Traeger Renegade Elite Reviews 2018 – Do NOT Buy Until You Read This!

Traeger is a famous brand when saying to the grills. In there, it is impossible that is Traeger Renegade Elite Grills – the product line of the Pellet Grill. When finding one best pellet grill, you can be going to think of it right away. Why?

The first, Traeger Renegade Elite is a versatile grill. All with one grill, you can cook your preferred dishes by smoking, grilling, baking, roasting, or barbecuing. Traeger is also a superior wood-fired grill that brings the great wood-grilled flavor without messing with the propane tanks.

The next, this is a smart grill when it can do all the work for you. For example, automatically feeding in the natural hardwood pellets, the temperature will be maintained the perfect one.

Traeger Renegade Elite is no limit. It will not have any problems when you want to cook pizza, bake lasagna, grill vegetable (blueberry, lemon, atiso, etc.), or bake bread on your grill.

Aside from that, it is the super-durable grills. It is made with 16 gauge powder-coated cold-rolled steel in order that the consumers can utilize the last season after season.

I don't impossibly say that Traeger is a rich-in-accessories grill. Apart from two complimentary 20-pound bags of wood colors, there still has the Traeger grill master cookbook.

It is great, isn't it? Well, before sharing Traeger Renegade Elite reviews in a detailed way, you let see the comparison table on 5 Traeger Renegade Elite in the advance.

Our Rating

Digital Elite Controller






Grilling Area

646 sq in

418 sq in

300 sq in

300 sq in

300 sq in

Hopper Capacity

18 lb

18 lb

10 lb​​​​

8 lb

8 lb

Grill Size (HxWxD)







125 lb

98 lb

76 lb

62 lb

60 lb


For the time being, I and you will learn on the common features that a Traeger Renegade Elite should have, in particular,…

  • check
    Digital Elite Controller - Thanks to this equipment, setting the temperature becomes simpler than ever before. It is important that the digital elite controller helps you control the temperature easily. After turning it on, you can walk away without needing to babysit as using a charcoal grill.
  • check
    Hopper Clean-out Door - This is a benefit point when owning the Traeger Renegade Elite grill because it enables you quickly change your wood guns. At once, when loading or unloading your food, you will easily get a removable front shell.
  • check
    Tool Caddy Rack - It is certain that you feel uncomfortable when always trying to balance the tools on the grill, right? Yes, with the tool caddy rack equipped with the Elite grills, you are not difficult to hang your tools in a neat way.
  • check
    All-Terrain Wheels - Using the Traeger Renegade Elite, it will not occur the case stuck in the mud. The model is designed with the durable wheels, so you likely utilize it anywhere and anytime as desired.
  • check
    EZ-Drain Grease System - Another outstanding feature that is difficult to be able to ignore is a handy EZ-drain grease system. The whole meat drippings will be collected into a bucket. It means that you will easily clean after each use.

Pros & Cons 

Anything also has the certain pros and cons when choosing to use, the Traeger Renegade Elite, too. Continue reading to know and determine that the Elite grills are suitable for you?




Owning the Traeger Renegade Elite grill, you can do almost everything on it. In addition to grilling, you can still barbecue, bake, braise, smoke, or even roast on this.

To smoke, you are easy to set the proper temperature ~ 160-180 degrees. It makes sure the gorgeous texture and great flavor. Let's feel secure! These grills provide the high set temperature, so you can even set it up about 225 degrees to barbecue. It means that you might cook with most recipes when applying the correlative temperature.

Advanced Technology

With the ordinary wood-fired grills, you can be going to have to babysit it so as to add in the wood chips by hand if you want to maintain a constant temperature.

Yes, this one will not occur when you use the Traeger because it is a digital grill. It can automatically feed in the natural hardwood pellets to maintain the perfect temperature. After setting two temperatures and turn it on, you can walk away without babysitting.

Cook Effectively

The Traeger Renegade Elite grills do not have hot or cold spots, so it makes sure that your meat will always reach the juicy and moist texture with full of the wood flavor when finishing to grill. Thanks to the built-in HU, though you still get flare-ups, your foods are not affected.


Certainly, you know that people often add marinades, butter, or oils to their foods. Nevertheless, you will not have to do that anymore when cooking over the real wood. It brings a great flavor without adding that additional stuff. Furthermore, your foods also look fresher and more beautiful.

Exactly, the Traeger Renegade Elite will help you do it. With the circulation of the convection fan, it will nicely cook and evenly retain. Accordingly, your meals are ensured in the healthiest way.


The construction of the Traeger grills is sturdy and strong. They are made from 16 gauge powder-coated steel, which enables you to use last year after year.

The construction of the Traeger grills is sturdy and strong. They are made from 16 gauge powder-coated steel, which enables you to use last year after year.

Easy to Use

As mentioned, the Traeger Renegade Elite is a digital grill, so you do not meet any difficulties to set the desired temperature. Through the digital display, you likely determine the cooking temperature.



Traeger Renegade Elite grills are not cheap. The shopping cost often ranges more $400 to more $800. It can say that they are more expensive than other Traeger grills.


The big size is an advantage, but it is also a drawback. With the small families, the Elite grills seem oversize. This one also makes it unsuitable for the narrow space to store.

If it likely ignores the expensive cost and you are living in a large area, the Traeger Renegade Elite is worth to invest. Look at what it brings, the fact is "you get what you pay for".

How Traeger Renegade Elite Works?

The grills from Traeger Renegade Elite automatically feed the wood chips without needing any your support so as to make sure the temperature maintained properly.

In addition to that, the hot air does not circulate the inside, thanks to a convection fan. This one also contributes to making your food be cooked in an even manner.

The next, your task is very simple – set up the desired temperature, by turning it on. Of course, you do not have to babysit during the cooking process. The Elite grill will work for you.

Operating Tips

  • You likely adjust the temperature dial throughout the grilling process. Remember to set the high-temperature when grilling. For smoking, set the temperature ~ 165 degrees F.
  • If you use the temperature dial to change the temp, the set temp is going to blink 5 times after starting the real grill temp.
  • To estimate your cooking time exactly, you ought to define the outside temperature. For example, you will take more time to cook if the outside weather is windy, cold, or wet.
  • Never move your grill when are grilling. You just move it when the fire is entirely out and your grill is not still hot.
  • Keep in mind, the auger will begin operating until reached the chosen temperature. During that process, due to the action of the digital control, the auger will turn on and on in order to maintain the temp.
  • Don't keep the opening door while a grease fire. Use the baking soda in case your grill does not go the fire out.

Traeger Elite vs. Pro Pellet Gril

To help you have a better view on Traeger Renegade Elite, I decide to do a specific comparison. Traeger Elite vs. Pro Pellet grill makes many consumers, who confuse to select one of two. It's okay! Try learning right away.



Both grills have:

  • A hopper clean built up the sturdy construction.
  • A digital smart control helps adjust the temperature easily and quickly.
  • A variety of the use, including grilling, smoking, roasting,… all in one.
  • An extra warming rack on the top.


  • Price – Yes, the Elite series is cheaper than the pro series whether both have the same functions. Specifically, the Pro Series 34 Brnz Grill is more expensive than the Traeger Grills Lil Tex Elite 22 when looking at the price level on Amazon.
  • Stands – This is a clear difference that you can immediately recognize when looking at both. One is built in the soft horse stance kind. Another one is sturdier and stronger. Yes, the pro series won. They provide a sturdier barbecue surface.
  • Side Handle – You will get a side handle when using both. Nonetheless, with the Pro Pellet grills, you can move it around with the side handle.
  • Rack If the Elite grills offer a top rack, the Pro Pellet models bring the bottom rack. Taking a typical example is the Traeger Pro Series 22.
  • SizeThe Elite grills are more various than Pro Pellet Grills. The Pro Series run the similar size while the Elite grills have the two size to choose – the 22 and the 34.

Both Traeger Elite and Pro Pellet grills are the quality grills, which are worth to pay. But, you impossibly pick up both. Correspondingly, you will need the differences to give a right decision. How? In your opinion, is Elite or Pro series?

What You Get When Using Traeger Renegade Elite

Look at the optimal advantages of the Traeger Renegade Elite, the first is to save the effort. Why? Because it automatically works, your cooking is simplified very much.

Then, it must mention to your budget that will be also saved. The product has a bit expensive, but the price comes with the quality. With the 16 gauge coated steel, you can use for a long period of time. Inevitably, don't forget to maintain your grill properly.

It is noticed that you will get the healthy meals. Frequently, people worry about the grill dishes because they contain more oil and fat. Have peace of mind! The Traeger Renegade Elite does require that. You will only add less seasoning to get the perfect taste. Furthermore, you can be going to be addicted to the natural wood-fire flavor from your foods.

Should I Purchase Traeger Renegade Elite?

Finally, how is your decision? Will you buy the Traeger Renegade Elite? You have recognized the benefits of it, haven't you?

I believe that you have found all answers to these questions. Actually, it is difficult to deny using a good grill like Traeger. The brand is reliable. The quality is ensured. The warranty is prestigious. Though the price seems expensive, it is no problem. What it brings can make you forget this one, right?

In the technology life today, you and I are not easy to look for a cooking appliance, which is both the quality and the health, especially, to cook the grilling foods.

Don't ask me! In my opinion, I surely choose to use Traeger Renegade Elite. Yes, and you were and are using it. What a great it is! Correspondingly, I hope that my Traeger Renegade Elite reviews will help you get a right selection. Good luck!!!

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