’s flavor greatly
  • Better durability, affordability, and portability
  • Lightweight, suitable for going out
  • Fast and easy cleanup
  • Keep the heat better
  • Triple wall steel


  • Some people might find its cooking surface quite limited
  • Does not include expert assembly

Another Kamado grill with the incredible cooking surface is Char-Griller 26720 Akorn Kamado Kooker. You can get up to 447 square inches for having fun with fresh barbecue.

Most Akorn Kamado Kooker products on the market often come at quite high price. Thus, good durability seems to be obvious. However, if you dig deeper into its materials, then there should be no doubt at all. The steel is the main material, the use time will last. Have peace of mind!

Its cast iron cooking area allows you to use the high temperature without worrying about cracks or damages. The steel used to produce the grill is always coated, which enhances the durability a lot.

With triple wall insulation, the heat will be generated and constantly kept the inside of the grill. Generally, the temperature can range from 2000 – 7000F. If you want to grill a large meat or ribs, it is okay.

This product is charcoal-saving. However, you can always gain the temperature you want, whether it is too high or too low. The airflow is maintained properly while the heat is easy to control because the manufacturer has equipped a damper that can adjust as desired.

Besides, there are two black metal shelves that can be folded and opened anytime to let you keep the ingredients next to the grill. This helps to save a lot of time on moving around when you cook food.

The heat gauge is a special equipment to tell you the situation inside the grill. Nevertheless, modern as it is, some users complained that it sometimes gave inaccurate temperature. As a consequence, this limit creates difficulty adjusting the proper temperature.

Finally, the temperature is both advantage and disadvantage of the Char-Griller 26720. Its weight also seems heavy. Hence, let’s consider these ones. If you can accept these drawbacks, it is actually a not-bad selection.


  • Can contain a huge amount of food with up to 447 square inches
  • Double wall insulation
  • Excellent durability
  • Coated steel and great construction
  • Charcoal-saving


  • Heat gauge sometimes shows inaccurate information
  • Require regular maintenance

Pit Boss has been a well-known competitor in the Kamado industry for a long period of time. A great number of people enjoy using a Kamado grill from Pit Boss. What about you?

Introducing its 71220 Kamado BBQ Ceramic Grill, Pit Boss has received a lot of reputation and positive comments from users around the world. In addition to the grates made of the stainless bring the expected durability, what are there?

Here! The appearance of this Kamado grill is stunning, and you will be even more marveled when digging deeper into its design. The thermometer is easy to read. It means that the whole cooking temperature will be displayed.

Even though coming at the high price, this is one of the best bargains you can find on the market. Unlike most products in this list, Pit Boss Grill offers expert assembly free of charge.

The body of the grill is made from heavy ceramic which is optimized for using charcoal in the most efficient way. As a result, it is money-saving for you.

More importantly, this material is claimed to be friendly to the environment as it does not worsen the pollution. So, it is beneficial on both social and individual scale.

You will find a cast iron damper at the top which allows you to regulate airflow easily and better. This technology promotes the appropriate temperature so that you get the best flavor of your food.

Besides, it has side shelves which come from solid bamboo. Its sturdiness is guaranteed. You can always fold them down when you need to store or carry the grill to somewhere else.

Its cooking grates are dual tier, which offers you a large capacity of cooking and also maximizes encapsulated heat.

Last but not least, on the body, you will notice the existence of a thermometer. This provides you with an opportunity to keep track of its temperature all the time.

Yes, investing this expensive Kamado grill will not waste if you look at its optimal features. Anything also has its value. With a quality product, this price is also reasonable, right?


  • Appealing appearance
  • Free expert assembly
  • Sturdy construction
  • Environmental-friendly ceramic which also uses little charcoal
  • Foldable side shelves
  • Thermometer showing the inside temperature


  • High price
  • There were cases of cracked shelves

Kamado Joe has taken part in the grilling industry for years, and there are many reasons to choose this product as the best Kamado grill. That’s right. There are the typical reasons.

First of all, the cooking area can be considered as medium (at about 18-inch diameter). Thus, you can get sufficient space for various types of food. Nevertheless, space is indeed not limited as you can expand it.

The next, it cannot ignore one of the best advantages we can see in this product is the appearance of the latest technology – Divide and Conquer Flexible Cooking System. It is unique to this brand.

With this design, you can easily make different heat areas inside a grill. This helps you to control the heat over your food more efficiently and exactly in the way you want.

Furthermore, the manufacturer uses thick materials to produce its exterior, so your food might taste better, but you do not need to use high temperature to get that.

Another feature makes this grill become different from other grills – the ability to insulate. That’s why it is considered as a safe grill, even, for the little kids.

Whatever how long your cooking-time is, it allows you to cook at the highest or lowest temperature for a long time. Actually, it is more flexible than you thought because you are easy to adjust and control as desired.

Ash is usually troublesome, but not for this Kamado grill. Kamado Joe introduced a drawer which is responsible for collecting ash after cooking. Therefore, you can clean the grill easily.

The product comes with the best warranty. The ceramic parts will be got the lifetime warranty. How? It is ideal, isn’t it? For the time being, it is certain that you have understood why it is expensive. It has owned the advanced technology and the optimal features, so paying a bit is also reasonable.


  • Generous cooking space
  • Divide and Conquer Flexible Cooking System that enables you to create various heat zones
  • Equipped with drawer for simple cleaning
  • Can be used for many purposes


  • Quite costly
  • Users complained about bent shelf bracket

Are there Kamado Grills that reach the new standards? Well, if you are looking for one like that, Kamado Joe Classic II should be one of your selection. This Kamado grill is considered as a standard model for both craftsmanship and innovation.

First of all, it has to say to the breakthrough air-lift hinge. The purpose is to decrease the weight of the dome ~ 96 percent. Thanks to that, you do not need to use more effort.

The next, the cooking system is flexible when being designed the double cooking space. Correspondingly, you can comfortably grill the favorite foods on the various surfaces.

Importantly, this product comes with the high durability. It is made of all-aluminum without rust. Aside from that, the rain-proof and the ability to control the top vent should help to maintain the precise setting of the airflow management.

With the double thickness of the wire along with the fiberglass gasket, the air will be tightened. Even, the life is made sure 10 times if compared to the normal gaskets. It means that the use time lasts anymore.

At once, to minimize the breakage, the maker has designed an advanced panel including 6 pieces. Furthermore, you will not also meet more difficult to access and clean ash when the ash drawer is built in a slide-out type.

Obviously, the Kamado Joe Classic II is expensive, but this investment is worth. Not mention to the advanced technology, the dominant features are enough to make the customers satisfied, right?


  • check
    The durability is high
  • check
    The removable ash-tray
  • check
    The large size
  • check
    Very easy to assemble out of the box
  • check
    Easy to use
  • check
    The nest is strong
  • check
    It burns the lump charcoal effectively


  • exclamation-triangle
    A bit on the heavy side
  • exclamation-triangle
    The casters seem small, so there was a little difficult to roll

You often have the outdoor parties with your relatives and friends, don’t you? So, the Kamado Big Joe II can meet your need. Even, it may be better what you expect.

The air-lift hinge is breakthrough. Therefore, the weight of the dome is significantly minimized ~ 96 percent. You will not have to use more effort while using.

The product provides the flexible system. Plus the half-designed rack, it contributes to increasing the cooking space that allows you to cook a variety of the foods on the different surfaces.

During the use process, you likely have peace of mind on the durability. The whole construction is aluminum without rust. Nonetheless, to enhance anymore, the cooking surface is crafted from the stainless steel.

Continuously, the control tower top vent is rain-proof, so you can comfortably use it outdoor or stores at home. Don’t have any difficulties to set an accurate airflow.

To provide the tighten air, the wire mesh is very thick. The normal gaskets are actually difficult to compare to it when saying to this feature. Plus, 6 pieces of the firebox helps to eliminate breakage.

Let’s look back on all features! The thick shell with the ability to resist the high heat enables locking in moisture and smoke at any temperature (2250 – 7500F). The ash drawer is designed slide-out, so both cleaning and accessing are easy. That’s why this Kamado Big Joe has got the positive appreciations from the consumers.


  • check
    Cook beef ribs, pizza, and much more
  • check
    It holds the temperature for smoking
  • check
    The enhanced tenderness, juiciness, and flavor
  • check
    The top vent is good
  • check
    It includes the accessories, except grate racks
  • check
    Look nice


  • exclamation-triangle
    A cover create a suction around the chimney top

Which Kamado grill can smoke, grill, or sear the foods for several minutes? It says yes. You can do all these, by using the Vision Grills CF1F1 Pro Kamado. The product promises to bring the optimal features for consumers.

Initially, this is a friendly product with the environment. Due to holding the heat well, the coal consumption is no more and the amount of ash is also less. So, you do not take more time in order to clean.

Don’t take up more grilling space because it is only built in 596 square inches. It is suitable for a medium area. You will just need to spend a small corner in your home to store.

As mentioned, you can optionally grill, smoke, or sear the favorite dishes in minutes, thanks to the temperatures move. Frequently, they will range 2000 – 7000. Basically, it is ideal enough to cook any foods.

If your demand is to utilize it for year-round, this one is no problem. You do not also need to worry about the burn risk because the ceramic construction helps to eliminate this. Whatever how the weather condition is (-300 or more 1000), it still works effectively.

To create the belief for consumers, the product comes with the reliable warranty, in particular, 90 days if there are side shelves and temperature gauge, one year with a cover, 5 years for the metal parts, and lifetime for the parts made from ceramic.

Although the Vision Grills CF1F1 Pro Kamado has not owned the advanced technology as other modern models, it has the separate features to create the certain prestige.


  • check
    It will hold a heat for a long time
  • check
    The longest smoke for 16 hours
  • check
    There are different woods for the flavor
  • check
    A variety of accessories
  • check
    There are low settings to get the coals burning
  • check
    The grates are great for searing


  • exclamation-triangle
    Leak smoke out of every opening
  • exclamation-triangle
    The handle on the front is easy to rot

The majority of people enjoy entertaining often prioritize to choose Big Joe as their favorite grill. Why? What does it especially have?

The providing temperature is perfect for any grilling foods. The lowest temperature is approximately 2250F while the highest one can reach up 7500F. Your dishes like ribs, pizza, steaks,… can get the good texture.

Aside from that, it is very flexible. Whether you are utilizing it at the low or high temperature, you can easily control and adjust the temperature as desired.

Coming with the perfect temperature, it cannot ignore an ideal grilling surface. The model provides 24 inches of the cooking space. It allows you to grill/ smoke/ sear many foods simultaneously.

Don’t have any difficulties to control a Big Joe when the wheels are designed with the locking caster style. So, if there have little kids playing around, you can also feel secure when using.

Yes, a good grill also needs to have a good construction. Look at here! The rack is made of stainless steel. The grates are durable enough when making from 304 stainless steel. With two heat deflectors, the manufacturer uses ceramic to make. Obviously, don’t have doubts about its durability.

On the other hand, the Kamado Joe BJ24RH Big Joe still has the ability to insulate. It continues persuading the difficult consumers about the safety. Beyond that, it also brings the best warranty if chosen to use.


  • check
    Smoke for 10-17 hours
  • check
    Hold the temperature at settings during cooking time
  • check
    Setup is fast and easy
  • check
    Everything is cooked without having to add more charcoal
  • check
    Very versatile
  • check
    It can sear steaks at 900+ degrees


  • exclamation-triangle
    There is way more stress on the hinge
  • exclamation-triangle

Don’t ignore a Kamado grill that is both cheap and optimal if you are looking something for the low price. The Char-Griller 6520 Akorn Kamado will not make you disappointed.

As other Kamado grills, to ensure the sturdiness, it is constructed of the solid steel. With the 22 gauge steel, you can cook the foods at any temperatures within 2000 – 7000F.

How is the grilling space? Is it large or small? In general, it is relative. With 314 square inches, it does not take up plenty of your space. So, it is enough for you to cook some of the foods concurrently, isn’t it? According to you, the rack with 133 square inches is sufficient, right?

The model is designed with the large lock wheels ~ 8 inches so that you can easily move it whether you do not have more force. In addition to that, you do not worry about cleaning when having a dump ash pan. The most just take some of your minutes for cleaning ash.

Does it include these features? No! No! You cannot forget an adjustable top damper. Thanks to it, the temperature is controlled and the airflow is maintained. Importantly, either the high heat or a slow smoke is okay.

A point makes this grill become different from others – the lower storage rack. You can use it for keeping briquettes or other necessary things. Besides, the cart made of the durable steel is convenient for prepare the foods.


  • check
    Regulate the temperature easily for perfect results
  • check
    Easy to open with the push of the latch
  • check
    The wheels are solid
  • check
    The tabletop space is large
  • check
    The affordable price
  • check
    Simple to assemble
  • check
    Easy to clean


  • exclamation-triangle
    There is only one way to drain the water
  • exclamation-triangle
    Do not hold up

Let me introduce a Kamado grill with a good warranty to you. With the warranty in 20 years, you can have peace of mind to use for an extended period of time. Yes, there is the Primo 778 Extra Large.

The model has a unique design in the oval-shaped one that brings the high effectiveness when cooking if compared to other ceramic grills. Whatever you are smoking, grilling, or roasting, it makes sure that the versatility and flexibility are very efficient.

Coming with that, there is the reliability. The Primo 778 is made in the USA. The surface to cook ~ 400.sq.in is standard while the extensions of the rack are ideal ~ 680.sq.in. These things are advantages for those who want to have a large space to cook.

During the using process, you do not worry about scratching. Even, it is still healthy when saying no to lead. Actually, the ceramic-coated layer is durable and high-grade.

You can choose the indirect or direct cooking method when grilling, roasting, searing, or smoking, depending on your cooked foods and recipes. For example, use the indirect type to smoke meat or bake pizza at the low-to-medium temp.

Arguably, the product is good enough for anyone, who enjoys cooking outdoors. Though the price seems expensive, looking at its characteristics is worth to pay. Do you think so?


  • check
    It provides a good taste
  • check
    Cook well
  • check
    Easy to use
  • check
    Adjusting the temp is simple
  • check
    Very versatile
  • check
    The size is large


  • exclamation-triangle
  • exclamation-triangle
    The replacement is expensive

Another model from the Primo is suitable for the outdoor parties – the Primo 774 Ceramic Charcoal Grill. With the large size and the lightweight, this is a fully promised grill for the consumers.

Similar to the Primo 778, this Primo has also an oval-shaped design, which is quite flexible and versatile when cooking your foods. The Primo 774 also provides a good warranty – the ceramic portion in 20 years and the metal parts in 5 years.

There is one of few grills that have the contrary between the size and weight. 210 square inches of the cooking surface is a not-small number, but the weight is only 95 pounds. So, you will not meet more difficult to move or use it.

With the pros of the large cooking space, this grill still allows the users to cook a myriad of foods such as pork, fish, vegetables, steaks, pizzas,… at the desired temperatures. You can evenly monitor the temp via a precise thermometer during cooking.

How about the durability? Don’t have to be in doubt! Ignoring it is made in the USA, the powder-coated stands and the grilling racks covered with the porcelain are enough to persuade you.

Really, it is undeniable that the price of the Primo 774 is not also cheap. However, apart from the features listed above, it is easy to light, especially when you use the lump charcoal. Furthermore, it still comes with the manual and recipe. It is beneficial, isn’t it?


  • check
    The large size
  • check
    Ideal for smoking meats
  • check
    Control the temp accurately
  • check
    The usage is easy
  • check
    Smoke meat quickly
  • check
    Efficient use of charcoal and wood
  • check
    Keep the meats tender and juicy


  • exclamation-triangle
    The price is not affordable
  • exclamation-triangle
    The product does not include the stand

Kamado Grill Accessories

Do the Kamado grills come with the standard accessories? Yes, a good grill also needs to consist of the necessary accessories. In particular, there is…

Lump Charcoal

In comparison with briquettes, lump charcoal quickly burns. With the 100% pure chemicals, they are especially safe for the users. At once, it ensures the natural taste of your foods. You can read my best lump charcoal to know more.


This accessory is very necessary when grilling. You will easily know the cooking temperature in an exact way. Doubts about the thermometer will be answered at here.

Grill Cover

The grills only work well when it is stored properly. With a grill cover, you can feel secure to place your grill anywhere in your home without worrying about the rain due to leaking.

Therefore, if the chosen product does not consist of it, you can equip one. A good recommendation for you is the Char-Griller 6755 Akorn Kamado Kooker Grill Cover.


You will not be able to grill/ smoke/ or do anything if you do not have the grill racks. The racks with the 304 stainless steel like the Premier Specialty KJ-SCS is durable and stable. Frequently, most grills are comprised at least one.

Side Shelves

The majority of the Kamado grills have equipped two side shelves. The purpose is to place the prepared things before cooking. Basically, it is easy to replace if you accidentally make broken-down. With the high legs, the Weber 7413 Work Table is considered as a great option for you.

Possibly, they do not include all, but at least they should have some of them!

4 Reasons Why You Should Use a Kamado Grill

An outdoor party with the burgers, steaks, pizzas, or meats is wonderful. One of the best ways to get the delicious dishes is to equip a grill.

But, there are too many options that can meet this need. And Kamado grills are one of them. If compared to other brands, they have the certain benefits, which attract the consumers. Here are the reasons…

  • Versatility

Perhaps the most outstanding benefit of Kamado grill, as many manufacturers claim, is its versatility. This means that Kamado grill can do various things that are thought to be impossible with other types of grills.

Its excellent regulation of air flow allows you to make pizza and bread easily. In this way, it is very similar to wood-fire ovens.

Meanwhile, if you want to make crisped meat, it is possible to take advantage of its rotisserie cradle.

Overall, it can meet the need of grilling, baking, roasting or smoking. It is truly a great investment that gives you a lot of chances to enjoy the outdoor cooking experience.

  • Efficiency

You wonder why Kamado grill can be outstanding from a market full of options? One of the keys that Kamado grill holds to be on top is its fuel source.

Lump wood charcoal is usually the main fuel for ceramic Kamado grills. This type of fuel does not release as much ash as others, which saves you from hard clean-up.

Besides, lump wood charcoal is also considered as more environmentally-friendly.

Thanks to high-quality materials and great construction, Kamado grills are believed to keep and spend the heat more efficiently. You can even expect it to go up to over 750 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Reliability

The application of Kamado grills has been seen for centuries. And there is no doubt that it can still work very reliably.

Also, the improvements in materials used to produce Kamado grills give you more confidence. Among all, we strongly recommend high fire ceramic because of its durability.

  • Simple Uses

Last but not least, Kamado grill is a good choice for both professionals and beginners. There is no secret about its operation or clean-up.

It is super easy to follow its instructions, and you will have an unforgettable memory.

How to Choose Kamado Grill

You are looking for a Kamado grill, aren’t you? On the market today, Kamado grills are not only one, so you feel difficult to select, right? So, finally, what should you consider when choosing to purchase one?

Calm down! I will help you solve this problem. In fact, it is not too hard to find a right grill as long as you know how to pick up one. The information below will show what considerations are necessary for you before investing the Kamado grill.

Cooking & Storing Area

Before deciding to buy a Kamado grill, it is necessary to consider how much your cooking space is wide. You cannot purchase a large grill if the cooking area does not allow and vice versa.

Aside from that, don’t also forget the storage space. Similarly, a right Kamado grill has to fit your storage area. Once you determine both these areas, you may give an exact size of a grill.


Not all Kamado grills are labeled with its own name. Kamado Joes, Big Green Egg, Primo, or Grill Dome are other names that belong the Kamado grill.

Consequently, if you only find the products brought its own name – Kamado, you will have fewer options. Do the comparison to know which one is good and essential enough for your need.

Size of the Kamado Grill

As advertised, the Kamado grills have a variety of the sizes. Frequently, people know either large or XL, but it is not necessary. If you want to get a true size, need to do a real measurement.

Due to the round shape, the size of a Kamado grill is based on the cooking-grate diameter. For the average models, the diameter can reach 18 inches while the 24-inch diameter is the size of the large grill. If chosen to use the smaller grills (under 16 inches), you will not be able to grill the ribs, big meat,…

Remember that these grills are designed with the oval shape. So, you need to rely on the cooking area to define the precise size.


Apart from considering the body, there still have other hardware parts that you cannot ignore, including the handles, hinge assembly, grill gate, lid bands, upper and lower dampers.

To make these parts, the manufacturers prioritize to use the stainless steel, painted steel, cast iron, or even the all-three combination. The most commonly used type is the stainless steel because of its durability and anticorrosion.

But, with the grill grate, most people have intended to use the cast iron material as it has the good heat resistance. Nonetheless, it requires seasoning and caring regularly not to rust. With the stainless steel grates, despite not to sear well, the maintenance is easy. Don't recommend to use the grates enameled porcelain. Searing is not good in comparison with cast iron and it is less durable than stainless steel.


Kamado grills allow using both charcoal and briquettes. It prioritizes to choose the charcoal models. Some of the grills have the pure lump charcoal, which is safe and healthy for your foods.


If you choose to use the charcoal Kamado grills, you will need to consider its ability to clean. Let’s prioritize to choose the units with the ash catcher. You will not take more time to clean after cooking.


As a whole, the Kamado grills provide the same performance, but the standard features are not necessary. To compare the Kamado grills, you ought to look at what they involved. It is just a grill, isn’t it? Or come with the standard accessories?

Perhaps, the most essential is a diffuser plate for the BBQ purpose if you love this cooking method. In case it does not comprise with the chosen grill, you will have to pay.

The accessories often accompany with the Kamado grill such as

  • Side shelves – There have one or two sides shelves to place the prepared foods
  • Cart – It includes at least two wheels that support the movement
  • Grill cover – It protects your grill from the damage when storing
  • Grates
  • Extra racks to expand your cooking space


A good product also needs to have an affordable price. Let’s remember that the most expensive one is not necessarily the best. You ought to choose a grill along with the proper price after including all cost.

Tips & Tricks of Using Kamado Grill

I know that using Kamado grills bring a great result. But, there still have a couple of the complications, which occur if you utilize in a wrong way. Let’s pocket some useful tips to avoid these things.

  • If you meet the problem of the airflow, you let utilize the rest remnants of the lump charcoal bag. Take the small pieces to block the fired-grate holes.
  • In case the burning fire is not big enough, let the top open until your grill reaches the desired temperature, then switch.
  • To cook pizza effectively, remember the doming method – a vital technique utilized in the brick ovens. With a metal peel, it will help to hold your pizzas at the right height in the dome. Averagely, there are about 20-30 seconds. Slide the pizzas to avoid sticking.
  • With the surfaces without resisting the heat, never place your grill on there.
  • Either ceramic plate is not used for cooking on a stove top.
  • Either olive oil or others are not seasoned.
  • Any chemicals/ soap/ water can damage your grill if you use them to clean.
  • Wait for your grill cooled down, then, let clean and store.
  • Use a brush to wipe off the food material.
  • Store in a dry location.
  • Don’t let your children or pet playing when your grill is working.
  • Place your grill in place during cooking. Never move it when the ashes are still hot.
  • Use your grill in a ventilated area. Indoors are not enabled.
  • Only use the allowed fuel to light your grill.
  • Remove the ash when cooling entirely.

Keep all in your mind when using the Kamado grill, you can ensure the safety for yourself and everyone around. Importantly, these tips and tricks also contribute to lasting the usage time of your grill for a longer period of time.


After all, I love the Kamado grills. And you? The design is great for the outdoor parties. It makes the taste of the dishes after cooking. It is noticed that they are built up the high durability, the lead-free, rust-resistant, protective material, for example.

Obviously, the best Kamado grills have the price coming with the quality. In your opinion, the price is only the numbers. You take the quality into consideration. No reason to deny the Kamado grill!


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