What Does Bison Taste Like? The Unexpected Answer, Plus More You Need to Know

Have you ever tried some buffalo dishes or been wondering of what does bison taste like? As a matter of fact, bison has the lighter flavor which makes them taste a little bit sweet. In comparison with beef, it can be deliciously tender. Also, this type of meat is lower in cholesterol, calories, and fat than beef.

Provided that almost all bison are grass-fed, they indeed taste, unlike raised beef. With any dish from buffalo meat, you can receive the excellent source comprised of healthy fats and omega 3.​

Boiled bison can provide you a new view of how this type of meat tastes – Photo credit: Shutterstock

Does Bison Differ Buffalo?

Many people share the common mistake over the similarity between bison and buffalo. If you still call a buffalo a bison, it is indeed inaccurate. As we may sometimes use these two terms interchangeably, I would like to clarify their difference right now.

Bison comes from the native species to Europe, South and North America. Meanwhile, two remaining buffalo species typically reside in Asia and Africa. Buffalo and bison share one family branch. However, there are more than 38 kinds of buffalo which still exist today. This status is indeed different with bison as almost all of them were domesticated.

What Does Bison Taste Like?

Now, come straightly to our most important topic today. Bison tastes just like beef in some aspects. In my own opinion, a burger with bison can make you feel like eating the best beef burger. It owns a beefier, stronger flavor, but can be more tender at the same time. By this way, bison is slightly lighter than beef.

What does bison taste like? – Photo credit: Shutterstock

The reason for this fact is this type of meat is too lean for you to cook in the same duration of processing ground beef. So, you are suggested to get the more flavorful and tender burger. Many people, including me, choose to it bison, instead of beef as we tend to eat food which closes to the extinction.​

Should You Eat Bison?

Previously, buffalo meat has been prized as the essential diet of many Native American. Today, bison thrives a lot due to breeding efforts and smart management. It is also the result of the restored grazing land.

Therefore, you will contribute to continuing the ranching tradition which has ever been a living way in the U.S. Mountain West long time ago by buying bison meat. Also, there are obvious health benefits of bison you should know, as follows:​

  • In an equal kg, beef has the double fat than bison.
  • It does not have as many calories as beef.
  • This type of meat owns a very high volume of protein, even more than beef.

How Should We Cook Bison?

With the creativity, you may find some amazing methods to cook bison. In fact, almost all food items do not taste incredible and delicious until they were properly prepared and seasoned.

However, bison is indeed leaner, so you should be careful to cook. If bison is over-cooked, it will likely lose a part of the vitamin inside. Let’s slow cook bison on your grill, seasoning it a little bit, the same way you do for the beef steak.

The primary cooking methods of bison involve:

  • Steaming
  • Roasting
  • Boiling

Besides, bison is perfectly fine if being eaten raw. Each of above methods may affect the particular flavor of bison in various ways.

Two Typical Ways of Cooking Bison

Let’s try to steam bison for a new fabulous dish – Photo credit: Shutterstock

I have tried the two following methods and they all provide me perfect results. Let’s take a brief look at them.

  • I used bison for a small meatloaf to create the sweeter flavor. There was not clear taste difference between it and beef for most of us to realize it, though.
  • The second way I recommended is the top roast-rounded to make the chili. In this recipe, the bison meat was properly cut into chunks. The most suitable heat should be applied to mask the meat sweetness. As bison is noticeably lean, you may need a braise at 270 degrees F directly in your oven to achieve the tender bite. In this case, you can use beef and bison interchangeably.

In A Nutshell

For an incredible description of your bison meal at the first time, you should know the correct answer to one simple question: "What does bison taste like?" Even though bison was indeed an old tradition for someone, it was something new for me. It was truly loved at my first bite!

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