5 Surprising Masa Harina Substitute You Need To Know

It is certain that you get used to hearing Mexican cuisine, right? Yes, there is a flat bread, which has originated over 10,000 years. So far, it has still been common in many places of the world. Even, Mexican considers them as the most vital food.

When saying to Mexican cuisine, it cannot ignore tortillas – a part of the main food, a silverware, or a side dish. Yes, tortillas are quite vital. If you intend to make Mexican dishes, it will not likely be short of masa harina. In case you don’t buy this ingredient, what substitute should you find?​

What Do You Want to Know About Masa Harina & Substitute?

What Masa Harina Is

That masa harina is processed into flour dough is based on the main ingredients – water and tortilla flour.

Basically, you can understand that tortilla flour is corn flour. After drying and adding slaked lime and water to mix, it is grounded and dried again. Although this process is lengthy, it can bring a special flavor of tortillas.​

Masa Harina Substitute – Why?

First of all, it should know that we cannot find other ingredients to substitute masa harina if you want to make tortillas because masa harina is tortillas that are uncooked.

Nonetheless, masa harina substitute can apply for other recipes, soups, pozole, or tamales, for example. And here, you may utilize the options below if you are finding masa harina substitutes.​

5 Excellent Ingredients You Can Substitute Masa Harina

Nowadays, getting tortillas is not difficult because you can easily find them in your local store with a wide range of flavors, involving, cactus tortilla, corn tortilla, flour tortilla, wheat tortilla,…

You want to make tortillas to impress your relatives and friends, don’t you? Instead of using masa harina, you are looking for the ideal substitute, right?​

Substitute #1 – Nutritious Corn Meal

Saying to the corn meal, it is easy to find them in the nearest local supermarket. Though the majority of Mexican dishes comes with masa harina, corn meal is still a perfect selection if you need a replacement.

In comparison with masa harina, corn meal is thicker whatever how you ground it. Accordingly, it is necessary to add all-purpose flour to mix together.

Like that, it probably gets a proper texture. There is white and yellow corn meal, so depending on your taste and recipe likely choose a suitable one.

*How to substitute sama harina: Each of cup of masa harina is equal 1/3 cups of all-purpose flour and 2/3 cups of corn meal.​

Substitute #2 – Healthy Fresh Masa

This is corn dough. The fact is in masa harina that has used the corn dough unless it has not been dried. Fresh Masa is not easy to find compared to masa harina.

If you are planning to cook gorditas, tamales, tlacoyos, tortillas, and more, it will be a great choice. You can select one of two types – smooth and coarse. Depending on your recipe, let’s pick up a smart way.

*How to Substitute masa harina: It is noticed that you can utilize fresh masa right away that do not need to rehydrate it. Yes, it is actually an ideal masa harina substitute.

Substitute #3 – Grits with Natural Source of Selenium

Even though grits are not entirely an excellent selection, it is considered as the closest masa harina substitute you are finding. All in all, Mexican cuisine has a tight relation to Southern cuisine. For the taste, both masa harina and grits are similar, but grits are pretty coarse in comparison with masa harina.

*How to substitute masa harina: It is necessary to grind grits anymore so that they can fit better. On the other hand, you can also cook grits until soften. Then, it mashes them to the dough.

Like that, it will be ideal for you to make tamales, tortillas, and so on.​

Substitute #4 – Cornstarch – Protein Quality

To thicken cream, chilis, and soups, a large number of people utilize masa harina. It takes masa harina, which mixes with cold water after stirring into your dish. For several minutes, it is sure that everything will thicken.

There is a reason why many people choose cornstarch as masa harina substitute. In spite of being a great replacement, it is only used as a thickening ingredient.

*How to substitute masa harina: Keep in mind when using cornstarch, it must be mixed with cold water before you mix it with the hot liquid unless lumps will be formed.

If compared to masa harina, cornstarch is finer. So, you will not be able to get the similar texture to the meals yours.​

Substitute #5 – Rich-in-Sodium Corn Flour

Similar to cornstarch, you can utilize corn flour to replace for masa harina. In general, this selection seems better because the ingredients in masa harina have consisted of corn flour. It means that you will likely reach the same taste and texture as when using masa harina.

*How to substitute masa harina: In fact, it does not have an accurate ratio when using corn flour as a masa harina substitute. Consequently, you may try until got the desired texture.​

*Bonus: A couple of beneficial substitutes you can use for corn tortillas, in particular​

  • The combination of masa harina with an edible cactus will bring a strong flavor for your nopal tortilla, along with the capacities of anti-inflammatory.
  • It combines masa harina with amaranth flour to make amaranth tortillas. As a result, you will get the tortillas that are rich in protein.
  • That blue corn tortillas are the combination of a variety of corn, so the protein content is high. On the contrary, the glycemic index is pretty low.

For the time being, you have the ingredients to replace masa harina and some types of tortillas to add your diet. What a beneficial it is!

Final Thoughts

After reading this article, you can pocket 5 ideal ingredients for masa harina substitute you might utilize for a variety of your recipes.

​In a case of having masa harina, you are only finding a corn tortillas substitute. Yes, you are lucky when tortillas are very common. Correspondingly, it is not difficult to look for it. Even, you can quickly find it in your closest local store.

It should remember that you have to apply the different consistencies of the flour for the non-similar recipes. Remembering the exact consistency is quite vital. People use harina or flour with the coarseness a bit in order to make tamales, for example.

​It hopes that you will find what you need for your preparing recipes, especially when it relates to tortillas and masa harina substitute. Happy cooking enjoy!!!

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