Traeger Grill Reviews – Must Read This Before Buying It

You are looking for a setting option for your grilling dishes, aren’t you? And do you also enjoy cooking a variety of the foods on the grill on weekends? Or simply, you want the different smoky flavors, right?

Yes, if have liked barbecue, smoked burgers, or fried pizzas for the family parties, the Traeger Grills will always be an ideal option. Not it has only the sumptuous look but this model also provides countless benefits.

With the ability to distribute the even heat, the worry about flare-ups will become excessive. Plus, the Traeger Grills always come with the temperature control system, so you can easily adjust the desired temperature.

It is noticed that they are gas-free and charcoal-free. Accordingly, it makes sure that your foods are healthy.

​If you have been convinced by their excellent features, don’t ignore the opportunity owning the best one for yourself. Let’s see our Traeger Grill reviews to know more details.

In 1988, the first Traeger grill was released before all people. It is different from the previous models, apart from the hopper mounted nearby the firebox. Nonetheless, the operation mechanism of the Traeger Grill is not like any models.

The product has equipped a digital controller and the auto auger. Aside from that, there still have an igniter rod to light, a fan to distribute the heat, and the grill grate to keep the foods from the oil.

Using the indirect cooking method, the Traeger Grills still cover a smoky layer around the food. It can say that the product is the combination of the optimal features of both charcoal grills and gas.

Basically, this is a revolution of the grilling models because it has the ability to cook slowly BBQ in a simple and convenient way.

What Advantages are the Traeger Grills?


Not the Traeger Grills only provide a delicious BBQ but they also have a variety of benefits that the traditional models do not have.

  • It provides a smoke-free one to bake and grill as your desire.
  • It avoids flaring up because the container is designed the exterior.
  • With the indirect cook, the foods do not include a lot of fats.
  • The settings are automatic. Correspondingly, controlling the temperature and using are easy.

Product Reviews – The Best Traeger Grills Available on the Market

With the family parties, they will become vapid if it is short of the dish-grilling flavor. That’s why you need a grill.

​When mentioning to the grilling models, it is really difficult to ignore the well-known name like Traeger. Go on reading our Traeger Grill reviews to find a suitable one for your demands!

Is your family no more the members? And you love traveling, right? Well, the Traeger TFB29LZA Junior Grill has been considered as a right option for you. Its size is entirely suitable for these needs.

The temperature can set, so adjusting the proper temperature for your food is easy. The model has also equipped a convection style, so the surface of the foods is encased by the flavorful smoke.

In addition, your grilling dishes are controlled, thanks to the digital thermostat. It is upgraded if compared to the previous models.

Furthermore, the manufacturer still equips the LED display, which allows the users to easily read an exact temperature. At once, the left-over ash intake at the bottom of the grill is not significant because an Auto Shut-Down cycle contributes to helping you.

One feature makes this product become perfect that must say to hardwood pellets. When burning, they bring a variety of taste for your foods. With a large bag, you can use it for some small parties. No problem!

The product completely fits a narrow space when it only takes up 300 square inches. Consequently, if you are living in a small area, you can consider it as a prioritized selection.

When choosing to purchase the Traeger TFB29LZA, you get a warranty in 3 years. It means that you will receive the best support from the manufacturer if the product has the undesired mistakes – the technical errors from the manufacturer.


  • It is easy to assemble and use
  • The size is not too small and not too large
  • Very precise timing
  • Easy to grill anything
  • It can still keep the moisture of the food


  • The grill grate seems bowed
  • Catching fire

Another option of the Traeger Grill also has a compact design. Similar to the Traeger TFB29LZA above, the Traeger TFB30LZB only occupies 300 square inches of the area that you set it up.

The product has equipped the digital controller so that the users can easily adjust the temperature as desired. Beyond that, the temperature deviation is easily detected when you just look at the LED display.

Like that, it makes sure that your foods will quickly reach the right temperature without worrying about burning.

The hotness is quickly, but the burning is slow. Therefore, it ensures the golden foods.

Using this Traeger Grill is also a method to protect the healthy because the hardwood pellets used to fuel are 100 percent pure without including chemicals or additives. Inevitably, they still leave a natural smoky flavor around the foods.

If your living space is small and narrow, you can be going to like this grill. Look at here, its legs are foldable. What a beneficial it is! You may fold it an easy way to store at a corner of your house.

All in all, the Traeger TFB30LZB has owned the outstanding features that any Traeger Grills should have. At the same time, its design is very portable for a compact area.


  • It works as advertised
  • Easy to put together
  • A great size for camping, tailgating, and beach parties
  • The assemblage is easy
  • Ideal for smoking and slow cooking meats


  • The instruction on assembly is inadequate
  • The energy consumption is low

You are one of the followers of the outdoor parties. Is it right? So, you do not ignore the Traeger BBQ155.01 BTU Pellet Grill. It will help you enjoy a perfect atmosphere of the party with the grilling dishes.

In comparison with two Traeger grills above, this grill is more portable. The 21x23x21 inch dimensions and the 70-pound weight should only take up 292 square inches of the area that you are living.

The product is easy to start when it has been equipped an electronic auto system.

With the external steel material and the internal bronze, its durability does not likely deny.

On the other hand, it can appreciate that this model is a technological model when its digital control is modern. Correspondingly, the temperature is made sure. The foods do not occur the burning case.

Choosing to buy this model seems that you will get hand-free. In addition to the automatic start system, the auger is automatically designed. Thanks to that, everything becomes gentle and simple.

Indeed, this is one of few Traeger grills that come with the advanced technology. Therefore, you can save time and effort. The product doesn’t also leave plenty of ash, so you can quickly clean.


  • The warranty in 3 years
  • It is amazing when making steak, salmon, and lamb
  • It includes a cookbook
  • Easy to assemble
  • Keeping the temperature constant, especially when smoking


  • Smoking meats isn’t actually effective
  • Difficult to clean

With the 49x22x42 inch dimensions, the Traeger TFB42LZBO Bronze Grill is to spend for a larger area. You need to have a 418-square-inch space in order to place it.

To provide an accurate temperature for the foods, the product has a digital controller, which enables you to adjust the temperature during the grilling process.

Similarly, it also provides the LED display so that you can see the adjusting temperature, which is really exact.

The manufacturer also takes the food safety into consideration, so they utilize the 100% natural hardwood pellets. Of course, it does not involve any additives or chemicals. The whole is real wood. It means that your foods will get real flavor.

Another ideal feature for the users are the grill grates, which are made from porcelain. So, cleaning is quick and easy.

Moreover, the product is sturdy when setting up, the width of the legs are convenient in order that you can place the desired area.

Even though the size seems large without being suitable for traveling or camping, it is optimal for the outdoor family parties to gather your friends and relatives on the holidays or the weekends.

Looking back on all features, the temperature can adjust. The hotness is slow while grilling is fast. The big size is suitable for a large living space. How? The product can meet your needs, can’t it?


  • The appearance is nice
  • Easy to assemble
  • It allows making a myriad of delicious foods
  • Grilling everything effectively
  • Smoking all in one


  • The weight seems heavy ~ 98 pounds

You want something, which looks modern, don’t you? So, apart from the Traeger BBQ155.01 BTU Pellet Grill listed above, the Traeger TFB30LUB Natural Organic Pellet Grill promises to bring many benefits.

In general, this is also a compact grill. Due to only having the 300-square-inch area, it does not take up more space. Aside from that, the leg is designed so that you can easily store and move. It allows you to be able to fold when needing to use and after each of the use.

That said and then again, this is a technological model because of its advanced digital controller. That’s why you can grill a speed way.

The product brings a fine look with a blue lid. It will be wrong if you think that it will quickly get damaged. Its design is durable – no kidding! If you want to organize a small party with your relatives and friends, this option will be okay.

Coming to think of it, the weight is approximately 70 pounds. The ability to contain reaches up to 10 pounds. It is actually non-small as many people thought.

If someone is looking for one portable Traeger grill because their living space is not large, don’t ignore this model. Essentially, it can entirely meet the necessary demands that the Traeger grill should have.


  • Easy to assemble and store
  • It is suitable for camping and parties
  • Slow cooking is perfect
  • Nice
  • Work well, especially, grilling and smoking


  • It seems small for a large family

Final Words

Those who love the grilling foods and are looking for a grill for themselves are difficult to ignore a reliable model like the Traeger.

In fact, when saying to the smoking or grilling appliances, a large number of people choose to utilize the Traeger grills because their features bring, in particular, a bit of ash, the automatic system,… And you?

You have found the best model for yourself, haven’t you? According to you, how is the best? If it is based on what the product brings, the Traeger TFB29LZA Junior Grill seems more dominant.

​It hopes that our Traeger grill reviews are helpful for your shopping. If possible, you should also consult your relatives or friends, who are used to utilizing this model to give a right decision. Luck to you!!!

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