Propane Smoker vs. Electric Smoker – What Is the Best Ever?

You love the smoking foods and want to look for the tool that can help you smoke the delicious food, right? So, don’t ignore a propane vs. electric smoker. Two smokers are well-known about smoking the meats and vegetables effectively. Go on reading my article to know more about both!

Masterbuilt 20050211

Masterbuilt GS40 20050211 Black Propane Smoker, 40-Inch, 40 Inch

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Masterbuilt 20071117

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Item Dimensions

36.6 x 18.8 x 26.6

33.27 x 20.47 x 19.88

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Item weight

85 pounds

39.34 pounds

Patented side wood chip loading system






Propane Smokers

Whether there are meats or vegetables, you can also smoke them effectively if you are using a propane smoker. It enables you to smoke most what you would like to. This means that you will be able to get a variety of meals.

Nevertheless, you need to pay attention this point, which is the cooking time. Frequently, it is pretty long. The purpose is to make sure your food that is cooked in a proper way.

Electric Smokers

When choosing to use the electric smokers, you will have two options – the residential and commercial electric smokers. They are different from the shape. The residential models often are round-shaped while a square shape is to spend for the commercial smokers. Both can smoke the meats and vegetables effectively.

The electric smokers have the complicated procedure, so it requires you to have to follow the manual of the manufacturer when utilizing. Aside from that, you also need to consider the right fuel. It must use the right kind of the wood to reach the most delicious flavor of the dishes.

Furthermore, remember to follow a couple of necessary precautions during use. Avoid putting it near where children are playing.

Compare Propane Smoker to Electric Smoker

Common Features

  • Hardwood chips are placed…

To contain the wood chips, both propane and electric smokers incorporate the heavy-duty foil pouch, metal tray, or smoker box. From those positions, it burns or heats the hardwood chips.

  • Designs

Whatever you have intended to utilize a propane or electric smoker, you also have many options for the design. It has to mention the bullet-shaped and vertical-barrel models.

It is interesting that the burners or heating elements are set up in the bottom. The next is water pans. Of course, the foods are put above.

  • The preparation of wood chips

Both smokers allow the users to soak wood chips in water before cooking. Why? The wet wood will be difficult to light, won’t it? This thought is wrong. Once the hardwood chips are wet, they will create lots of smoke and flavor anymore.

  • Allow using charcoal

If you love the natural flavor when smoking the foods over the charcoal fire, two these smokers can meet your need. Both propane and electric models likely provide the even heat and minimize cleaning. Most users worry about this because charcoal leaves more ash and soot after cooking.

Different Features

  • The heat sources

Propane smokers – The heat from these smokers is consistent and even. This one is due to the gas burners.

Electric smokers – By incorporating the heating elements from metal, the heat of the electric smokers is low and allows you to use for an extended period of time.

Propane Smoker vs. Electric Smoker Reviews

If you are still wavering, let’s continue consulting the comparison below from two representative products of the propane and electric smoker.

Masterbuilt 20050211 Black Propane Smoker


  • 4 smoking racks with the chrome coating layer help to prevent the rust.
  • The 15,400-BTU burner made of the stainless steel is durable over time.
  • The capacity is very large, so it is suitable for the large cooking area.
  • Has a push-button ignition, so it is easy to start.
  • It is easy to access due to being able to increase the height of the leg.
  • An air damper is adjustable so that you can control the smoke.
  • The moisture and flavor are significantly increased, thanks to the water bowl.
  • Cleaning becomes easier than ever before when you can remove the wood chip tray to reject ash.
  • It makes sure that your food can reach the right temperature with the temperature gauge.
  • It includes a hose and regulator belonged the type #1.


  • Take up more area.
  • Heavy.
  • More smoke escaped.

The Masterbuilt 20050211 40-Inch Propane Smoker, which provides the delightfully smoky flavor, is an XL workhorse for the outdoor parties. With a push-button ignition, the control is easier.

Masterbuilt 20071117 30" Digital Electric Smoker

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  • The chrome coating on four smoking racks enables withstanding the harmful outside effects of the environment.
  • The time and temperature are adjustable through the digital panel control.
  • The product provides a loading system for the wood chips. Don’t need to open the smoker, but it still can add the wood chips.
  • The combination of the thermostat with the temperature control makes sure the even smoked dishes.
  • Don’t have to worry about the safety when the whole smoker body is insulated.
  • There is a variety of the chips. For pork and chicken, you can use the apple-wood. It provides a strong smoke flavor, so mesquite is suitable for beef while Alder is ideal for fish.
  • It allows enjoying the hearty taste due to producing the low smoke.
  • The capacity is very large. You can put together, pork butts (4), turkeys (2), chickens (6), ribs (8 racks), burgers (24), and sausages (64).


  • It seems small, so it is quickly full.
  • The temperature control is ineffective. Sometimes, it is too high or too small.

The Masterbuilt 2007117 Digital Electric Smoker is ideal for the novice and even the professional. You can easily get the delicious dishes without having the hassle as using the propane model. Set and then use. What simple!

--> View from different angles, the Masterbuilt 2007117 is more dominant. Apart from the optimal features that the Masterbuilt 20052011 does not have, it is still portable. Don’t take up more area. But, if you need a smoker with a larger size and ignore the drawbacks, the Masterbuilt 20052011 is suitable.


It believes that you might determine a suitable smoker for what you need. In fact, there does not have many differences between both. An only difference is a heat resource. You can rely on this one to give a right decision.

How? You are still wavering the propane smoker vs. electric smoker, aren’t you? I hope that you will find the useful information after reading this article. Luck to you!!!

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