Green Mountain Grill Reviews – Should We Use Green Mountain Grill?

You love BBQ meals on warm spring days with your family on a trip or just simply outdoors in your backyard. Then, I suggest you should consider Green Mountain Grill’s products. Check our post now to earn yourself an understanding of three best Green Mountain Grill reviews that will not disappoint you.

What is Green Mountain Grill?

Green Mountain Grill (GMG) is a company specialized in producing and distributing grills with pellets, making it a different and competitive one in the grilling market. Grilling products of GMG use pellets instead of charcoal or gas during cooking, which turns out to be much better yet still delivering tasty and original flavor of your foods.

GMG Company (Credit to GMG website

Besides, the best and highly recognized feature of GMG’s products lies in the temperature monitoring via wifi digital controller, which I will share more later on in this article.

GMG offers most advanced and modern technical features into each of its grilling products. Also, with an affordable price for almost everyone to possess top grilling products these days, GMG grills are proud to offer the most reliable and highest quality to you. I think you will totally satisfied with your cooking experience with these such grills.

How to Choose the Most Suitable GMG Products?

  • Temperature controlling

GMG has two main types of grilling products, Daniel Boone and Jim Bowie. Each one has different technical features including a range of temperature control. For Daniel Boone Grill, the highest temperature is 500°C, and the lowest is 150°. In the meanwhile, for Jim Bowie Grill, it is 450°C and 180°C respectively.

Although the difference in temperature is not too much, which one is more suitable for you, then you can buy it immediately.

  • Overall dimensions

Depending on the amount of foods, large or small meals and number of people involved, you can determine which type of GMG grills are best for you. If you frequently celebrate large gatherings with families and friends or you prefer a larger portion of meat during cooking, Jim Bowie Grill is the cleverest choice.

On the contrary, if you are not often interested in cooking big meals, why shouldn’t you consider buying a Daniel Boone Grill? These main types of GMG grill are the same size in depth and height but show slight difference weight. However, the more weight it has, the sturdier it is.

  • Cooking area

Jim Bowie Grill provides you with better and larger space of cooking area for large portions of foods. This doesn’t mean that Daniel Boone Grill doesn’t. The Same high-quality cooking box you can expect from Daniel Boone Grill with a smaller room for cooking by 200” compared with Jim Bowie Grill (458” for Daniel Boone and 658” for Jim Bowie).

The cooking area of both types of the grill is equipped with standard stainless steel lid, delivering a reliable and sturdy experience for you while opening and closing the cooking chamber.

  • Wifi Digital Controller

You can choose a Wifi digital controller to adhere to your grill. Daniel Boone and Jim Bowie grills have their wifi digital controllers. In fact, it is very convenient for you to control the temperature of your grill from a distance.

Furthermore, you shall easily to set up your favorite cooking duration into steps. GMG App remembers this setup for next cooking, thereby saving time and preparation for grilled foods.

This function is useful and is a plus for GMG grilling products. However, a wifi digital controller is optional. So, if you want it to make your cooking easier, buy it right away.

  • Dome thermometer

Dome thermometer is designed and installed in standard quality for Jim Bowie Grill and is an option for Daniel Boone Grill. With the dome thermometer, you can monitor the grill temperature better and decide which temperature is best for foods. It is often set on top of the smoker lid.

It comes with both Celsius and Fahrenheit temperatures, so please make sure that you read the instruction carefully to use the thermometer effectively.

  • Price

Beside Daniel Boone and Jim Bowie grill product lines, Davy Crockett is also one of competitive and best seller grills of GMG. Such three product brand names come with different prices but don’t worry, they are worthy of your money.

Depending on how many supporting parts or accessories you plan to buy together with main part of your grill, the price for Daniel Boone Grill fluctuates around $599 to $899. The price is between $799 and $1,099 for Jim Bowie and $399 for Davy Crockett.

Top Green Mountain Grill Reviews

The appearance design of Davy Crockett Grill shows the elegance and beauty of a typical grill. I bet you will love this grill at first sight. The combination of black and white stainless steels with the Green logo of GMG delivers the message of an environmentally friendly product.

Customers highly value this Davy Crockett Grill mainly for its sturdiness on the ground without any supporting structure. What is more, this grill is easy to be set on shelves thereby mobile enough to be moved around for camping trips or family vacation.

With a wifi digital controller, you are capable of exact programming temperature by using GMG App. This App allows you to adjust or change the grill temperature by one degree. Thereby, you don’t need to stand next to the grill to watch over it. If you want a good grill with inexpensive price, then Davy Crockett Grill is your best choice.


  • Portable and Flexible thanks to folded legs
  • Competitive price
  • Beautiful and elegant
  • Applicable advanced technology for temperature control
  • Work well with either 12V or 120AC
  • Suitable for family trips
  • Suitable for both large and small meals
  • Ease of assembly


  • No wheels to make it even more convenient to move between short-distance places
  • No more color choice

The black stainless steel delivers customers a sense of profession and elegance. Looking at this Daniel Boone Grill makes you feel a sturdiness and reliability of a high-quality product. In comparison with other grilling products of GMG or of other manufacturers, Daniel Boone Grill has a competitive price. It is not too expensive yet money worthiness once you cook foods with it.

The best function highly appreciated by customers is the wifi digital feature allowing you to control the heat of the grill perfectly. Not only the grill temperature but also your food is kept track of the temperature. In spite of design similar to old offset smokers, Daniel Boone turns out to be a suitable for both small and large meals.

In fact, my mom also purchased this grill. In the first place, I was wondering why my mom bought it when we already have a smoker. Here comes the thing. I was strongly impressed when my toasted rib racks were cooked using wifi digital feature which I expected a gimmick. The ribs were well grilled, and the flavor was awesome. You should have one.


  • Four wheels to move the grill easily
  • Flexible temperature control for the whole grill and foods via wifi digital controller
  • Good temperature restoration
  • Ease of use and installation following instructions


  • Quite heavy
  • Old design
  • Wifi disconnected sometimes

This Davy Crockett Portable Grill is perfectly portable and small enough for you to take along with on a long camping trip. With a similar design with David Crockett Pellet mentioned above regarding colors and overall structure, this grill is a good choice for those considering buying one for small family gathering.

This Davy Crockett Portable Grill is especially favorited by those who spend full time in RV car. The fact it can work best with 12V power already makes it best choice among other heavy grills. With much lower price but still possesses excellent technical functions of modern and updated GMG grills, you shall not disappoint with the performance of this portable grill.


  • Folded legs
  • Sturdy steel lid with a good handle
  • Wifi controller with perfect and convenient temperature monitoring
  • Inexpensive price yet multiple functions
  • Ease of use and installation
  • Modern and elegant design
  • Not heavy so convenient for you to handle


  • Not suitable for large portions of foods
  • Only compatible with 12V power
  • Wifi disconnected sometimes


I always seek for user-friendly products, and so I think you do. In my opinion, advanced, modern and high-quality products seem harder for use than basic ones. However, when buying GMG grills, I prefer the opposite.

GMG products’ performance is so excellent that I already recommended cooking lovers to have one. Such grills like Davy Crockett lines provide you with beyond-expectation experience but a wide range of price for you to be affordable.

Should you have any problem during your cooking time with GMG grills, don’t worry. Contact us. We have a professional customer care always being there for you.

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