Camp Chef vs. Traeger – Which One is Better?

Rec Tec vs. Traeger and Pit Boss vs. Traeger in my previous comparisons have helped you find a right product for your need, right? Today, I will continue sharing with you another comparison related to Traeger, too – Camp Chef vs. Traeger. To know what I will say to both, reading this article is going to clear.

1. Temperature

Both Camp Chef and Traeger are one of the common cooking appliances. They are enjoyed because of providing the ideal temperature. Whatever you choose to utilize a Camp Chef or Traeger, it is sure that the reached temperature is approximately 400 degrees F.

Even, some Camp Chefs still provide the higher temperature ~ 500 degrees F.

2 .Performance

Traeger – To cook your foods effectively, the Traeger models utilize hardwood pellets. Thanks to that, the flavor is always made sure.

Camp Chef – With Camp Chef’s grills, you will have one more option. Apart from wood pellets, you can still use propane, especially, when you have the outdoor activities.

3. Use

If Traeger is enjoyed using for the parties, Camp Chef is considered as an optimal selection when traveling or camping. Nonetheless, applying to the foods, both are very various. Whether you use them to smoke, grill, bake, roast,…, it is okay.

4. Design

The use purpose is not similar. From here, it leads to the difference of the design. Fortunately, in this feature, I cannot give any specific numbers on both because either Camp Chef or Traeger has a variety of the sizes and shapes. Ask yourself: what is your need?

Traeger – They have the perfect size for the at-home cook. Accordingly, their size is often large.

Camp Chef – It seems that Camp Chef’s models have the more compact design because most people choose to use it for their outdoor activities, camping, traveling to the neighborhood, for example.

5. Store & Clean

Saying to store, it seems that Camp Chef is more dominant because most of the designs are portable and compact in order that the users can carry when going out. Inevitably, Traeger will often have the larger size. This one also depends on your demand. There still have the compact Traeger for the small parties that do not take up more space.

For cleaning, both have owned a non-stick surface, so you will not take more time to remove the leftover foods, juicy burger,…

6. Benefits

  • Whatever you choose to use Camp Chef or Traeger, you can use them for the different purposes, not just grill or smoke.
  • Provide the foods with the specific smoky flavor.
  • Be easy to get a delicious meal.
  • Easy to clean.
  • When using for the right purpose, both can maximize their advantages. For instance, you will meet difficult if you use Traeger when camping or outdoor.
  • Provide the ideal temperature so as to cook any desired foods.
  • The price comes with the quality.

Camp Chef vs. Traeger Reviews

With desiring to let you understand about Traeger vs Camp Chef clearly, I have chosen two typical products. Let’s try doing the comparison right now.

Grilling Area

418 sq.

429 sq.

Hopper Capacity

18 lbs of pellets

18 lbs of pellets


98 lbs

110 lbs

Digital Elite Controller







Smoke, Grill, Bake, Roast, Braise, & BBQ

Bake, Braise, Smoke, Grill, &Sear

The Camp Chef Smokepro STX is a hopper pellet grill with the large size and capacity, so it is suitable for the family including many members. The surface of the rack is 429 sq. inches while the capacity is 18 lbs.

The product has equipped the digital temperature control, which helps you reach the precision during the cooking process. Aside from that, you are still easy to control the temperature while cooking.

With those who take the smoky flavor into consideration, it is probably that will enjoy the smart smoke technology from Camp Chef STX. Thanks to that, it is not difficult to maintain the proper temperature so as to produce the smoke in the most effective possible.

The combination of the ash-cleaning system and the grease-managing system contributes to making your cleaning task after using become easier than ever before. If ignored the expensive price, this pellet grill is a good option for you.

The Traeger Grills Lil Tex Elite 22 has owned an ideal size to cook at home. With the 418sq grilling space, you can grill the chickens (4 whole), burgers (16), ribs (5 racks).

It is safe when using because it does not involve gas or charcoal, instead, cooking with 100% pure wood. Accordingly, you will surely get the foods with the wood-fired flavor. It is noticed that this model provides a various service, including, smoking, grilling, braising, roasting, or BBQ.

Of course, to reach the perfect temperature, it cannot lack the digital elite control, which helps maintain the +/-200F temperature. Yes, it is easy to use. With turning a dial, you can set the right temperature.

Moreover, the model gets the certain consistency, by setting the time. You can have the desired foods without observing 24/24. Similar to Camp Chef, this Traeger is not cheap. However, all in all, it is ideal enough for those who often organize the parties at home.


After all, it is difficult to determine which one wins. Both Camp Chef and Traeger are the certain advantages and do not have many differences.

It can only say that which one wins is based on the need and option yours. Each of the products serves the specific purpose. One is good for using at home. Another is ideal for the traveling activities.

Finally, I want to say that Camp Chef vs. Traeger is not too different. Look at your preference and demand to give a right decision. Happy shopping enjoy!!!

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