Traeger Grill Reviews – Must Read This Before Buying It

When saying to Traeger, most people have known it for the quality, dependable, and durable brand in the smoking and grilling industry. Their first grill had released in the 1990s.

Nowadays, the cooking demands are more and more, so their production scale has gradually increased to meet the needs of the consumers. If you are looking for a Traeger grill, which is safe and versatile, our Traeger grill reviews will be helpful for you. Let’s see!!!

The Beginning of Traeger Grills

In 1985, Traeger started releasing the first grill. In 1986, they had patented it and started to produce it in 1988. Looking at the exterior design of the Traeger grill, you could recognize the borrowing from the traditional smokers, including, a classic barrel like a drum with a chimney.

​Yes, the Traeger model has put the pellet hopper. Its outside is similar to the charcoal-and-wood smokers, which were utilized through many generations. Nonetheless, the inside was different.

Using the switch including 3 positions like the pellet models, you might control the electric Traeger Grills. From the hopper to the rotating auger, the wood pellets were fed into a firepot.

Except for vegetable oil, a lubricant throughout the producing process was used, in particular, the flavor enhancer, fuel source, and the food-grade pellets without containing additives.

If compared to the charcoal, the pellets with the small sizes are easier burned. Those who love the flavor of BBQ cannot ignore it.

But frankly speaking, the Traeger grill is considered as an industrial revolution of smoking. Similar to a gas grill, the grills from Traeger also had an interrupted fuel source.

Correspondingly, you did not need to worry about burning coals or adjusting the vents.

It can say that Traeger grills had a performing demos that you were not used to seeing anything like it. That’s why Traeger has appreciated the outstanding name in the pellet grills throughout 20 years, especially those who enjoy BBQ.

The Great Features of a Traeger Grill


  • Digital thermostat

If mentioned to the best features that a Traeger grill should have, it cannot deny the digital thermostat. This part helps you to be able to take your eyes off the appliance a moment.

When getting the required temperature, you just need to wait for the done meat.

  • Easy to Begin

You can use the Traeger grills in an easy way. To start, you do not need to utilize the fluid or gas. Accordingly, the safety is ensured. You likely begin, by utilizing the electric ignition. What an easy it is!

  • Assemble quickly

No problem if you want to put the grills together. Have you received the product? Well, you ought to read and familiarize the guidelines carefully. Like that, the assemblage will be faster.

Our Best Traeger Grills in Your Budget

Traeger is one of the reliable brands when mentioning to the grilling models. If you are looking a grill for gathering your friends frequently, don’t ignore our Traeger grill reviews.

Each of the products will be reviewed the trustiest way, based on the personal knowledge and experience. Look at here!!!

1. Traeger TFB29LZA Junior Elite Grill

Your outdoor activities will become more exciting if you have equipped the Traeger TFB29LZA Junior Grill. With the 300 sq area, you can easily place it anywhere in your yard and start a grilling party as desired.

You will be enjoyed the endless flavor, thanks to fueling the hardwood pellets. These pellets will create the opportunity so that you can enjoy the Traeger difference during the process.

At the bottom, the auger of the hopper will draw the hardwood pellets into the pot. Then, it sets the temperature and begins to cook. So, the food will be evenly cooked with flavorful smoke.

Aside from that, this model still has the digital thermostat, so you can easily control your barbecue. It comes with the LED screen, which will display a precise temperature reading.

Furthermore, I especially love its auto shut-down cycle because it will contribute to reducing the ash intake in the pot.

The warranty of this Traeger grill is 3 years. The portable design should easily carry. You can have peace of mind to use, right? Let’s choose one quickly!


  • It is easy to assemble and use
  • The size is not too small and not too large
  • Very precise timing
  • Easy to grill anything
  • It can still keep the moisture of the food


  • The grill grate seems bowed
  • Catching fire

2. Traeger TFB30LZB Tailgater 20 Series Freestanding Grill

Similar to the Traeger grill model above, this grill also has the 300 sq area. The hardwood pellets are 100% pure, so its durability is high. There is no denial that this model is durable enough for those who are finding the same one.

Due to the whole real wood, it brings the natural flavor with the electronic auto-start ignition.

Apart from, the Traeger TFB30LZB Tailgater Freestanding Grill has equipped the digital controller with the LED screen. It means whatever you grill quickly or slowly, the result still brings a perfect dish.

​Look at the design with a smaller footprint and EZ-fold legs, storing and moving are easy. You can carry, place, and prime for tailgating, balconies, or anywhere you’d like to enjoy the foods with the wood-fired flavor.

It can say that the wood-fired grill was invented over many years. Nowadays, this Traeger grill continues to show the lead of the wood-fired industry.

Yes, it brings you close to the environment. You will have an ideal camping with this model. Let’s try!!!


  • It works as advertised
  • Easy to put together
  • A great size for camping, tailgating, and beach parties
  • The assemblage is easy
  • Ideal for smoking and slow cooking meats


  • The instruction on assembly is inadequate
  • The energy consumption is low

3. Traeger Pellet Grills BBQ155.01 19.5K BTU Pellet Grill

You take your outdoor activities into consideration, don’t you? So, the Traeger BBQ155.01 BTU Pellet Grill will not make you feel disappointed.

This Traeger pellet grill has the surface area ~ 292 sq. With the weight ~ 71 pounds and the dimensions ~ 21 x 23 x 21 inches, it is ideal for the outdoor BBQ party with your relatives and friends.

Aside from the steel material, the inside body is made from bronze. This pellet grill still has an automatic auger with an electric-auto start and a modern digital control.

Accordingly, using an RTD detector likely helps detect the internal temperature of the grill. At once, releasing the pellets is also based on that. Plus, this grill also comes with a temperature setting at the medium and high level.

What’s more, the accommodating temperatures are from 1800 to 3750, which is high enough to grill anything as your desire.

View from different angles, this is a valuable grill you can consider because its digital control allows you to monitor the temperature and adjust the pellets as desired. It is so good, right?


  • The warranty in 3 years
  • It is amazing when making steak, salmon, and lamb
  • It includes a cookbook
  • Easy to assemble
  • Keeping the temperature constant, especially when smoking


  • Smoking meats isn’t actually effective
  • Difficult to clean

4. Traeger TFB42LZBO Lil'Tex Elite Grill

You want a larger grill than before, don’t you? Well, the 418 sq area of this grill can meet your demands, right?

The Traeger TFB42LZBO Bronze Grill fuels with 100 percent of pure hardwood pellets. For the result, it brings the real wood and flavor when grilling anything you’d like to.

It is noticed that you can fire up the hearty result whatever you grill quickly or slowly because having a state-of-the-art Elite controller. Plus, the LED screen allows displaying the accurate temperature no different from your oven.

Apart from the optimal area for gathering your family or friends on the weekend, this grill is constructed with the durable steel material. So, you can have peace of mind to use. Its shelf-life will not be too short.

​Moreover, the porcelain grill grates of this Traeger grill is easy to clean. Like that, you will take much time to maintain it.

It is too good to be true, but the Traeger TFB42LZBO is a good grill for anyone, who usually has the outdoor parties or the gathering days of family and friend. What are you waiting for?​


  • The appearance is nice
  • Easy to assemble
  • It allows making a myriad of delicious foods
  • Grilling everything effectively
  • Smoking all in one


  • The weight seems heavy ~ 98 pounds

5. Traeger Pellet Grills TFB30LUB Natural Organic

Those who do not like the overweight grill will not be able to ignore this model – the Traeger TFB30LUB Natural Organic Pellet Grill with the 70-pound weight.

This is the 19,500 BTU tailgator grill along with the blue-color lid, which is durable. Besides, it has still equipped a pellet hopper that is about 10 pounds. This product is suitable for an outdoor small party with some relatives and friends.

Like just other Traeger grills, this grilling model also uses the advanced digital controller, which enables you to grill in an easy manner.

In additional to that, an automatic auger coming with an electric auto start should be able to grill with a fast or slow speed according to your needs.

This is a portable grill, which has a 300 sq area. If someone gets used to utilizing this grill, it will love its foldable leg accessory. Me, too. Simply, you can carry and store it easier.

This model is suitable for a compact living space. If desired, you do not ignore this pellet grill from Traeger. Let’s add it to your shopping list right away!


  • Easy to assemble and store
  • It is suitable for camping and parties
  • Slow cooking is perfect
  • Nice
  • Work well, especially, grilling and smoking


  • It seems small for a large family

Final Words

You are looking for a grill because you like the grilling foods, aren’t you? You do not know which brands are quality and reliable, do you? So, why don’t you try considering Traeger?

As mentioned above, Traeger is one of the reliable brands on the market today, especially when saying to the grilling and smoking products. That’s why many customers enjoy using the grills from Traeger, including me.

​Yes, based on the individual experience, our Traeger grill reviews are trust, involving, the outstanding features, the advantages, and disadvantages. It hopes that you will choose a right one for your demands. Happy shopping enjoy!!!

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