Does Charcoal Go Bad? All You Need to Know

Nowadays, a larger number of people enjoy using charcoal for grilling the foods because it is safe and brings the natural flavor. You do, too. Nevertheless, you don’t often use it. So, does charcoal go bad?

Frequently, if you leave it for a long time without using, your charcoal can go bad. On the other hand, there is also due to your storage. To learn about this in a clearer way, go on reading our article…

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What to Make Your Charcoal Go Bad

  • What to Make Your Charcoal Go Bad

A charcoal is very easy to go bad time over time. You have to utilize it regularly in order to maintain its ability to work.

Averagely, the charcoal should be utilized at least once a month. If this number has constantly increased – a couple of months or years, the charcoal going bad is difficult to avoid.

  • Store improperly

One of the causes leading to a charcoal gone bad is owing to your wrong storage. Generally, you can have stored it in a wet place or a leakage position that you do not recognize before.

Whether we ignore the acidity in the rain that is higher than the normal water so much, your wet charcoal is still a bad thing. Remember that your charcoal may just burn in a dry condition. Once wet, they cannot light up.

  • Make a mistake in maintenance

Whatever you are living in a wet area or not, you also need to maintain your charcoal properly. Not mention to the rain, the humid condition will still make the charcoal get wet.

The majority of products of charcoal are packaged in a paper bag. That’s why they are easy to become wet if you do not have the specific storage way.

Some Tips to Prevent Charcoal Goes Bad

  • Use a zip-lock bag to contain your excess charcoal. Like that, you will not have to worry about the outside factors.
  • Store a cool and dry place. Whether you put your charcoal in the zip-lock bag, you also need to consider the position to keep them in good. Avoid the places that are wet or have the leakage.
  • Place the charcoal in a container (to ensure) in the highly wet condition.
  • Burn your charcoal over the higher fire ~ 450 degrees F, in case you recognize that they get wet. Don’t apply the usual hotness to burn them.
  • Make sure that the charcoal is entirely dry before putting them back the bag. It is necessary to check the excess charcoal after you have used the sufficient amount.
  • Don’t store your charcoal in the hot and dry places. They can lead to burn due to the oxidation process of the charcoal.
  • Toss the silica packs if you intend to store the charcoal long term.

How to Store Charcoal

In the summer months, the charcoal is especially cheap. If you want to buy a bull of charcoal to use during a few months or years, you need to know the way to store them. Keep these considerations in mind!

1. Choose a container

For charcoal briquettes, you have to ensure that they are dry. Because the main ingredients are wood scraps and sawdust, they are easy to get wet. Therefore, you need a moisture-resist container along with a lid.

Commonly, you likely utilize the containers made from the plastic or metal to keep your charcoal in good. We recommend the metal one as it is safer the plastic. Aside from fireproof, it still enables a bit of air though you sealed it.

But, there has a drawback. If the surface of the metal accidentally gets wet, it can lead to rusting. So, to avoid this one, you ought to place some of the wooden pallet or bricks at the bottom.

To store for a long time, add the silica packs that will absorb the excess moisture. Then, you seal your metal container with the aluminum duct tape.

2. Choose a storage place

A right place to store your charcoal is cool enough, but it is not too damp. It would be best to store in a basement if possible.

Don’t you have a basement? No, problem. An outdoor shed is ideal enough if the temperature in your shed is not too hot. It is okay. Choose a cool position and have the certain distance with a window and sunlight.


Time to time, your charcoal will be able to become bad. But, once you store them properly, you can use them longer. Does charcoal go bad? – Now, I don’t care because I know how to make them better.

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