Review of The Best Propane Smoker for Your Perfect Barbecue

Are you going to purchase a meat smoker but get stuck of what smoker types? There are different kinds of smoker availability out there in the market including charcoal, electric, propane and pellet. Each kind has both strong and weak points, but propane smokers are considered the best option for you.

This guide is going to provide an insightful source of how to select the right propane smoker as well as recommendations of the 7 best propane smokers in the market. Hopefully, it can help you make your wise purchase decision accordingly.

What Makes a Propane Smoker ideal?

Propane smokers are a new next advanced level of meat smoker industry thanks to its super cooking method as well as bring the ease and relaxation to the cooks at home. With tons of advantages such as easy to do cleaning and combination of the use of chunks, wood chips to offer a unique and authentic flavor of the meat, propane smokers are getting more and more preferred now.

Propane smokers are very easy and simple to use and a perfect choice for those who don’t like to spend their whole time on waiting for the smoker to cook the meat. Unlike charcoal smokers by which you need to fill up with coal to ensure the correct temperature of the smoker’s chamber, propane smokers can save your time with ease of use like electric smokers without worrying about the heating variables or temperature.

Especially, with propane smokers, your cooking skill can be taken to the next level with your favorite food or barbecue. You can enjoy the authentic flavor of the barbecue as well as easily adjust the temperature for your preferences of tender, soft or juicy meat.

Consideration Before Buying

There are some important factors that you should bear in mind before making your purchase decision. Bellows are some key features of a perfect propane smoker.

  • Ease of cleaning

Cleaning the meat smokers is a quite frequent process to be done. Therefore, the ease of cleaning is a necessary factor to take into consideration. Normally, propane smokers are easier for the cleaning than other types. What you need to prepare is a damp cloth with a quick clean and then set up for the next turn of the cooking.

  • Capacity

Before deciding to buy a meat smoker, it is necessary for you to know your intention to use as well as for purposes. Are you going to use the propane smoker for home needs or party needs or feed crowds of big family gatherings? How often are you going to use, frequently or several times per year?

Those questions about your needs should be asked and answered carefully and properly if you are trying to buy a right one with suitable capacity for your purposes. If you are planning to buy the meat smoker only for your and your spouse’s use, it is no need for you to purchase a big size of the propane smoker. However, if it is for a large family reunion, the bigger size of the propane smoker should be taken in mind.

  • Cool faster

When you finish the barbecue outside, you may wish the smoker to cool down as soon as possible so that you can move it. For propane smokers, it is quite easy to turn on and off, especially the function to cool down quickly works well. When the smoker is shut down, the heat should be turned off immediately.

  • Price

Pricing is always a key importance when you are going to buy any product or item. For the market of propane smokers, there is quite a range of different price levels from the pretty cheap to expensive ones. Normally, the average price of a propane smoker ranges from 200$ to 300$ depending on the brand, quality, functions, etc. Sometimes, you can spend a few extra money for something long lasting and better quality.

Reviews of The Best Propane Smoker in the Market

The Smoke Hollow 38205GW, the start point of our reviews has its reasons. It is recommended as the best propane smoker in the market with special features including a black color, rectangular shaped and attractive style. From the legs where it stands, it can stand up to 4 feet high.

The most notable feature of the propane smokers is a clear window and double doors which help the monitoring super easy and convenient. Furthermore, these features also let the wood chip tray and water pan be tended to prevent the meat smoked exposing to the outside air.

Another outstanding feature of this propane smoker is the racks within the cooking chamber made of steels with chrome plating. These racks can be easily removed and adjusted when necessary to offer various options for your smoke preferences.


  • Great and convenient pushing-button ignition.
  • Authentic and savory taste is ensured thanks to the double doors which allow the water and wood chips to be tended.
  • Easy ongoing monitoring with an excellent touch due to the window system.


  • Some customers reported that they received the faulty or marred units.

This propane smoker is another product of Smoke Hollow Brand. This Smoke Hollow 38202G is a two-door smoker type. Obviously different from the Smoke Hollow 38205GW, this smoker is not integrated with a window. This means that the progress of the being-smoked items inside can’t be observed unless the top door is opened.

However, its positive side is the double doors, which allow the wood chip tray and water pan to be monitored and resupplied conveniently without the need to expose the smoking food outside to environmental factors such as rain, wind, or even bright sunlight. It is very helpful for the smoking process not to be adversely affected by these conditions.

Furthermore, this smoker has a plenty of available control and power for your choice. Regarding the power, it can send up to 20,000 BTU’s through the brass burner. With the external thermometer located on the upper door, this smoker can be monitored easily. Also thanks to the four different cooking racks, the smoking options can be of your preferences.


  • Long lifetime thanks to the welded steel material for construction.
  • The smoking process is controlled properly due to two vents.
  • Different food preparation options and choices thanks to the removable smoking racks.


  • No windows, it makes difficult in checking the smoking process.

This smoker is a famous product of Masterbuilt brand. It is a vertical design type allowing you to both cook and grill easily. Due to an igniter, Masterbuild 20051311 can be simply used and operated.

Coming with a temperature gauge, this smoker can offer you with useful and simple adjustment of the heat as well as bring you with your preferred cooking ways and methods. In the meantime, it is also very easy to clean and maintain without worrying about the grease or sticking meats.

This Masterbuild 20051311 is quite safe and user-friendly. The handles are specially designed to be cool before touching, which helps the smoker’s door to be opened and closed easily without burning you or your hands.

Made of high-grade steel materials for the body, porcelain for water pan and wood chip pan, this smoker is also very durable, which allows the smoker to enjoy a long lasting lifetime.


  • Control the smoke and heat properly thanks to the temperature gauge.
  • Chrome plated cool-touch handle for ease of usage.
  • Easy and efficient use and operation.
  • Easily movable.
  • Very durable and long lasting with a well-built design.
  • Easy re-assembling.


  • Sometimes, the temperature gauge is not reliable enough.
  • The drip tray is not big enough.
  • The weight is a little heavy somehow affecting the placing and lifting portability.

This smoker is the most attractive model regarding the size of the Masterbuilt brand. Thanks to the convenient dimensions of about 24 x 16 x 24 inches and its light weighting less than 23 pounds, it is very portable and removable that you can take it anywhere at home. Furthermore, the foldable legs can help this smoker easily move from one place to another, which results in less storage space required.

With the big size of the cooking chamber, this smoker can even accommodate a whole turkey to be cooked. It can provide stable and consistent heat up to 5000 BTU’s thanks to the stainless steel burners and the cylindrical thermometer door knob.

The containers of the wood chips and water are very convenient to be removed for the cleaning. The wood chips are the part to produce the smoke and flavors of the food, so it requires being cleaned quite frequently to keep the authentic flavors.

When purchasing this smoker type, you can consider buying the adapter for a bigger tank to achieve plentiful heating power for your different smoking needs.


  • Highly portable and removable
  • The coolness and convenience of being able to take this smoker anywhere simply can’t be overstated
  • Unlimited size of items to be smoked thanks to the big smoking chamber.
  • Convenient versatility thanks to the use of a propane cylinder


  • Quite take the time to cook fully when you use a cylinder instead of a backup tank cylinder

This smoker is said to be the best barbecue smoker, a real barbecue expert. The Smoke Hollows 30164G is a high-quality smoker and listed in the top of excellent smoker list thanks to a temperature gauge system as well as the system of the push button ignition.

The Smoke Hollow 30164G is very suitable for a family size of 2 to 4 members who enjoys slow and low cooking right at the site on a smoker. Through the adjustable burner made of stainless steel and the visible temperature indicator, you can select the right heat for your favorable smoke cooking.

This propane smoker is a cabinet style made of fully-welded and high-grade steel material so it can achieve reliability and durability. With the cool-touch door handle, it is also very safe for you to open and close the door without burning your hands. This smoker can offer reliable performance thanks to the water pan coated with durable porcelain and wood chip pan with high heat painted steel.


  • Perfect choice for beginner’s smoker
  • Highly durable
  • Easy to use and assemble


  • Some complaints about the packing

This smoker is designed with four 14-inch square stainless steel racks and a vertical space of cooking. Therefore, you can enjoy nice storage of bigger pieces and longer cooking. Components coated with porcelain enamel can help to handle the extended use when the temperatures are high.

This smoker is very durable and saves the heat inside properly thanks to the high-grade steel material surrounding. It can retain the heat inside and reach the temperature of up to 450 degrees with this box. Therefore, though it is a bit heavy, it is worthy with these good features.

It is quite simple and easy for you to do the refilling without the need to open the main compartment because the bottom one can help you then. What you need to do is just to open the door and do the check of your trays.


  • Good space to fill
  • Reachable to high temperatures
  • Ease of use
  • Convenient to remove and refill the trays


  • Quite heavy to relocate or transport

This smoker is considered as the best affordable one with good features of an ideal meat smoker. It’s a heavy constructed unit, and its overall construction has the worth of the price tag.

Char-Broil Vertical Gas Smoker is an ideal choice for fans of smoky BBQ. Thanks to the removable pans and the adjustable dampers, this smoker is very easy and simple to use and assemble.

It also comes up with different features so you can have different options for any occasions or needs. This smoker is designed with double doors and various racks, so it is very suitable for quite many different kinds of food.

However, the annoying thing of this smoker comes from the smoking try and integrated water, which makes it be accessed more if there is a long cooking process. Furthermore, this smoker does not have the insulation so the door can release the heat and smoke sometimes.


  • Affordable price tag
  • Provide high temperature
  • Quite durable
  • Steady and consistent at low temperature
  • Simple operation


  • Need to pay attention to the thermometer setup
  • Limited space for cooking inside
  • The gap between the water pan and the wood is too close for the water to spill on the wood chips
  • Smoke leak from the door


In a nutshell, most of the propane smokers are with either cabinet or a bullet style construction. To select the best propane smoker, it is crucial for you to take notes of several factors discussed above including dependability, build, capacity, and price.

​Each of these 7 best recommended smokers has their specific advantages and disadvantages. So, you also need to get back your purposes and your intention to get the right choice. Hopefully, this guide can help you with your best decision of the best propane smoker for your family.

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