What Does Goat Cheese Taste Like & How To Use It?

Have you ever had goat cheese?

If your answer is no, I believe you will want to try it once. Whatever type it is, goat cheese still has a wonderful and unique flavor that you cannot find in any other foods. As a person who has experienced goat cheese, I will tell you the answer for the question: What does goat cheese taste like?

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What is Goat Cheese Made From?

In case you have not known, goat cheese is made from goat’s milk, one of the most nutritious and flavorful types of drinks in the world. Despite a relatively odd look and color, goat cheese is still a common ingredient in many family’s daily meals.

High content of minerals, vitamins, protein, and calcium is something that people, especially housewives, really love when choosing goat cheese to cook. Moreover, it contains a less amount of sodium and calories than cheddar or cottage cheese, which is quite good for your weight-maintenance.

Also, eating this type of cheese can bring you numerous health benefits, such as reducing the amount of fat that you take in, providing your body with more energy, promoting the health of your tissues, and preventing stroke or heart diseases.

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What Does Goat Cheese Taste Like?

There is a unique thing about goat cheese is that it is divided into many types. And each of them has a distinct flavor. Therefore, to find out what goat cheese taste like, you need to have a deeper look on every type it has.

  • Soft and fresh cheese

The most common goat cheese that you can see a lot in supermarkets is this fresh one. It is soft and moist, with a curd texture. Although it is made from goat’s milk, the cheese is greasy and fresh instead of sweet. When eating, you will feel it melt inside your mouth and taste like milk without sugar,

If you combine fresh and soft goat cheese with burgers, soups, chocolate, pizza, or pasta, you can even have a more spectacular flavor. It is often found in log-shape, domes, or even pyramids, which is very to notice and find out.

  • Firm and fresh cheese

You can find this type of goat cheese wrapped in a foil when buying it. Different from ordinary cheese, it has a light brown color, which looks like caramel. It is sweet with a little tangy flavor. I don’t know how they make it; however, I feel like its consistency is gained after a certain time being frozen.

Discovering how to pair this type of cheese with wine (both red and white), some fruits (cherries, apricots, or apples), almonds, pecans, and any kinds of nuts, you will have a chance to experience the most amazing flavors that you have never tried before.

Source: foter.com

  • Hard and fresh cheese

You may find it hard to distinguish between firm and hard goat cheese. There is nothing complicated because they are cooked within different periods. Hard goat cheese has a longer time to be pressed and cooked than firm cheese.

Moreover, after soft goat cheese starts getting coagulated, the cheese makers heat it for an hour or more to created a granular and concentrated texture. Perhaps, that is why hard goat cheese tastes just like Romano and Parmesan cheese, which is nutty and fruity.

  • Semi-soft cheese

Semi-soft goat cheese has a lower concentration than firm cheese but still harder than soft cheese. If I have to compare it with another type of cheese, I will say that it is similar to cheddar cheese in both of the look and flavor.

Specifically, semi-soft goat cheese is often aged from two to three months, which is just like mild cheddars. It is slightly tangy and a little acidic. You will like it if it is combined with toasts, apple wedges, potatoes, crackers, macaroni, galette, or liqueur. It will bring an excellent flavor.

  • Ripened cheese

This type has the most complex taste among all the goat cheeses that I have introduced today. To describe it, I may have to use stinky cheese.

Although the odor of ripened goat cheese is not as strong as that and it is made from fresh ingredients, its ammonia smell still makes people feel a little irritating and pull wry faces when eating the first time. Nevertheless, its flavor is strong, cheesy, wet, and buttery.

If you can serve this type of cheese with muscatels, walnuts, hazelnuts, baguette, fruit bread, or quince paste, you will have the most nutritious food of the day. Try it and you will see.

Source: foter.com


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