Weber 741001 Original Kettle-Diameter Charcoal Grill Review

Weber, which is one of the long-standing brands, is very enjoyable today. The unique shape attracts the consumers from the first view. According to George Stephen who founded Weber, his source of inspiration from the buoy shape made him invent a kettle grill in 1952. The innovative mindset contributes to creating a revolutionary grill so that we have used until now.

So, what does Weber get any better? The Weber 741001 Original Kettle Charcoal Grill will show answers. The first has to say to the 33.2-pound lightweight that is easy to move. Made from the aluminized-steel is durable and sturdy. Clean with one touch. It is noticed that the users receive the warranty in 10 years when owning.

Thanks to these optimal points, I always prioritize to add the Weber 741001 in my best Charcoal Grills. If you also love this grill and intend to bring it to your kitchen, don’t ignore my review. Stick with it!!!

Look Back on Weber 741001 Original Kettle Charcoal Grill Review the Best Ever

Aside from the prominent features, the Weber 741001 Charcoal Grill still has other outstanding points. Learn all in turn right now!

Package and Assemble

Due to the portable construction, packaging the Weber 741001 charcoal grill looks very compact if compared to others. The essential requirement of packing is careful. Yes, this point does not doubt. Most parts of the Weber are placed on the burner. Everything is packaged in a thick cardboard box. At 4 corners, have 4 cardboards to ensure the grill fixed while shipping.

Although it is available setup, you do not meet lots of difficulties to put the parts together. Why? Because the manufacturer has provided a manual, you just need to follow it. Are you afraid of assembling in a wrong way? So, you can consult this video. It is very simple! I guarantee.

Construction Coming with Manufacturing Quality

The Weber 741001 is suitable for most consumers, especially, those who are not strong enough to move the heavy grills because of the lightweight ~ 33.2 pounds. The width and length are more 20 inches while the height reaches up to 38.5 inches. Combining with these ones is the not-small cooking space ~ 33.2 pounds. Correspondingly, you can grill what you like such as chickens, turkeys, steaks,…

The material to build-up this Weber is also considerable. The cooking grate is made from the plated steel while the rust-resistant material is used to construct the vents designed outside. Similarly, there has the bowl made of the porcelain-enameled to withstand the heat. The handle also has the heat-resistant capacity when the material is the glass-reinforced nylon. There will be a shortcoming if I forget to mention the cleaning system – a catcher built-up the aluminum steel is pretty durable.

What about the movement? It is very easy. Because of the shape like the buoy, the manufacturer has equipped 3 legs to the bottom. Plus two wheels, not only it is stable, but you can also move in an easy way. Furthermore, to smoke for hours, have an adjustable damper that you easily get the desired temperature. How? It is great, isn’t it?

Ease of Use

There are some of the characteristics that can prove the easy-to-use Weber 741001 charcoal grill, in particular, the adjustable temperature, the one-touch cleaning function, the easy movement,…

Admittedly, the users do not have any big problem when controlling the heat of cooking. Don’t need to open the lid, but you can still adjust the temperature easily, owing to having the damper system adjusted anytime. In comparison with the models only having the vents, this grill has the easier-to-use vent.

The next, the feature makes you possibly have peace of mind when using a charcoal grill – the one-touch cleaning system. You just need to rotate the handle and then the whole ash will be dumped into the removable ash catcher. Be able to prevent the wind. Don’t worry about clogging ash. Make sure the quality of the dishes.

So, how about adding charcoal/ briquettes? Is the movement difficult? No! No! Look at two wheels set on two of three legs of the Weber, you can even move it quickly. And with the hinged cooking grate, adding charcoal or briquettes is no problem.

Ability to Smoke

Mention the ability to smoke of the Weber 741001, only one word that is good. In fact, cooking well a charcoal grill is not hard as long as you use the right numbers of charcoal/ briquettes. The purpose is to get the proper temp.

In case you smoke in an indirect low manner, 8 coals on two sides are okay. Then, each of hours, you add about 6 coals. Let’s feel secure! Once you lit the coals, the additional coals are easy to catch. With using the Weber to grill a steak, don’t require you to use the special fuel or heat up to 8000F.


Perhaps, few people know that the Weber 741001 is one of the best grill smoker combos. It allows the users to be able to slow-cook or grill with the high temperature, require determining how much charcoal used.

If possible, you ought to equip the Smoker EZ conversion kit. For the fire ring, you can cook a low or slow method that brings the optimal result. In addition to that, depending on what kinds of food you want to smoke, you can have a dry or wet smoke on the pan. The combination with 3 adjust racks contributes to increasing the ability to smoke.

Taste from Weber 741001 Original Kettle Charcoal Grill

Instead of using briquettes, let’s utilize the best lump charcoal because they do not consist of any chemical or additives. It not only makes sure the safe foods but also provides the natural flavor.

By heating in a direct method, your foods are cooked evenly and quickly, along with the great flavor. If you use the indirect method (turning the grill into a convection oven), whatever what you are grilling can hold the moisture and get the delicious taste as desired. Compared to the gas grill, the Weber 741001 has the superior smoky flavor. I think so.

Portability and Storage

As previously stated, this charcoal grill from Weber is quite portable. The total cooking area is no more 400 square inches. The length, the width, and even the height are under 40 inches. Therefore, you can place it anywhere, in a small yard, in front of your home’s porch, etc.

This also creates the convenient condition to store. Those who are living in a narrow space and love the grilling dishes can be going to select this model. They do not have to think where they ought to place it. Don’t take up plenty of areas. What a good it is!


Although the disadvantage of the Weber is the interior temperature if the grill that can vary in comparison with the real temp, the Weber has provided a myriad of the accessories with the affordable price. For example, there are the charcoal rails, chimney starters, Dual-zone grates, and the iGrill Bluetooth-powered thermometers are very hot.

Nonetheless, here, I only recommend that you should add a thermometer. It is not certain the iGrill Bluetooth type as mentioned. A dial one is also okay. Like that, you will easily control the temperature inside this grill. 


The majority of the grills from Weber provide a longer warranty than other brands. The Weber 741001 Original Kettle Charcoal Grill has the warranty up to 10 years. Consequently, you can set your mind at rest when using. Throughout the warranty time, when having any damaged problem from the product (due to the manufacturer), you will receive the reliable service.

Over the warranty time, if any parts break down, you can replace a new one. They are easy to find at the local stores as well as the online shops.

Generally Speaking

Should I buy the Weber 741001? After reading my review, I believe that you can find an answer to yourself.

Possibly, the Weber 741001 is not too perfect because the lacks relate to the accessories (not involve the additional accessories), but it may still be ideal enough for someone as long as it meets their demands. Say to that, it means that you had better consider your need carefully before investing one. Namely, your living space is narrow or you like something that can bring a pure flavor. So, don’t have any reason to deny this Weber.

The last word, don’t skip any detail in this article. I hope that it will be the premise to help you have a right decision. Give it a shot!!!

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