Top 5 Best Nespresso Capsules You Should Enjoy in 2017

What are exactly Nespresso capsules? Nespresso capsules are considered as a perfect solution for delivering up to 19 distinct flavors to satisfy most of the customers. The combination between Nespresso capsules and Nestle Nespresso machines can produce rich flavor just in a surprisingly quick time. This is the reason why finding out the best Nespresso capsules is never an easy task.

There is no need of going to the coffee shop or waiting a long time for a cup of hot coffee. With the support of Nespresso capsules, you can enjoy your delicious cup of coffee just in few minutes. There is a wide range of flavors for you to choose, which guarantees to serve you and your family perfectly during your day.


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There are 4 main types of Nespresso Capsules, including Espresso, Pure Origin, Lungo, and Decaffeinate. Originating from different blends, these flavors guarantee to make you feel happy in many aspects.

#Espresso Capsules

This is a kind of traditional coffee with high quality that most of the coffee addicts love to drink. It is often called "a shorter coffee" and has a wide range of strength.

​In particular, these capsules have a variety of origins as well as intensities. You can enjoy 7 main blends of Espresso capsules such as Capriccio, Ristretto, Roma, Livanto, Arpeggio, Volluto, and Cosi.

#​Pure Origine Capsules

Selected carefully from many regions in the world, these capsules bring the great feeling of nature. In fact, there are 3 Pure Origine Capsules you should remember, including Rosabaya, Dulsao Do Brasil, and Indriya.

#Lungo Capsules

While the Espresso capsules are the "shorter coffee", the lungo capsules are known as the "longer coffee" because the water to make them is as twice as the amount used for the Espresso.

People use these capsules to make a tall cup of espresso. There are 3 lungo capsules, including Vivalto, Linizio, and Fortissimo.

#Decaffeinated Capsules

As its name suggests, these capsules are specially created for people who do not like caffeine flavor. There are two options of decaffeinated capsules for you to choose from, including Decaffeinato Intenso and Decaffeinato Lungo.

Factors to Consider When Buying Nespresso Capsules

When it comes to buying Nespresso Capsules, there are a great number of flavors for you to select. It requires you to think carefully to find out the best Nespresso capsules. The Nespresso flavors are different from each person to another. Depending on individual tastes, users could determine their choice.

  • Flavor

The flavor intensity changes from soft to bold roast, meaning you should try the caffeine level and its taste to meet your demand. For people who don’t like caffeine taste, decaffeinated Nespresso is a great option.

In order to choose the best flavor of Nespresso Capsule, the very first thing you have to do is determining the flavor. You should start from differentiating the features of each blend, and then try some sample flavors to choose out the prettiest one for your own.

There is a variety of flavor intensity for your consideration, fluctuating from subtle flavor to bold roast flavor. Meanwhile, you also should pay more attention to the intensity of caffeine. If you would like to remove caffeine from your coffee, the decaffeinated one might be great for you.

Besides, it might be a pretty experience to try different tastes by buying several flavors.​

  • Coffee Quality

There are several keynotes for you to choose the high-quality Nespresso capsule coffee. In addition to the flavor, another essential factor to consider when buying Nespresso capsules is the quality. Look for the type of capsules that benefits your health.

If you care much about your health, you should choose the capsule coming with a source of fresh ingredients. It is a decisive element of good capsules, which contributes significantly to users’ health.​

​Firstly, the beans have to be freshly roasted, freshly ground in order to retain the best origin flavor for the coffee. You should check the seal carefully to make sure the coffee does not have any chance to get wet and its aroma can be fully kept inside.

Secondly, you should consider the weight of each shot, it would be great to guarantee each shot weighs 7 to 8 grams. However, the Nespresso capsule is often packed with 5.5-6.3 grams per shot.

Last but not least, you should have a look at the temperature, shot duration, and amount of water of the coffee to ensure the product is in the best condition.

To learn more about Nespresso Capsules, take a close look at this video:​

Our Top 5 Picks for 2017

1. Ristretto Nespresso Capsules

Ranked at the number one of our list is Ristretto Nespresso capsules. This capsule is an ideal option for people who love the robust flavor. It has the perfect combination between South America and East African Arabicas, which inspires the subtle flavor of fruit and acid notes.

​More specifically, its South America origin comes from Colombia and Brazil. The flavor of East African Arabicas is dependent on Robusta and citrus flavor.

With highly roasted intensity, it promises to impress users at the first glance. Combining well with the chocolate flavors from roasted coffee beans, this helps set up the feeling of the contrasting bouquet.

For instance, when you wake up and drink it, you might be pulled out of the comfort zone and sunk into its passionate taste. After tasting, you can find a little salt combining with chocolate and slight acid in this dark coffee. This taste seems similar to the dark chocolate with 90%.

However, if you prefer the coffee with a smooth texture, this capsule might be rather rough for you due to its thick texture. It is the thick texture to make this coffee more perfect for cappuccinos.

Select 2 options of cup size when enjoying this capsule. The smaller one is 25ml and the bigger one is 40ml. with positive features above, it is successfully considered as one of the best Nespresso capsules on the current market.​

2. Arpeggio Nespresso Capsules

The next outstanding recommendation on our list comes from Arpeggio flavor. It offers the strong flavor with the special cocoa notes. If you are looking for a dark roast from Central and South American, this capsule is a right option to enjoy.

Due to different origins, the capsule reflects the unique flavor of each region. It is very smooth with the fully ground beans.

You can use Arpeggio for most of the machines from the Original Line system. It works well with Pixie, Citiz, Lattissima, Maestria, and Inissia. However, you should not combine to use Arpeggio with the VertuoLine system.

The Arpeggio Nespresso Capsule might make you surprised at its pretty rough when you first try it, even you are a believer of dark roasted coffee. That is why this capsule is not a perfect choice for everyone. Its taste is similar to the feeling when you eat a dark chocolate of 90% cocoa.

Due to its intensity taste, it is not a good idea to pair with any sweet things. But a bar of dark chocolate will make it more pretty.

The aroma of this capsule is very special due to the perfect mixture of cocoa notes and woody hints. Besides, similar to other Nespresso capsules, Arpeggio offers 2 sizes of the cup, including 25ml and 40ml.​

3. Roma Nespresso Capsules

From the name of this capsule, it inspires the name of a city in such a romantic country – Italian. This might have some relationship with the feature of this capsule. In fact, the Roma capsule is slightly sweet and woody coffee with Italian-style.

It has the nice combination of the dark and smooth coffee, which makes its taste not very bitter and strong like the Ristrestto Nespresso Capsule.​

Roma capsules provide the subtle flavor from Central and South American as well as Robusta-Arabica. It not only inspires the strong but also in depth flavor thanks to woody notes. With the light roasting process, Roma capsule can keep the delicate flavor of coffee beans in an effective way.

The most impressive feature of this capsule is light-flavor espresso. Users can find all in one when drinking a cup of Roma coffee flavor. The blend combines well-roasted and woody notes.

This kind of coffee might be your great daily drink. You can have a cup of Roma capsule for breakfast while reading books/magazines or listen to a nice song. It would be better to make a pair with some butter or simple toast.

On the other hand, the cup sizes are available in two options of 25ml and 40ml.​

4. Livanto Nespresso Capsules

As the combination of Central American and authentic South Arabica, Livanto is outstanding from other capsules thanks to the roasted caramelized notes.

Livanto has the excellent capability of delivering the decent flavor of coffee. Harvesting from these regions above, this capsule can preserve the fruity and malted taste. There are 5 sleeves, each one has 10 capsules for your higher demand.

You might find the Livanto capsule’s flavor as same as the cereal that makes it more attractive. After tasting it, you might find a little bitter on your tongue.

For such an espresso aficionado, this capsule could be one of the greatest experiences with its strong, spicy personality. Together with some French brioche, Livanto Nespresso Capsule makes a wonderful couple.​

Thanks to the medium roasting, enjoying a well-balanced espresso at home is completely possible. Additionally, it offers one option of the big cup size, 40ml.​

5. Volluto Nespresso Capsules

The Volluto capsule has the origin from South American Arabica. In addition to the sweet flavor of a biscuit, it also brings the attractive flavor of an acidity note and fruity flavor. Therefore, it is regarded as the most diverse Nespresso flavor.

Made from high-quality coffee beans, this capsule helps bring the best flavor to coffee enthusiastic. With the light roasting, it remains the fresh flavor of the coffee. Feel great to enjoy the perfect mixture of fruity note and cereal note. Volluto is successful in brewing a cup of espresso with 1.35 ounces in size.

The Volluto Nespresso Capsule is one of the best drinks for your daily use. You don’t need to worry of getting wired when drinking too much it because it just has a 4/13 intensity. However, you are still ensured to enjoy its strong taste with the full flavor of fruity and bitter.

To make the taste more pretty, you should prepare some crunchy biscuits to eat while drinking.​

Take a 40ml cup of espresso when enjoying Nespresso Capsules.​


If you are on the market and looking for the best Nespresso Capsules, you should pay attention to these top models above. Among all of them, Ristretto Nespresso Capsules is our best choice with the highest level of intensity and popularity.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions related to the products. Leave a comment as below.​

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