The Best Lump Charcoal For Grilling – Top 5 Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Nowadays, people have gradually taken the health into consideration, especially, eating. Instead of using the convenient tools, they start finding the natural models.

That’s why the grillers prioritize to choose to utilize hardwood lump charcoal to replace briquettes. Apart from burning hotter, the lump charcoal is safer because it contains less carbon and ash.

Furthermore, the chemicals in lump charcoal are natural. The product does not also involve the additives, so it makes sure that your foods will be healthiest and cleanest.

On the other hand, once you choose to use lump charcoal, controlling the heat will become easier because it provides a reasonable amount of oxygen.

​All in all, we are difficult to deny the beneficial features of a lump charcoal. If you are looking for the best lump charcoal for your grilling needs, don’t ignore our article. Go on reading to know!

Lump Charcoal

Type of Wood


Our Rating

Type of Wood

#1 Fogo FHWC35LB

35 lbs


#2 Jealous Devil

35 lbs


#3 Original Natural Charcoal

17.6 lbs

Apple, cherry & oak

#4 Mangrove Hardwood

20 lbs


#5 Kamado Joe, KJ-CHAR

20 lbs

Quebracho & Mistol


Type of Wood



35 lbs

Jealous Devil

Type of Wood



35 lbs

Original Natural Charcoal

Type of Wood

Apple, cherry & oak


17.6 lbs

Mangrove Hardwood

Type of Wood



20 lbs

Kamado Joe, KJ-CHAR

Type of Wood

Quebracho & Mistol


20 lbs

Saying to lump charcoal, you can easily understand that it is the wood fuel to burn without being pressed into briquettes.

Based on the brand, the chunks of the lump charcoal will have a specific size and shape. Basically, they are made from the 100% natural wood.

Lump vs Briquette Charcoal - Which One is Better?

When mentioning to charcoal, people often concentrate on considering and comparing charcoal vs. briquettes. Which one is better? It is difficult to answer, but I can help you determine the suitable kind. Let’s see!

  • Lump Charcoal

The lump charcoal is raw and natural. Don’t involve the additives and chemicals. Consequently, it is easy to light and the burning time is longer. Plus, it produces less ash and smoke, so cleaning is not difficult. Nevertheless, the drawback is the expensive cost.

  • Briquette Charcoal

As its name, briquette charcoal is pulverized raw and pressed into briquettes. Apart from the major ingredient – carbon, it still has the additives. After cooking, it often leaves more ash.

Some people afraid that their foods will stick the chemical smell, so they limit the use. However, it provides a longer and consistent burning time. Furthermore, it is cheaper than lump charcoal.

How to Choose Lump Charcoal

Your grilling dishes looking more delicious are based on lump charcoal. It will contribute to deciding the flavor of your foods. Accordingly, you need to find the best lump charcoal, but what you should consider…

1. Scraps

Although the lump charcoal has the natural origin, you should prioritize to choose the charcoal made from cherry, mesquite, oak, apple, hickory,… Simply, they will be able to provide a greater flavor of your dishes.

2. Ingredients

You know that the lump charcoal does not often include the chemicals or additives, but you should also consider the ingredients to make sure.

It requires that the products must be labeled: 100% natural, no additives. Like that, you may maintain the organic element during the cooking process.

3. Clean

If you want to clean your griller or smoker easily, you should pick up the lump charcoal that does not produce more ash. The least ash, the easier cleaning will be.

4. Light

No one wants to spend more time to light the charcoal before cooking. This one is very tetchy. If you do not also want that bad thing, let’s select the type, which allows you to be able to light quickly.

Frequently, most lump charcoal is easy to light. But, you should still consult the feedbacks from the consumers to know exactly.

5. Smoke

The flavor of your dishes that is delicious or bad is based on the amount of smoke produced. It means that you must find the products producing more smoke.

Because not all the lump charcoal mentions this feature, you need to consult the reviews from the customers. It is too good if your relatives or friends get used to utilizing these lump charcoals. You can ask them.

6. Chunks

To light quickly, you need the medium and small chunks, except, you want to burn for an extended for a long time, the larger chunks are good. This depends on your need. But, the best plan would be to choose the type having full sizes.

On the other hand, you also need to avoid the lump charcoal with plenty of lumps or the pieces too small. You will not likely cook anything with them.

7. Price

The lump charcoal is more expensive than briquettes charcoal. To get the optimal option, you can compare their price. A big bag at an affordable cost is great.

5 Best Charcoal Grill Reviews

1. Best Choice - Fogo FHWC35LB Premium Hardwood Lump Charcoal

This is one of few of the lump charcoal that achieves the restaurant quality. Therefore, the Fogo FHWC35LB Lump Charcoal promises to bring the interesting experience to the consumers.

As its name – Fogo – Fire, you will only take 15 minutes in order to make it light. But, the burning time is longer if compared to other charcoal. Having said that, its hotness is ideal enough to make sure the flavor of the foods.

The product has the origin from the trees of Central America. So, you can have peace of mind to use. It does not include the additives. The major ingredients are natural. It also means that the health problem will be ensured.

In addition to that, it also provides a big size – a 35 lb bag. Obviously, this is an ideal number to organize a family grilling party.

Furthermore, when buying the Fogo FHWC35LB, you will feel secure about the chunks. This product does not contain the small chunks. Most of them have a large size. It is easy to utilize and burn longer than the tiny pieces.

This lump charcoal is suitable for slow cooking. Even though they are easy to burn, the burning level is light. That’s why they are considered as a right option for meat, fish, and vegetables.

All in all, those who want to enjoy a grilled dish with a natural flavor, the Fogo lump charcoal can be one of the shopping selection. The product does not come with the toxic components, so it is healthy.


  • It burns very hotly
  • Great for cooking steaks
  • This bag of charcoal is large
  • It makes the foods taste well
  • It is not difficult to light
  • It provides a lot of heat


  • Some pieces are too large or too small
  • It produces lots of ash

2. Jealous Devil 100% Natural Quebrancho Blanco Lump Charcoal

You are disappointed with the traditional charcoal, aren’t you? And then, you want to find something that lights faster and creates the heat more. Here! Here! The Jealous Devil lump charcoal can entirely meet your demands.

We know that the dense wood will be easy to light. When burning, it also creates more heat. This one is true with this charcoal. It is made from the best wood in Paraguay, so you can cook after a full 15-minute light.

Similar to other lump charcoal, it does not have the chemicals, instead, the major ingredients from Quebracho Blanco tree. It allows the burning time to last three hours.

A large number of chefs, grillers, and BBQ teams prioritize to choose to utilize this charcoal. This one is not natural. Only leaving the unique flavor, the Jealous Devil lump charcoal does not leave anything – smoke-free, spark-free, and ash-free. Consequently, cleaning after cooking is easy and quick. If you have tended to use the grills or smokers, this option is okay.

Don’t worry about buying debris! This product creates an optimal prestige when all pieces of lump charcoal are chosen by hand. As a result, it ensures that the chunks are large and untouched.

It is hotter than the normal charcoal. The whole is natural without involving the chemicals. It provides a fresh flavor. If you are looking for a lump charcoal with these features, you have found right. The product makes sure a lasting burn.


  • All in natural
  • Burns hot and long
  • It does not produce too much ash
  • Most pieces reach the medium size
  • Great taste
  • The reasonable price


  • Mesh bag is not a good idea
  • The smell is bad

3. Original Natural 17.6 Pound Premium Lump Charcoal

If mentioned to the lump charcoal, it is difficult to ignore the Original 17.6 Pound Premium Lump Charcoal – a charcoal product with 100% natural origin.

As its name, all the chunks inside a 17.6 pound are made from cherry, oak, and apple that are the high-quality hardwood. Accordingly, the product does not contain the additives such as nitrates, limestone, fillers, petroleum,…

This one also contributes to explain the reason why you do not see any ash, smoke, or spark when burning them. Due to that, you are easy to clean your smokers, charcoal grill, as well as kamados.

The light time is quick. You will only take 10 minutes for that. Once it becomes hot, it helps lock the entire flavor of the foods, by burning slowly. It means that the burning time is longer.

No natural that a great number of chefs, smoke houses, and grillers choose to utilize this product. Apart from additive-free, the Original Natural lump charcoal still has the carbonized component. This one makes it become different from others.

Right from the start, the manufacturer of the Original Natural charcoal has committed to bringing a friendly product not only with the users but also the environment.

The model provides the heat level more than the traditional charcoal, along with the slow-burning speed, so you will not worry about burning your foods. Basically, the Original Natural is good enough for an outdoor party.


  • It burns longer
  • Smell amazing
  • The lumps get the good size
  • Lighting is quicker than anything else
  • Very clean
  • It is really very hot


  • It has a little mess

4. Mangrove Hardwood Lumps BBQ Charcoal

You are looking for a lump charcoal with a reasonable price, but it still makes sure the quality, aren’t you? Well, the Mangrove Hardwood BBQ Lump Charcoal is what you need.

Similarly, this lump charcoal also includes the chunks, which only involve the natural ingredients without chemicals as well as additives.

On the other hand, it provides the hardwood flavor. So, your dishes are both healthy and rich in the flavor.

It will not take much time to light, but the burning time can last more 4 hours. This is actually ideal if you have planned to organize an outdoor family party.

Beyond that, once you choose to use the Mangrove Hardwood for your grills, smokers,…, you will save your time to clean because they do not produce any smoke or sparks after burning.

Plus, owing to being hardwood, the burning time is enduring. It is extremely suitable for slow-cooking.

The foods are golden. The taste is natural. The health is ensured. There are the outstanding features that this lump charcoal brings the users.


  • Very consistent size
  • It is excellent for smoking
  • It is quite dense
  • It is likely ready to cook in 20 minutes
  • Burns well
  • The burn time is to last


  • It is not the American brand
  • The pieces tend to be round and short

5. Kamado Joe, KJ-CHAR, Lump Charcoal

People enjoy using the natural things because of the safety. With 100 percent natural and the origin of the real trees, the Kamado Joe Lump Charcoal will provide a wood-nature flavor.

Don’t have to be the processed or scrap charcoal, so it especially burns clean. At the same time, it still provides more wood-fire flavor. Thanks to that, your foods also become moister.

Since this leads to another. Due to 100% natural, this lump charcoal offers a longer burning time. In addition, you can still combine the pieces of the wood to cook. For the small pieces, you use them to start while the larger ones are to cook low for a long time.

The product has the low cost. The ingredients are natural without including the chemicals and additives, so it helps you save in a significant way. Even, you can reuse the pieces of the charcoal that only burned partially.

If you often enjoy the slow cooking method, the Kamado Joe can be a good option. You can both use for an extended period of time and get the safety because it is entirely natural. What expression!


  • It is ideal for smoking
  • Hot heat
  • Easy to light
  • Burn long
  • The exterior carton is sturdy
  • Very little popping when lighting


  • Some chunks are too big
  • ​Smell like ammonia


The natural things are healthy. Right now, let’s bring your grilling dishes close to nature. Based on our reviews, you have found a suitable lump charcoal for your needs? According to you, which one is the best of them?

After experiencing and studying, the Fogo FHWC35LB Lump Charcoal seems more dominant than others. Of course, this is only my personalized opinion. What about you?

If compared to the rest types of charcoals, it is sure that lump charcoal is better than ever. Due to not including the chemicals, filler, or additives, they really provide the healthy dishes for you.

​Repeatedly, it recommends using lump charcoal, instead, briquettes so as to protect your own health. Based on what I shared with you, it is certain that you will be able to find the best lump charcoal for yourself.

All they are 100% natural, right? Are you still doubting? So, you likely consult the feedback of those who are used to using one of them. Luck to you!!!​

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