12 Amazing Substitutes For Fontina Cheese You Will Love

Fontina cheese is a kind of semi-soft cow’s cheese featured by gentle buttery and nutty flavor. Wherever it is made, a hunk of fontina is definitely not only an indispensable part of an attractive and well-rounded cheese plate but also a high-grade thawing cheese when being enjoyed with frittatas, toasty sandwiches, sauces or pizzas.

​In case you have trouble looking for it, so what will be the perfect Substitute for Fontina Cheese? A list of ideal substitutes for Fontina Cheese below probably makes you feel amazed.

#1. Fontinella

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Due to virtually the same as the original in terms of flavor, this kind of cheese is considered an ideal substitute for fontina. To create the high-quality cheese, fontinella is produced in different areas of Italy but under the similar circumstances. Besides, it is compulsory to follow some rules that the cows of fontina must be taken care of with a specific diet in which only certain vegetation develops under certain conditions on the mountain.

As usual, these are rarely sold in some places such as supermarkets. So, buying them (as well as original fontina) at food stores for gourmet or even online is a wise option. The price of them is about half of the true one.

#2. Gruyere Cheese

As known as a firm and creamy Swiss cheese made from cow’s milk, Gruyere cheese can be easily found in fondue recipes or cheesy meals. Although it is produced primarily in Switzerland, its diversity can be seen all around the world like any famous cheese.

In addition, in case you don’t have fontina to finish the dishes, Gruyere, an excellent thawing cheese, is supposed to be a worthy substitute. Gruyere Cheese helps perfect any dish that requires slight flavored cheese such as baked dishes, cheese boards, hot or cold sandwiches, and fondue.

While Gruyere is seen as a great choice for gourmets, yet subtle flavor, it isn’t designed for vegetarians and fat people due to its high fat intake of 40 to 46%.

#3. Cheddar

It is a right decision to use cheddar cheese instead of fontina because it is a common ingredient to make pizzas and sandwiches. To fully enjoy the quintessence in its flavor, ripening it carefully is advised.

Cheddar may be in different colors because it is made of both whole and skimmed milk. An interesting truth about its name is that cheddar is one of the steps to make cheese.

In my opinion, cheddar is generally combined with casseroles, appetizers or other types of bread but its main purpose is to serve in desserts and dips.

#4. Edam

A strong recommendation for fruit salads and fruits is the type of semi-hard cheese originated from The Netherlands. This will be greater if you combine this cheese with meaty foods and bread, or wines and desserts sometimes.

Once Edam is thawed crepes and pasta, it is really challenging for anyone to refuse it. Also, thanks to its low fat intake, Edam is considered an ideal substitute for fontina with high-fat content. It also makes a significant contribution to improving the taste of soups and sauces.

#5. Emmental

There is seemingly a fight between the cheese from The Netherlands and the cheese with a strong taste and delicate pungency from Switzerland, Emmental. Made from a cow’s milk without pasteurization, this kind of hard cheese tastes very sour and strongly fruity.

One thing you might take notice of is its hallmark feature on the products. It is probably the reason makes it one of the most expensive cheeses and the most difficult cheeses to create.

To those who want to make their grilled sandwiches and sauces more sophisticated and appealing, Emmental is probably an indispensable addition. Moreover, it also becomes perfect refreshments together with fruits and fondue thanks to its nutty flavor.

#6. Appenzeller

Rooted in Switzerland, this semi-hard cheese is made of milk without pasteurization. It’s known for its availability in medium-sized chunks and visible holes on it. Besides, spicy taste is also a noticeable thing. This taste becomes stronger if it is kept for a long time.

#7: Parmesan

It is really difficult to imagine how your life would be without parmesan cheese, especially to pasta and pizza followers who expect low sodium content like parmesan.

Like some abovementioned cheeses, this kind of nutty, dense and thick cheese is also a worthy substitute for fontina.

Furthermore, a hay-colored characteristic or shade of light brown is one of the contributing factors to its reputation and it is also advised to combine it with risottos and soups.

#8. Provolone

As an Italian cheese made from cow’s milk, provolone cheese is also supposed to be an excellent substitution to fontina cheese. With a reasonable price for everyone to get easy access, it is well-known for the aging process, too.

It is common knowledge that the provolone’s flavor will be decided by its origin. Although probably made in many different parts, provolone is generally semi-hard.

In comparison with other cheeses, this is much more preferred because of its fragrance and partly various shapes. In an eye-catching light yellow color, provolone can function as a grated cheese or even a cooking cheese if necessary. It is obvious that salad dressings, soup or pasta covered by a layer of provolone will surely make you irresistible.

#9. Gouda Cheese

Like other cheeses from The Netherlands, this kind of cheese, Gouda, is semi-hard and distinguished in flavor, making it well-known all around the world. Similar to fontina cheese, the main ingredient to make Gouda is cow’s milk or even milk from sheep or goat sometimes.

In general, gouda cheese is produced under various forms, but its classification must be decided by both its expiration date and flavor because its texture and flavor will develop gradually according to the growth of cheese over the time.

To fully enjoy meals accompanied by a good thawing cheese, gouda cheese is certainly a wonderful choice.

#10. Danish Or US Fontina

It seems interesting that the most common fontina in the US is Danish fontina. It comes as no surprise when you are supposedly familiar with its milder, sweeter and more buttery flavor as well as softer taste and paler color in comparison with the true one.

It case you feel disappointed with the Italian fontina due to its pungency at the first time, this cheese is possibly a no more wonderful choice. Although Danish fontina doesn’t bring about the same feeling as the real one, it’s quite popular because of its low price and own characteristic contributing to making unique foods. Like other cheeses, Danish fontina with a quite good texture is really better once melted.

Maybe unknown to many people compared to the Danish fontina, the Swedish one can give you the same feeling and is sourceable easily in the US. It is very noticeable that both kinds of cheese are covered by the dark red surface.

#11. Havarti

As the only cheese from Denmark listed, Havarti is impressed with its creamy and rich feature. You certainly can’t resist it when the cream is melting gradually after your tongue touches it.

It is a common use of Havarti to serve with wines and fruits but it will be helpful when combined with some spices and herbs in case you would like to make sandwiches and pastas. One tip to help you enjoy the best Havarti is storing it at the normal temperature in your room.

#12. Bel Paese

In addition to Havarti, a type of well-known cheese also accompanied by wines and fruits is Bel Paese. Originated in Italy, this cheese which can be a part of fillings, desserts, fondue and pizzas features lasting taste and milky flavor.

If a thick texture is requested in your food, don’t hesitate to make a decision quickly on this ideal fontina substitute. In my opinion, it will be a wonderful thing to provide Bel Paese’s semi-soft texture with slight slices that are surely more perfect if they are combined with wine.

Final Thoughts

No matter what you choose to substitute for Fontina cheese, it is certain that there are a lot of good choices appropriate for your requirement. If you are wondering if the cheese is the best, why don’t you come to famous cheese stores and try it?

If you suppose above substitutes are not enough, don’t hesitate to give your supplement in the comment section. Until then, happy cheese hunting!

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