All More Watch Out For: The Best Lump Charcoal For Grilling

Those who enjoy the grilling dishes certainly know that briquette is good enough to utilize. Yes, they are cheap and available, but they also have the chemical smell that likely transfers to the food.

That’s why I recommend that you ought to use the lump charcoal. Based on the individual experience, I want to help you have an objective view on the lump charcoal. Which best lump charcoal is to spend for you? Let’s see!!!

The Major Types of Charcoal

When saying to the types of charcoal, there are 4 main types. The first, it has to mention to lump charcoal, which is known as a natural charcoal.

This is the real pieces of wood. Use the super high temperature to expose. Correspondingly, the pure carbon is a single left ingredient.

If you use for cooking the steaks, loin pork, or red meat, it is okay. Simply, it burns better than briquettes. Furthermore, when grilling over the fire of the lump charcoal, your food will bring a more natural taste.

The next type is match light charcoal. Do you know charcoal briquette? Well, this type is not different from briquette. The major is a lighter fluid. Consequently, it is easy to light. But, it can make your food have a strange taste, so not many people use it.

Another common type is charcoal briquettes. In spite of being made of the wood, charcoal briquettes also involve the blinder as well as additives. If compared to the natural charcoal, they burn longer.

You can have peace of mind because they do not leave any flavor on your food.

Finally, flavored charcoal, however, not as common as the lump charcoal or briquettes, has the wood shavings glued over all of them. Due to not have the own scent, the condition of the smoky food will not occur.

If chosen to use this charcoal, you will be hard to control. Correspondingly, your food may be overheating or overpowering.

The Beneficial Aspects of Using Lump Charcoal

As the recommendation above, if you do not want your food to have the unhealthy flavor, you should utilize the lump charcoal, instead, briquettes.

  • 100% natural ingredients

Briquettes including additives can make your food have a chemical taste. Nonetheless, this one will not happen with lump charcoal. Whatever your foods (meats, vegetables,…) have a natural flavor of smoke when you use lump charcoal.

If you want to ensure the bought product that is 100 percent natural, you need to check the label a careful way before buying.

  • Quick & easy to light

With lump charcoal, you will only take from 10-15 minutes in order to light them. The time to light is equal a half of the briquettes.

Don’t not involve the additives and binders. That’s why lighting lump charcoal is faster than briquettes.

Nevertheless, lump charcoal also has its own drawback – a short-burning time. So, let’s add charcoal when recognizing the heat-loss.

  • Hotter

According to the appreciation of the customers, lump charcoal is ideal for grilling the steaks.

They can reach the super high temperature ~ 1000 degrees F if it is ventilated well. Not only briquettes but others cannot also reach the similar temperature to the lump charcoal whether it burns longer.

  • No more ash, but more heat

Because of 100% natural, you will not have to worry about ash when burning the lump charcoal. Consequently, you will save a lot of time to cook.

Our Best Lump Charcoal – You Should Equip When Grilling

The grilling dishes are always attractive you and have in your menu, especially, on the weekend, right?

So, let’s enjoy a healthy way like what you can do, by equipping the best lump charcoal. I will share your experience with you right now. This list is entirely my studying process. Don’t ignore! Let’s see!

1. Fogo FHWC35LB Premium Hardwood Lump Charcoal

If you are looking for something that burns naturally and makes your dishes taste more delicious, let’s try cooking the meat on the top of Fogo FHWC35LB Premium Hardwood Lump Charcoal.

Fogo only has the dense hardwood, which is selected without including any extra components. This is a lump charcoal with 100% natural, so it makes sure that your food will bring an ideal taste and flavor.

It brings the fire mean from the name – Fogo. Accordingly, the lighting time only takes about 15 minutes. If compared to other charcoals, it is hotter and lasts longer.

​With all-natural ingredients, this product is great for fish, meat, and vegetables. It is especially ideal for those who have the needs – cooking slow or directly cooking on the coals.

One must definitely, the major ingredient of this lump charcoal is the dense Central American hardwood, so you can have peace of mind that you will get the best model.

Keep in mind, it uses the paper towel soaked with a little oil after putting underneath your charcoal. Don’t use a lighter fluid.


  • It burns very hotly
  • Great for cooking steaks
  • This bag of charcoal is large
  • It makes the foods taste well
  • It is not difficult to light
  • It provides a lot of heat


  • Some pieces are too large or too small
  • It produces lots of ash

2. Jealous Devil 100% Natural Quebrancho Blanco Lump Charcoal

Here! Here! 100% natural you are finding lump charcoal. The Jealous Devil lump charcoal is one of the top options of the chefs, restaurants, grillers,… Yes, you will get the desired taste.

To me, this lump charcoal is ideal because it is made from a single ingredient – the Quebracho Blanco tree in Paraguay. You can only find this hardwood type in remote places.

Of course, it doesn’t also include the scrap wood, chemicals, or fillers, so it is especially ideal for kamados (Big Green Egg, for example), charcoal grills, or smokers.

The ability to light and burn is hot and fast. The raw material is good enough for you to cook slowly and lowly. You will only take 15 minutes to light them. It is noticed that the burning time lasts up to three hours. So good!

All in all, made from Quebracho Blanco known as an axe-breaker because of its density. There does not have any additional ingredients. The lumps are large enough for the burn devices. It allows getting the consistent and long burn.


  • All in natural
  • Burns hot and long
  • It does not produce too much ash
  • Most pieces reach the medium size
  • Great taste
  • The reasonable price


  • Mesh bag is not a good idea
  • The smell is bad

3. Original Natural 17.6 Pound Premium Lump Charcoal

You want to complete your grilling dishes quickly, so don’t ignore this model. It lights rapidly. It only takes ten minutes to light. How? The Original Natural 17.6 Pound Premium Lump Charcoal is a good option for you, right?

Similar to two types above, this product only includes all-natural ingredients, which are made from a unique blend – cherry, oak, and apple. Inevitably, the chemicals, scrap wood, or fillers will not have when mentioning to the ingredients.

I actually like the Original Natural lump charcoal because it is easy to clean up, has low ash, and doesn’t have smoke and sparks. If you have a charcoal grill, kamados, or smokers, this option is quite ideal.

It is not necessary to compare it with others. Saying to light, it is also faster. The hotness is twice or three times the traditional charcoal. For the result, locking in flavor or searing your meat is no problem.

​But frankly speaking, the Original Natural lump charcoal has received the extremely high rating from NakedWhiz Lump Database. What a perfect it is! It is difficult to miss this product if you belong BBQ team.


  • It burns longer
  • Smell amazing
  • The lumps get the good size
  • Lighting is quicker than anything else
  • Very clean
  • It is really very hot


  • It has a little mess

4. Mangrove Hardwood Lumps BBQ Charcoal

Those who are finding the quality lump charcoal in the good price range. Yes, let’s quickly bring this product back home.

Don’t brag! The Mangrove Hardwood BBQ Lump Charcoal is produced with 100 percent organic ingredients. Accordingly, you can have peace of mind that your food will never have the unhealthy scent. Even, it creates a great taste when using.

It will not take much time to light while you have over 4 hours in order to burn it.

The majority of the customers enjoys utilizing this product because it does not produce too many sparks or smoke. Consequently, it offers the food with the hardwood without including additives. What a healthy it is!

What are you concerned about? It is not easy to find a good product in this price range, so you do not ignore it.


  • Very consistent size
  • It is excellent for smoking
  • It is quite dense
  • It is likely ready to cook in 20 minutes
  • Burns well
  • The burn time is to last


  • It is not the American brand
  • The pieces tend to be round and short

5. Royal Oak 195228017 Lump Charcoal

Nowadays, the natural concept seems to be enjoyed. Simply, nature will come with health. With 100 percent natural, the Royal Oak 195228017 1/17.6 Pound Lump Charcoal will be a perfect choice for you.

This product is pure carbonized charcoal without involving the chemicals or fillers. So, it makes sure the foods, which do not get additives.

You will not take a lot of time to light them. At once, burning has a certain time. Of course, it is not too short. It is worth to say that the hotness is great for a BBQ flavor.

This lump charcoal is burnt in the controlled conditions. That’s why the result bringing to you is pure.

Basically, it has owned many different features in comparison with briquettes. It cleanly burns. What’s more, the Royal Oak lump charcoal does provide plenty of ash.

Coming to think of it, this product is worth to buy because it has full of the characteristics that other expensive ones have. On the contrary of the feature, its price is affordable for those who desire something cheaper.


  • Not too fast or too hot
  • A great price
  • Burns long
  • Adds great flavor
  • If used for smokers, it is actually ideal
  • Easy to light
  • All natural


  • It creates a lot of soot
  • There are some of the smaller pieces


The natural things are healthy. Right now, let’s bring your grilling dishes close to nature.

If compared to the rest types of charcoals, it is sure that lump charcoal is better than ever. Due to not including the chemicals, filler, or additives, they really provide the healthy dishes for you.

Repeatedly, it recommends using lump charcoal, instead, briquettes so as to protect your own health. Based on what I shared with you, it is certain that you will be able to find the best lump charcoal for yourself.

All they are 100% natural, right? Are you still doubting? So, you likely consult the feedback of those who are used to using one of them. Luck to you!!!

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