The Best Substitutes For The Outstanding Ranch Style Beans

For those people who are living in Texas, I am sure that you are familiar with ranch style beans since it is well-known for being the extraordinary cuisine of this land for a long time. I am also a big fan of this wonderful recipe, but I used to find it so frustrated because of eating the same recipe again and again.

As a result, I have made great attempts to identify different ways to create the new recipes of ranch style beans so that I am able to grab the attention of my beloved people every day. If you still show much interest in my sharing, please spend a few minutes on reading this article immediately, and choose the most suitable recipes for yourself.

What is Ranch Style Beans?

As a food alcoholic, I cannot ignore the incredible dish called as ranch style beans that will not only give you the special taste but also provide the nutrition for your body. It is the combination of a diversity of healthy ingredients including pinto beans, tomatoes, garlic, onion, cumin, chili as well as the extra seasonings.

If you have a careful look at the ingredients, you may think that some of them are very hard to find in your location. Nevertheless, you do not need to worry about this matter since I am going to give you as many substitutes as possible to help your cooking.

How to Find the Best Substitute For Each Ingredient

According to the list of basic ingredients that I have mentioned before, I am going to tell you the possible replacement for each item that will not change the incredible taste of ranch style beans.

#1. Pinto Beans​


In my opinion, pinto beans play a significant role in bringing out the taste as well as the smell of ranch style beans. However, each type of bean will give you the different flavor for your recipe so that you need to carefully choose the right one so as not to change the whole traditional taste of ranch style beans.

As a consequence, I highly recommend that you should choose the types of beans that have the similar flavor and texture to the pinto beans. In particular, I think that kidney beans are one of the perfect choices for you. By this way, you can make the new recipe that offers the close taste to the traditional one for sure.

#2. Chili

When it comes to chilies, there is a variety of chili types out there, but you need to select the appropriate item for your dish. Therefore, I suggest that you should buy the chili which delivers the smoky flavor instead of the sweet flavor. Making full use of the smoky chilies will allow the taste of ranch style beans to stand out as much as possible.

For instance, you can use either the chili ancho or chili powder as the most suitable substitute at this moment. In case you choose the whole chili, you have to make sure that they are soaked deeply in the water for a while before cooking. Then, you can cut the eliminate all of the internal seeds, which will ensure that your ranch style beans will not be too spicy for your kids.

In the last minutes, if you cannot find out these chilies, you can consider the red chili sauce as the final solution. I used to make ranch style beans with this sauce, and my family members tell me that it is not as good as the previous dish. Thus, I do not use this sauce for ranch style beans anymore.

#3. Tomatoes

Going to the next ingredients, tomatoes are considered as the easy item that you can buy at the grocery stores anytime. Hence, I advise that you should use the fresh tomatoes for the best outcome. However, if you cannot prepare the tomatoes due to your busy time, you can use the tomato sauce as the replacement.

​More importantly, you have to remember that the tomato sauce of each brand will provide the different sweetness levels so that you have to choose the brand thoroughly. If the sauce is too sweet, it will affect your entire dish.

#4. Onion and Garlic​

Many people may think that you can remove the onion and garlic from ranch style beans since they do not add any special taste to this dish. Nevertheless, you are totally wrong since these ingredients are so important that you cannot ignore.

As always, using fresh onion and garlic will be the best thing, but you can substitute them with powder one in some cases. However, instead of buying the mixed powder of onion and garlic, I recommend that you should buy them separately so that you can have a control over the proportion you will add to this dish.

#5. Cumin​


Next, we are going to mention the possible substitute for cumin, which has earned its reputation for being one of the most difficult ingredients to replace. For anyone who does not know, cumin will give your ranch style beans a distinct smoky flavor which is distinguishable with the other recipes.

Particularly, if you cannot purchase this spice when making this dish, you can use the caraway seeds for replacement. Nevertheless, I always suggest that cumin is the best item for ranch style beans, and you have to believe me since I have made this dish for a hundred of times.

#6. Oregano

Another ingredient that will deliver the distinctive flavor to ranch style beans will be oregano. I am sure that you can attract more attention for your cooking thanks to this item. However, there are some herbs that can replace oregano without adjusting the taste too much such as basil, marjoram as well as thyme.

There is a vital thing that I want to tell you that you should try your best to have either cumin or oregano when making ranch style beans. If you do not have both of them, your recipe will not have the special taste that this wonderful dish has.

#7. Sweetener​


Last but not least, you cannot forget the sweetener for any of your recipes, especially the ranch style beans. The best sweetener that you can use for this dish is the brown sugar owing to its flavor and texture. You have to admit that the burnt flavor of brown sugar can work extremely well with the spicy chilies with no doubt.

Brown sugar is easy to buy in the supermarket in any seasons, but you can substitute it with molasses in the urgent situation.


In summary, I wish that all of my sharing related to the ranch style beans will give you the useful information about this aspect. After that, you are able to make the wonderful recipe for your entire family. Nevertheless, in case you have any confusion, please feel free to keep in touch with me anytime.

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