6 Amazing Things That Can Be Used As Tarragon Substitute

For those people who are interested in cooking, you will know that tarragon has earned its reputation for being the wonderful herb for your health. It is considered as the perennial herb that has long and light green leaves in tiny yellowish white flowers.

However, tarragon is usually sold quickly without any notice so that you need to identify the possible solutions to this problem. Hence, if you still show much interest in this topic, please read my article related to tarragon substitute for detailed information.

The Benefits of Tarragon​

As a cooking hobbyist, I am quite a big lover of tarragon since I can use it to make the delicious and nutritious meal for my entire family. In particular, there are some types of tarragon which can produce the delicate balance flavor when mixing with the other ingredients. Moreover, it is excellent at digestive as well as heart disease prevention.

Furthermore, tarragon can be substituted for salt for anyone who is suffering from high blood pressure. Therefore, tarragon has been used as a traditional remedy to stimulate the appetite together with alleviating anorexic symptoms. You may not know that this herb is a rich source of vitamins and minerals also.

Besides, people use tarragon as a fragrance in soaps along with cosmetics in manufacturing. After knowing all of the incredible benefits of tarragon, you will make full use of this herb when cooking. Nevertheless, in case you are out of tarragon, there is a diversity of substitute which you can notice right now.

6 Amazing Things to Substitute for Tarragon​

#1. Dill

First of all, I am going to introduce the amazing herb called as dill that is easily found in any grocery stores. When compared with tarragon, dill is longer and slender which is covered with divided leaves. Moreover, the flavor of dill is not exactly similar to tarragon so that you have to adjust the amount to have the perfect taste.

In my opinion, dill is a little bit bitter so that it is very suitable for cooking with meat and fish. This herb will make the flavor of the fish stand out so that you can create the new dish even when you do not have tarragon at home.

#2. Basil​

When it comes to basil, I am totally immersed into its variety such as Thai basil, sweet basil as well as the others. You can use this herb in the form of fresh and dry, but I prefer the fresh basil since it will deliver the stronger scent together with flavor for your cooking. In my opinion, fresh basil can go well with Italian food, especially pasta, which will be the great tarragon substitute for sure.

I used to take advantage of this herb to bring out the flavor of chicken, cheese as well as the sauce in my pasta. However, you can put it in the oven, which will turn the basil into dried leaves. By doing this, you can have the crunchy texture when enjoying your meal. Nevertheless, you have to make sure to use the right amount so as to avoid the overpowering.

#3. Marjoram​

Thirdly, for those people who are keen on identifying a tarragon substitute which is perfect for salad dressings, marjoram will be your wise decision. More importantly, you can have the sweet taste when cooking with marjoram instead of tarragon. Furthermore, it has the ovate-shaped leaf which can catch your attention at first sight.

Nevertheless, marjoram is not suitable for cold regions so that you may not have this herb during the winter. Besides, I have to tell you that marjoram is excellent at creating the dressings as well as making soups and stews according to your preference. Also, marjoram has the same level of versatility which is perfect for numerous dish, from the meat to the dressings.

Marjoram is rich in nutrition and proteins, and that is why I used to like this type of herb over tarragon in a while. Owing to all of these great features, you can save another tarragon substitute in your list right now.

#4. Chervil​

Source: bbc.co.uk

Going to the next one, I am going to introduce you a wonderful tarragon substitute that will make a variety of people mesmerized within a short period. Chervil has a mild flavor, which is pretty slighter than tarragon in my book. As a result, you can mix this herb with a diversity of food such as chickens, eggs, fish as well as sauces.

I have to claim that chervil will make the flavor of the other ingredients as stunning as possible so that you cannot ignore it as the potential tarragon substitute. You have to remember that fresh chervil is better and tastier than the dried one, and you have to add the right amount to your dish when your cooking is nearly complete.

If you are fond of making the fantastic butter to enjoy with bread, you can chop the fresh chervil into small pieces, and then mix it with butter. After that, you can spread this amazing combination into your bread and enjoy your great meal in the end.

#5. Fennel Seed​

The fifth place among the best tarragon substitute will belong to fennel seed with some fascinating elements. You can distinguish this plant with the others by looking at the yellow flowers combined with the feather-like leaves. Additionally, its flavor is so unique that is hard to describe by words. Thus, you have to taste fennel seed once in your life to know my feeling.

With fennel seed, I highly recommend that you can use this as a wonderful tarragon substitute in desserts and soups. As you may know, this herb is quite versatile when being used for cooking and I think that it is very suitable for adding more flavor for salads and puddings. Particularly, you will get amazed to know that you can make the sweet ice cream yourself with crushed fennel seed.

#6. Thyme​

Last but not least, I am going to show you all of the details about thyme, which deserves to earn a spot among the best substitute for tarragon nowadays. I have to admit that I am really absorbed into its special look and texture. Also, I am quite a big lover of fresh thyme since it is very flavorful.

If you are a bread lover, you cannot ignore thyme because this herb is extremely great when using with bread. In particular, it takes you only half an hour to bake the bread with thyme, and then you can have the perfect meal. On the other hand, you can use this herb with vegetables and barbecue when there are parties on the weekend.


In general, I hope that all of the information in my article associated with tarragon substitute will help you gain more useful knowledge about this aspect. As a consequence, you will not be afraid of running out of tarragon anymore in the future. However, in case you have any confusion or queries, please do not hesitate to keep in touch with me anytime.

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