Camp Chef PG24DLX Deluxe Pellet Grill and Smoker BBQ Review

Camp Chef is a familiar brand to those who like the outdoor meals. With over 20 years of experience, Camp Chef has continuously improved their products. The fire pits, stoves, or smokers not only bring a hearty meal but also provide an interesting experience. They promise to meet the high need of the customer. In there, it has to mention the Camp Chef PG24DLX Pellet Grill.

No doubt about it! The product is one of the best grill smoker combos, thanks to the dominant features. Control the temperature easily with the smart digital control. Allow using with a variety of the purpose, grilling, barbecuing, smoking, roasting, baking, included. Importantly, you are easy to assemble, startup and clean out.

Come to think of this model is suitable for anyone, who is looking for a multiple-function grill with the optimal features. Do you want to own it? Go on read my review to know why it is always on the list of the best pellet smoker/grill in your budget.

Package and Assemble

Most the grill models are available assembled when packaging, the Camp Chef PG24DLX Pellet Grill, too. But, this is one of few products that have the positive feedback from the customers when receiving the item. By using the special cardboard to package, it can say that this pellet grill is well packages.

Yes, despite not being set up, you do not meet any difficulties while assembling because it is not too complicated. After you unpack the box, you follow the video from the manufacturer – at here. What an easy it is! Many people have succeeded. So have I.

Design, Construction and Manufacturing Quality

In general, the Camp Chef PG24DLX has the similar design as all its brethren. But, there is a clear difference – the position of the smokestack. This Camp Chef designs it in the middle. It is noticed that the box part is pretty large. It provides a rack surface ~ Have peace of mind! With the rust-resistant material, it is safe when using the outdoors.

Don’t need to babysit! There has an automatic auger, which will feed pellets by itself. Plus, a button and digital temperature control on the pellet hopper help you start it up and control the temp in an easy way.

The manufacturer is very psychological. They know that the temperature is important when cooking meat. To read the exact inside temp, have the lid thermometer that works well. The 127-pound weight is relatively light, but they still offer two wheels so that the users easily move. On the right, equip a side shelf that is convenient to place the prepared foods. Furthermore, even reject the worry about cleaning after cooking. Both the leftover oil and grease will fall down the bucket made from the stainless steel, so it is durable and easy to wipe after that.

Ease of Use

It’s no coincidence that the consumers comment the easy-to-use Camp Chef PG24DLX. Pour the pellets in your grill, light it, and set up your vents for optimum airflow. The Camp Chef PG25DLX quickly lights and reaches high temperatures without requiring more babysitting. When the pellets fire almost, the automatic pellet auger accurately feeds others to fire pit so as to maintain the temp.

During the cooking process, you can know the internal temp via the thermometer on the lid. Depending on your cooking demand, the temperature may reach from 1600F – 5000F. Utilize the meat probe, by pushing a button to determine the most precise meat temp. From there, it makes sure that your meat will get the desired texture.

Due to not using the briquettes, you will not meet more difficult to clean. The ash of the pellets left is easy to handle. Just need to pull a lever, the ash cleanout system will help you clean. Aside from that, it includes a bucket that contains the accumulated grease and oil. In case you want to clean the pellet ash in place, there has a removable ash cup. Pull out a knob; then, the ash will in this cup. What a simple it is!

Portability and Convenience

Whatever you are using any smoker grill, the fundamental feature is the portability. This one allows you to cook anywhere you’d like to. Basically, this Camp Chef can completely meet this need. With two firm wheels made from the iron, the use time for a long period of time is entirely possible.

On the other hand, this smoker grill is pretty ideal for use in the rough or wet conditions. The chimney fixed at the back is considered as a nice protection.

Don’t stop! If other smoker grills provide a stainless steel rack, the rack of this grill is also covered a black coating without coming out. After grilling, smoking, roasting,…, you quickly remove the leftover grease and foods stuck on it.

The last one, for those who do not know many recipes, the manufacturer offers a cooking book. A large number of experts assume that it is very helpful for the amateurs.

Smoke Quality

The comparison of the lump charcoal with the real wood is a time old debate, even with the pellets, too. But, with a pellet grill, it is sure that you must use the wood pellets/ chips to cook.

The Camp Chef PG24DLX that basically provides the right temperature to produce smoke utilize the good-quality wood chips or pellets. This grill is able to keep the temperatures from 1600F to 5000F. If you leave the lid opening a crack, you will have a cooler temp. Nonetheless, like that, you are difficult to control the desired temperature.

Once you add the wood chips into your grill, it produces a nice smoke ~ 200 degrees F. Frequently, you do not need to replace the wood pellets per hour. Personally, I like the cold smoke runs. This is a grill to impart the real flavor from the wood. Your foods will bring the wood flavor that you used.

Grill/ Roast/ Bake/ Smoke/ Barbecue/ Braise

The Camp Chef PG24DLX is multiple uses. You can use it for the different recipes and purposes. As indicated above, the highest temp can reach up to 500 degrees F and the lowest temp is approximately 160 degrees F, so whether you choose any cooking method, it is okay.

Low and Slow

As mentioned, this smoker grill has a smart temp control in order that you can get the right temperature. At the low range, there are 200 degrees F. Even, you can leave it there for many hours and only need to add some pellets to get a low and slow smoke. For this feature, the Camp Chef is good enough for your basic demands.

Food Cooking and Taste

Those who get used to cooking with the pellet grills like the great flavor that it brings. On the contrary, don’t you use any grill like that? No problem! I believe that I have also heard about it.

With the wood pellet quality, the Camp Chef pellet grill promises to provide a wonderful taste to whatever is cooked. Keep in mind, not only this grill but others also requires cooking at least 2 minutes because the short the cooking time, the less the taste will be.

I repeated again, please! The Camp Chef PG24DLX tastes pretty darn good.


The whole parts of the grill get the warranty from the manufacturer. But, it does not involve the finish. With any problem from the unit (due to the production), you can return the product within 90 days.

Inevitably, in the warranty time, you will be replaced the broken-down parts freely. After that time, it forces you to have to purchase them. Don’t worry! You are easy to find the accessories on the website of the manufacturer. Simply, you can look for at Amazon.

Should I Buy the Camp Chef PG24DLX Pellet Grill?

All in all, the Camp Chef is good enough for your use purposes, isn’t it? I think that you have found an answer after reading my review. With what it brings – a variety of using, the advanced technology, and the nice look, you still have something that does not satisfy. In my opinion, I just recognize a drawback point of this Camp Chef – need the high power to start. For the price, it is reasonable when looking at all features.

That is my individual idea. What about you? A portable and lightweight grill coming with the technological characteristics can persuade you, can’t it?

Happy cooking enjoy!!!

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