What Does Saffron Taste Like? Know It Here

Saffron was first found in 1753 in Greece, and then, it spreads to Europe, Asia, and other countries. This particular ingredient is used as both herb and spice in gourmet dishes. Due to the hard and short time of harvest season, this element is considered be rarest and most expensive in the kitchen.

To harvest its flower, the farmers have to pick by hand when the sun is out. Then quickly cut the pistils, but not exposed to the sun to keep the fragment. Before you bring this luxury spice type in your kitchen, try a teaspoon to know what the saffron tastes like before putting it into your dishes.​

Is Saffron As Good As Its Price?

If you look close to the nutrition facts of saffron, it will blow you with its small amount. In a teaspoon of saffron contains important vitamin: 38% of vitamin C; 18% of magnesium; and 17% of iron. Vitamin B6 and potassium both provide 14% of the everyday recommended value.

What is The Role of Its Primary Elements?

In case you don’t know, vitamin C is a pollution fighter; iron cleanses your blood; while the vitamin B6 content aids to generate red blood cells, and guarantees worries will function as they should. Potassium improves balance liquids in cells, which can cause painful muscle cramps if it’s low.

How About the Rest of Ingredients?

Further than that, saffron has more than 150 unstable compounds, among others. Picrocrocin, for example, is the primary material in charge of the strong taste. Safranal carries saffron its specific fragrance and odor. Crocin, which supplies the strong orange color, is a sign of this spice's therapeutic qualities, i.e. its authoritative antioxidants and carotenoids that can defend your body from permitted radical injury.

What Does Saffron Taste Like?

Saffron color is a mix between yellow and orange, but it doesn’t taste like it looks. Some chefs and expertise may tell you the saffron smells like dry glass plus a bit of sweet honey. Some other people say that saffron tastes a little bitter. But at the same time, it’s still delivering a semi-sweet flavor to the dishes.

It is extremely sought as its’ flavor requires some tasting notes: honey-like and semi-sweet, bloomy, musky or even bitter. Everyone appears to experience this spice type differently. It's usually used in Spanish paella dishes, as well as Turkish and Portuguese cooking.

At this point, to know exactly what does saffron taste like, you have to buy it and try it by yourself. It is easy to buy saffron in some grocery stores, or you can order it online as conventional products.

Especially, stores allow you to buy tiny amounts of trying or sampling it, so you don’t have to worry about wasting.

You can taste the dry powder or use with plain rice will be a good way to find out how it truly like.

​How to Cook It Properly?

The first rule, use a small amount of saffron for every dish. The taste of saffron is intense, so just a pinch is all you want. As a matter of fact, it is commonly sold in quantities of one teaspoon or maybe less. Regularly, recipes require only a little bit of saffron, which is a portion of a spoon.

To ensure you taste the most flavors of saffron in your dish, immerse it in a teaspoon of white wine or warm water for 5 minutes before putting it into your recipe. It will support the spice release its ordinary flavor.

Also, it will help scatter more equally all over your dish. Just adding a touch of saffron into other elements and don’t soak it first then it can explode your sense. Therefore, saffron could make one person receiving a very intense-tasting surprise!

See below video for How to Make Persian Basmati Rice with Saffron:​

​Fun Fact

Back in the middle ages, saffron contamination – the adding to increase the volume – was supposed to a real and serious crime, which could be punished by death. One case relates the death of three persons who were buried alive for their sins of "puffing their dishes" – in this case, saffron.

This exotic and seductive spice is regularly used in rice dishes (paella, pilaf, risotto) as well as many other Iranian sweets. It is the reason why saffron is grown and selected in Iran. One of the main reasons that saffron is so luxurious is that its making is very labor-intensive.

​In order to make one kilograms saffron, it’s required 200,000 flowers and hours of drying. It is the reason why the price for this ingredient is around $ 1,000 to 2,000 per kilogram.


In short, I hope this article may provide you a brief yet comprehensive view of “What does saffron taste like?” As I mentioned before, the price of saffron is extremely high that an ounce of gold could be cheaper.

With this thought, cheap or inexpensive saffron is probably a fake and should not buy it. If the bill looks like too good to be real, it possibly is.

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