Kamado Joe KJ23RH Classic Joe Grill Review – Is It a Good Kamado Grill?

Kamado Joe is one of the reliable brands that the consumers prioritize to choose to use when they look for a grill. Look at the list of the best Kamado grill, you often see the appearance of the Kamado Joe Classic II – a habitual name.

For the time being, I also want to introduce another familiar name of the grills from Kamado – Kamado Joe KJ23RH Classic Joe. The product is being enjoyed using, thanks to the nice look, the versatile design, the various use, excellent warranty,…

Kamado Joe KJ23RH Classic Joe Grill, 18', Red
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The Kamado Joe KJ23RH Classic has a nice appearance, so it is easy to attract the attention of the consumers, including me. Obviously, the combination of red with black is very harmonious.

The manufacturer is pretty precise when building in the 28x46.5x48-inch dimensions with a sufficient weight ~ 188 pounds. Correspondingly, you will not meet more difficult to assemble or move.

To help maintain the accurate setting of the air during the opening and closing process, there has equipped the control tower top vent. With the rust-proof capacity, you will be able to feel secure on the durability when using in the hard weather condition.

If other Kamado grills need you to sweep out the ash collected the below of the fire box, the Kamado Classic Joe 18" can be considered as an exception. It helps you avoid those hassles, thanks to the slide-out ash drawer. Plus the airlift hinge, the weight of the dome is minimized up to 96 percent. Only with one finger, you can easily lift it.

Continuously, to cook more perfectly, it requires sealing lock the air inside your grill. Yes, the manufacturer clearly understands this one, so they have equipped the self-activating latch with the stainless steel that brings the high durability.

Furthermore, aside from using 6 pieces to create an amp firebox that retains during many hours, equipping the gasket contributes to maintaining more compressed air than others models.

Pros & Cons


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    The Design – This grill is cut in half while the rack is put in. Like that, you can comfortably place the grill low or high.
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    The Heat Deflector – It is known as the platesetter in the BGE.
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    A Ceramic Divider – It includes 6 pieces to divide the firebox. It not only is heavy but also keeps the heat effectively.
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    A Clear BookletThe Kamado Joe KJ23RH Classic provides the simple and comprehensible instruction. Correspondingly, you can easily assemble all parts together.
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    A Slide in Drawer It helps to hold the total ash burnt. You just need to pull it out, empty it, and put it back in.
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    The Warranty With the ceramic parts, you will get a Lifetime Warranty during the use process.


  • A Heavy Weight – You will need two strong people to lift vessel, including the stand. For one person to lift it, it will be very difficult.
  • The Lid Hinge – It seems not solid. After a use time, you can be going to have to replace it.

Cook on the Kamado Joe

To grill your favorite foods on the Kamado Joe, there are some details, features, and specifications that you need to pay attention. I will cook the ribs, the whole chicken, maple-planked baked brie, whole boneless chicken, and steaks in turn.

1. For the Ribs

Cook lowly and slowly. The applied temperature is approximately 250 degrees F. Start by utilizing the heat deflector. When you recognize a myriad of airflow, it means that you can place the ribs on your grill to cook. Remember to set the heat deflector that is lower than the frame level.

2. For the Whole Chicken

The precise temperature to cook a whole chicken is 400 degrees F. When the grill expander is ready to cook, place the chicken on there and then close the dome. It is easy, isn’t it?

3. For the Maple-Planked Baked Brie

If you want to cook the maple-planked baked brie on your grill, you should set up the 400-degree-F temperature. Within 15 minutes, you will get a hearty brie to serve.

4. For Boneless Chicken

I especially like the stuffed boneless whole chicken. Do you want to try it? It is very simple. After you stuffed the spinach, nuts, and feta to the chicken, begin cooking on your grill at the 350-degree-F temp. When the internal temp reaches up to 160 degrees F, it is okay. Let’s feel secure! The white meat is not dry. Even, you still see the juices if cut.

5. For Steaks

To cook the steaks effectively, sear them at the high-temperature within 20 minutes and then complete at 400 degrees F. For the time being, serve and enjoy them. What simple!

Yes, let you cook on the Kamado Joe grill more easily, I provide a table of an internal temp of foods.

Tips When Using Kamado Joe

  • Don’t place something that cannot resist the heat on the surfaces or tables.
  • Never use the ceramic kitchen tools to cook on your grill.
  • It is not necessary to add the cooking oils, olive oil included.
  • Never clean your grill with the chemical cleaners/ soap/ water.
  • Never soak your grill in water. This one can make your grill crack in the next use.
  • In case you are using your grill, you do not absolutely move it.
  • Only use your grill outside. Don’t utilize it in the enclosed areas.
  • Don’t let your children or pets, who touch the grill.
  • Don’t absolutely place your grill on other surfaces, except the provided cart.
  • Wait for your grill that is entirely cool, then, remove it.

Kamado Joe vs. Big Green Egg

You will be able to know about Kamado Joe anymore after considering my specific comparison. I choose the Big Green Egg – the pretty similar product to Kamado Joe to compare. Let’s see!


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    Be built in the ceramics that can withstand the high temperatures.
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    The cooking grids with the stainless steel are durable.
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    The removable grate makes the airflow circulation become easier.
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    Get the precision of the temperature.
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    Don’t have plenty of the differences in the taste.


  • Top Air Vent – The Kamado Joe has the top vent without sliding around.
  • Thermometer – If the Big Green Egg has the decent thermometer, the thermometer of the Kamado Joe has the larger edges.
  • Lid Counterweight Mechanism – Saying to this feature, the Kamado Joe will help you get a perfect balance. For the Big Green Egg, it is easy to slam down.
  • Rack System – While the Big Green Egg has the rack with the standard surface, the Kamado Joe provides a dual oven rack.
  • Ceramic Color – This difference is clear, in particular, the Kamado Joe with a bit reddish and a whiter ceramic when looking at the Big Green Egg.
  • Accessories – The Kamado Joe provides more accessories, including, a grid lifter tool, fire poker, heat deflectors,…
  • Clean – The Kamado Joe is easier to clean then the Big Green Egg, thanks to having the ash drawer.

Obviously, despite having some of the common features, there still have the typical differences between both. You can consult my Kamado Joe vs. Big Green Egg comparison to know more.

Buying Kamado Joe Is a Smart Option, Isn’t It?

I believe that you can find the right answer to this question. Look at all features that Kamado Joe brings to the consumers, you likely appreciate its value somewhat.

Although the weight has a bit heavy, this is not a big problem. Based on the feedback from the consumers, they do not meet more difficult to assemble the parts together. Furthermore, the medium size is easy to store.

The hassles of cleaning or grilling are simplified when you use the Kamado Joe. Correspondingly, you will save more time and force. The Kamado Joe promises to bring the hearty meals to the users.

The last words, I hope that my Kamado Joe review is useful for you. Happy grilling enjoy!!

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