Electric vs. Charcoal Smoker – Which One Is the Most Optimal?

Electric Smoker

Charcoal Smoker

Anything also needs to have the argument and comparison in order to know which is better. If you have found the result in my propane vs. electric smoker comparison, today, I and you continue to learn about electric vs. charcoal smoker. Let’s see! Which one will win?

Masterbuilt 20075315

Weber 721001

Cooking Area

975 sq. inches

481 sq. inches

Item Weight

72.97 pounds

39.1 pounds

Digital Control Panel






Cooking Racks



Material Type




In contrast to the dropping price of electric smokers, they have the popularity increasing. The base models are no more $100, but using indoors or outdoors is okay. This means that you can smoke the foods in an apartment or at home – no problem.

For charcoal smokers, a large number of the BBQ regions of the U.S enjoy using these smokers, which have utilized for an extended period of time.

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In general, the size of electric smokers is smaller than charcoal smokers. The electric models maintain the heat through the electric devices while charcoal smokers need a great deal of charcoal to provide the heat during the cooking process.

Aside from that, it has to mention the space for maneuvering the source of the heat. After allocating this space, the capacity of the smokers will determine their size.

Whatever your option is an electric smoker or a charcoal smoker, there still has a variety of the sizes for you. Surely, you will always have one more option.

Fuel Source

Electric smokers: These smokers provide the maximum temperature ~ 325-350 degrees though there are the high-ranking models. Even, some versions cannot still reach more 200 degrees. Yes, they are actually a cool smoker.

Charcoal smokers: They provide the various temperature. Importantly, you need to build and maintain the source of the heat properly. They are suitable for cooking-low, but it brings a great finish to the nice exterior.


In comparison with charcoal smokers, electric smokers cannot provide the greater smoky flavor. Charcoal smokers are number #1 when saying to this feature. The heat from the wood chips will release the tannins and lock the fat. That’s why they bring the better flavor.


Electric smokers: To produce the heat, they create the high-intensity radiant waves. Once the temperature decreases, the heat coils quipped on a timer will be re-energized. The thermostat will maintain the heat and the smoke box will contribute to insulating.

Charcoal smokers: The heat is continuously provided in order to break down the protein fibers. Thanks to that, the result is very tender and juicy. According to me, the result will be proportional to your cooking skill. The patience, practice, and acceptance are the forced requirements.


Don’t leave the ash after cooking like the charcoal models. Electric smokers only leave the cake when finishing cooking, so cleaning is very easy.


Charcoal smokers cost from $200-$500 while electric smokers have the higher costs. Of course, the more the features, the more expensive the price will be. There has a variety of the shapes and sizes, depending on your needs and budget.

Electric vs. Charcoal Smoker Reviews

Now, to help you have a more objective view, I will compare two specific products that represent the electric smoker and charcoal smoker.

Masterbuilt 20075315 Front Controller Smoker with Viewing Window and RF Remote Control, 40-Inch

TheMasterbuilt 20075315 Front Controller Smoker is an ideal electric smoker for those who enjoy the modern and traditional smoking foods. With the outstanding features, smoking a whole turkey is no problem.

The product is suitable for both the novice as well as the professional because it has equipped 40" Digital Electric Smoker. You just need to plug in and set it. Like that, you can easily get the desired result without meeting any hassles like the propane or charcoal did.

If your family has many members, this smoker is ideal. It provides the big capacity. You can smoke chickens (12 whole), turkeys (2 whole), ribs (4 racks), sausages (48), burgers (24), and pork butts (4).

In addition, the Masterbuilt 20075315 still provides a strong flavor of the smoke. If hickory chips are good for the majority of the meats, the apple wood is ideal for chicken and pork. The price is also reasonable with the features that it brings.

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Weber 721001 Smokey Mountain Cooker 18-Inch Charcoal Smoker

This is an authentic charcoal smoker for those who are looking for a smokehouse model. The Weber 721001 also has a large capacity, so the big parties are no problem.

This smoker has a sturdy construction when being built with the porcelain-enameled steel. Apart from the good heat resistance, it still has a nice look. What expression! The handle with the nylon material resisting the heat should be safe.

To be able to monitor the temperature easily, the manufacturer has built a thermometer. Plus, a water pan, the steam will be added. It means that the meats are stayed moist and quickly become tender.

Don’t need to worry when using. If chosen to utilize this model, you will receive the warranty in 10 years. Furthermore, you still get the smoky flavor that an electric smoker cannot bring.

How To Cook on Weber Smokey Mountain, watch video below:

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Electric vs charcoal smoker is sturdy and beneficial. Nonetheless, saying to the features, I choose the electric smoker because it is easy to use and clean. Beyond that, its capacity is still larger. Yes, this is an overall view.

But, if you need a smoker that can bring a great flavor to your food, the charcoal smoker will be a right option. Consequently, I want to say that what product is good enough depends on your selection. Let’s carefully consider before choosing.

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