Top 5 Best Offset Smoker Reviews in 2017 For Perfect BBQ Meals

Outdoor barbecue party sounds a fantastic idea, even when you are going through cold days. It not only makes you feel warm but also enhances the relationships of your family.

And something that cannot be missing in most BBQ parties is a good smoker. It enables you to have the best-smoked meat and save a lot of effort.

A smoker usually costs a certain amount of money, so it is a huge investment. You need it to work over a long period of time. Let’s find out what is the best offset smoker nowadays in my complete buying guide!

What is Offset Smoker?

An offset smoker is a kitchen appliance that allows you to grill, roast raw and processed foods like beef, pork, and chicken, etc. There are many various types of offset smokers, but frequently, you encounter with two main designs like horizontal and vertical smokers.

Some functional shelves in the cooking chamber of an offset smoker for roasting rib racks and pork shoulders are built up.

Also, a firebox is attached to the side, and the offset is usually lower than the rest of the offset smoker.The best and common feature for everyone to consider purchasing a good smoker is the capability of retaining temperature and heat controlling.

For this reason, you had better look for offset smokers with thick steel. If they can look so heavy, find out ones which more easily moveable.

Discover how an offset smoker works with the following video. I’ll discuss and review types of different offset smokers later for you.

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How to Choose the Best Offset Smoker

  • Quality of offset smoker

You had better take notice of the quality of smoker regarding what the main material of smoker is made from. Offset smoker should be built from gauge steel, which is quite heavy and solid. Besides, an offset smoker should have wheels so that it can be more portable and stable during the use.

  • Sealing lid

You should make sure that the lid of the offset smoker is sealed well to prevent the heat from escaping during your cooking and maintaining the maximum temperature for your meat to be cooked properly.

Please check the lid between two chambers and see whether they are tight to each other. If they are not, you should think about selecting others or buying a new one.

  • Portability

People tend to enjoy grilled meat or BBQ outdoors on long day camping trips. So if you are in the same position, you should consider an offset smoker which is easy to set up and remove parts separately. You never want your smoker to be always a large solid chamber and occupies a substantial room in your RV car to the traveling destinations.

  • Ease of Use

One of the most important factors you should pay attention to when deciding to buy an offset smoker is whether the smoker is convenient and easy for you to do the washing. Most of the large horizontal offset smokers require a lot of work get them clean. With all meat fat and oil sticking tightly to the shelves, you surely take a whole lot of time and effort to handle. This is the part that you often feel lazy about.

Therefore, you should make sure that shelves in the chamber can be removed from the smoker so that you might use hot water to wash them up.

  • Size of the smoker

If you plan to smoke at large get-togethers, a large horizontal and professional offset smoker is a must have. Such smoker is perfectly suitable for grilling and roasting a large amount of meat. On the contrast, if you are in a smaller size family, you should consider a more practical one depending on use frequency and easiness to clean.

  • Temperature control

One of the main factors to consider purchasing an offset smoker is the capability to retain heat and maintain the stable temperature. You don't expect your raw fresh meat to be overcooked or undercooked. You also don’t want to stand beside the smoker all the time to watch out your meat.

As a result, an offset smoker with a perfect sealed steel lid shall be a good tip for you to notice in the first place. After that, you had better ask the salesperson carefully about the feature of the temperature controlling and how to use the offset smoker in a proper way following the instruction from the smoker manufacturer.

  • Technical features

Technical features should equip you with basic knowledge on how to use the offset smoker in a right way ranging from starting the smoker to cleaning it so that your smoker can be used to its longest useful life.

People are often lazy about reading usage instruction, thereby ending up wrongly working on the smoker. As a consequence, the smoker is not operating to its full blast.

Some priority technical features suggested in this article are:

  • Power source
  • Color
  • Item dimensions
  • Material type
  • Item weight
  • Price

Depending on the brand names of smoker producers, types (for amateur or professional purposes), and size of the smoker, the price is differentiated. An offset smoker doesn’t cost you much for family use or a small get together, which is around 75 US dollars and up to 150 US dollars.

However, it is not a surprise if you see an offset smoker at a price of hundreds of US dollars. If you choose it, you surely have a more reliable and higher quality one with more technical functions and other useful attached features.

Top Best Offset Smoker Reviews

This Dyna-Glo DGO1176BDC-D Vertical Offset Charcoal Smoker is friendly to use. Those who desire to cook BBQ meal for a small number of people can prefer this Dyna-Glo as it serves best for small portions. However, if you still want to grill larger pork or beef meat, Dyna-Glo won't disappoint you.

With the flexible and portable design of six wire racks, you can easily remove racks out of the smoking chamber and clean them up. One thing you never forget to consider buying an offset smoker is the capability to keep heat and control temperature.

​As this smoker is designed simply, the heat can reach the high quickly and allows you to cook meals perfectly. If you are considering whether to buy a smoker, I would suggest this one as your best offset smoker choice.


  • Designed for outdoor use
  • Smoke up to 150 pounds of food at once and allow slow cooking perfectly
  • A separate smoker to allow food to be infused without too much smoke
  • Perfectly fit for those who are starters or professional ones


  • Big problem: Dyna-Glo leaks smoke thereby losing the flavor of the food
  • No wheels in the front or on the side so it is not easy to move it by hands
  • No shelves on the side for restoring foods or charcoal, so it is not convenient for you if you must handle a lot of ingredients and cooking materials

This Char-Broil offset smoker is well-known for its multiple functions. It includes offsetting smoker, grill and BBQ roasting. The price is also a surprise because you cannot find yourself a versatility smoker with this wallet-friendly product. The smoker is attached two wheels on the right of the cooking chamber.

Furthermore, you will be very satisfied to know that the space of the cooking box is around 290” square, making it large enough to grill biggest BBQ meals. This Char-Broil is also covered in black steel delivering a good impressive of a professional and elegant product to customers.

Like any smoker products of Char-broil versions, the offset fire chamber permits indirect cooking, letting smoke, heat, and flavor transmitted through the cooking box. This smoker is sturdy and reliable enough for your durable use.


  • Easy to clean up
  • Durable overtime as it is designed for long-term use
  • Adjustable fire grate


  • Takes time to construct this smoker as it is quite heavy
  • Smoke leaks during your cooking but this is normal and should not impact the temperature control

The Royal Gourmet Charcoal Grill is rated highly compared with normal offset smokers because of its outstanding quality. Main technical features of this smoker are:

  • A functional offset smoker with charcoal and ashes are added and removed respectively from the side doors
  • Ability to adjust charcoal height for heat control by lifting handles
  • Larger working and storage space thanks to front table and bottom shelf

This smoker is perfect for both large and small roast. With the professional thermometer and adjustable dampers to better air flow, foods are smoked evenly and thoroughly without losing their original flavor.


  • An available front table make it easy for you to work on your roasting
  • A separate lower steel shelf at the bottom of the smoker for storage raw ingredients and foods
  • Portable and flexible enough for you to set it up almost everywhere like a small balcony or garden
  • A separate smoker emission suitable for you to decide whether you prefer a smokey BBQ or not by adjusting the smoke escaping from the smoker
  • Enough room for both meat and vegetables to be smoked
  • Infusing food with much smokey flavor especially perfect for those who love such kind of taste


  • The color paint easily comes off after using a couple of times

The Outsunny offset smoker is a perfect choice for beginners and those who want to learn to become a professional chef. With two separate openings, one for the grill itself and the other for the connected offset smoker, you can avoid end up hurting yourself with the heat in the firebox.

This offset smoker is also equipped with a thermometer, which helps you to check and monitor the temperature of the smoker. There are two wooden shelves, on in the front and one on the side and another metal grating below that allows maximum shelf space.

This Outsunny smoker is not too large, and with two wheels connected to one side and a handle on the other, it is mobile and easy to move.


  • Lightweight design making the smoker portable for any movement
  • With two wood shelves on the side and front, you will be able to keep things you need in your hands.
  • Mobile to move
  • A steel shelf at the bottom suitable for restoring wood or charcoal


  • Smoking leaks during your cooking especially around the doors
  • Less durable (It requires you to take care more of it).

Those who love offset smokers will be more interested in this Char-Broil smoker as a result of its versatility. This smoker is the newest version of Char-Broil compared with the older Char-Broil Offset Smoker Deluxe. A new metal-coated cover makes it more professional, more attractive and thinner.

Two wheels are designed on the left of the smoker rather than on the right as they are in older versions. The biggest plus point of the new Char-Broil smoker is its wallet friendliness to be suitable with the concept of a cheap and affordable money smoker. With just some simple modifications on appearance already make it better.

Like older versions of Char-Broil smokers, when you smoke your food, the smoker uses indirect cooking via the firebox next to two wheels, so it allows your food to be cooked evenly and thoroughly.

Cool touch handles can protect your hands from the heat. What is more, the side door makes you more accessible to the firebox and easy to clean the smoker up. I bet you will love it because of its mobile feature. The temperature gauge let you more conveniently monitor smoker temperature to cook food properly.


  • Cheap
  • The firebox with enough space and equipped with a bottom grate
  • Ease of assembly
  • Easy to clean the smoker up
  • Mobile features and perfect temperature gauge


  • Chamber lids doesn’t tight well
  • Quite heavy and solid for you to move it personally


I always seek for user-friendly products, and so I think you do. In my opinion, high quality and multi-functional products seem harder for use than basic ones. However, when buying the best offset smoker, I prefer the opposite.

Advanced smoke models, such as Outsunny Backyard Charcoal and Royal Gourmet are truly outstanding. They deliver everything you need with various special features, safety function, ease of use and clean. In case you prefer simple yet effective offset smokers, I would recommend Dyna-Glo, Char-Broil1280, and Char-Broil Standard.

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