The 10 Best Meats to Smoke for the Special Occasions

There is 75 percent of the population, who utilize the smokers and this number has instantly increased. What makes them become common? An only word is delicious. Most foods smoked are sapid, especially, meats.

But, not all meats can be smoked. If you know the best meats to smoke, you will be able to enjoy a more delicious dish. Don’t have to find anymore! Right now, we will introduce to you 10 best types. Let’s see!!!

#1. Wagyu Beef Brisket


When mentioning to the smoked meats, the most common kind will be the beef brisket that is cut from the breast area or the lower chest of the cow.

It is about 60% of the weight of the cow, which is based on the support of this muscle. To unleash the juicy flavor that the beef brisket brings, it requires you to cut them into the broken-down section because of their dense sinews.

A good suggestion for you is to prioritize to choose the Wagyu beef, instead, the normal beef. The reason for this one is the softness of Wagyu beef. While cooking, its fat quickly melts and it contributes to increasing the taste.

Its taste will be greater if you add a chili-based rub, citrus, Worcestershire marinade, or red wine.

#2. Berkshire Pork


Owning the glorious look and the tender taste after cooking, Berkshire Pork is also one of the options that the chefs think of when selecting the kinds of meats to smoke.

Basically, you will also have a cut that is both big and bulky, along with a thick fat layer. When smoking, that fat layer will become basted. Averagely, you will take from 10-15 hours so that it can reach the right taste. Use a fork to check this.

#3. Wild Boar Ribs


Is there the meat that is tender, nutty-sweet, and delicious to smoke? – Yes, wild boar ribs promise to be going to meet your eating need.

But, why are the ribs without being other parts? Because they contain the fibers that are rich in collagen and they quickly convert into sugars throughout the process of smoking. Correspondingly, it contributes to increasing the flavor to the meat, in particular, the tenderness and sweetness.

If possible, you ought to choose Wild Boar St. Louis Ribs or Wild Boar Baby Back Ribs. Remember that you have to ensure the moisture for your wild board. It is quickly dry because of containing plenty of lean if compared to the normal pork.

You can make the sauce or add the ingredients that help increase the flavor, garlic, bourbon, cayenne, for example. It makes sure that the taste will be more delicious.

#4. Lamb Shoulder


In fact, the majority of people rarely considers choosing lamb to smoke for the first choice. Nonetheless, it is certain that you will spend a second chance for it.

You should know that lamb has the high fat. It will quickly convert into the perfect masterpiece after being broken down through the smoking process. That’s why it appears on my own list.

Keep this in mind, you remember to slice off the fat on the top so that you do not meet more difficult to smoking. In addition to that, add marjoram marinades, beer basting, or rosemary over the surface of the lamb shoulder so as to increase the taste.

#5 – Whole Turkey


On Thanksgiving Day, it cannot lack a whole turkey. But, in the daily parties, people often ignore it because its texture can become dry if you cook improperly.

The first, you ought to know the reason, which makes it become dry. That is due to having less fat in turkey, so it will get dried if you do not brine. Let’s feel secure! With smoking, everything will likely be different.

Smoking can adjust the temperature. If you smoke the turkey with the high temperature, the moisture in the turkey will quickly evaporate. So, let’s smoke it at the low-temperature ~ no more 2000F.

How? Don’t have to be bad that you do not know the way to process. It will be great when you serve it along with gravy. It is desirable, right?

#6. Bacon


Saying to bacon, I believe that most people like it. Frequently, people will think bake, grill, or fry it that forget other methods.

This is a part, which is taken from the pig belly, so it is especially heavy and fat in comparison with other meats. Therefore, you can comfortably process with a variety of cooking methods, except, boiling.

Depending on your preference, you can choose hot smoke or hot smoke. It would be best to use cold smoke. It means that you only cook it no more 1000F. At this temperature, the moisture in bacon will be maintained. Nevertheless, let’s cook it over 1600F within two initial minutes.

Add a little sauce if you like a bit of sweetness. For people with diabetes, it should select the frugal kind. Then, smoke it until you recognize the whole is pink.

#7. Sausages

Admittedly, there are many different kinds, which are made from chicken, pork, beef, turkey, and others. Beyond that, the sausages blended with nuts, vegetables, or cheese are relatively common. Yes, they are very various.

However, no more people choose sausages to smoke, instead, grilling or frying seem more delicious. For the smoking sausage, you need to choose carefully.

The sausage diameter will decide the smoking time while the weight of sausages is based on their color. The lightest is yellow. The medium level is brown and the heaviest kind is dark brown.

#8. Salmon

If someone gets used to eating the smoked salmon, it is certain that will recognize its taste and texture like the raw salmon. Really, when choosing the meats to smoke, people often add it to their list. This is an ideal seafood in order that you can reach the best taste of the smoked food.

Apart from the great flavor, salmon is easy to buy; especially, they are inexpensive. It is important that they offer an array of various flavors once you utilize the different smoking technique.

You have liked the salmon taste, so you need to remember these details when smoking it. The first, utilize kosher salt. The next, add maple syrup or genuine syrup to get the sweetness. The last one, choose the wood carefully and smoke it at 1200F within 3 hours or 2200F within 2 hours.

#9. Deer


Do you choose deer to smoke? Well, this selection is not bad because any part of the deer allows you to smoke. Nonetheless, most meats of the deer are lean. This one sounds different from my meats listed above that have plenty of fat.

So what? You still have the method to handle this case. After preparing the meat, you will start to brine it. To be able to hold more moisture in the meat, you can apply the simple brine recipe.

On the other hand, you should prioritize to pick up the tenderloins or shoulders so as to get the best taste. Don’t use softwood that will make the meat become sour, instead, using the oak, cherry, or apple woods!

#10. Goat

A dinner with the smoked goat is too great. It is both healthy and delicious. It is noticed that a number of calories and cholesterol in goat is low if compared to other red meats. Therefore, I do not worry about the health problem too much when using it for my meals.

To smoke goat effectively, you need to choose the young goat within 6-12 months of age. Due to having a lot of lean, you let add more salt to lock the moisture in goat. Don’t rush! Smoking goat is a process and you need the patience. Use hickory wood to reach the best flavor.

Keep in mind, smoke the goat as what you have done with deer and lamb meat. It makes sure that you will get the stringy texture and the sweetness that goat brings.

Let’s Cook!

You have 10 best meats to smoke for your optional list. For the time being, your task is to give a right decision. Consider which one can meet your need and preference. And then, start cooking!

But, I want to remind that each of the meat types will have the specific smoking method and come with the correlative smoking wood. If you choose the type that is leaner, brine it to hold the moisture. Let’s read carefully and process properly. Happy smoking enjoy!!!

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